Exo reaction when they find out that they daughter got into a fight at school

Sehun: Mom of the boy: She is just as problematic as you are! You should teach her manners. Come on baby we are leaving!!

Kai: That stupid boy gets to bully my girl but when she does something she is the one that gets suspended from school. 

Tao: I took to wushu not to beat boys at school, but to see the beauty behind it it. You know how scared I was when the principal called me to tell me that you got into a fight? I thought got hurt or something.

Kyungsoo: *towards his wife who just told him what his daughter did* It’s not my fault that he was acting like a pig around her, he got what he deserved if you ask me. 

Chanyeol:*after he patches up his daughter knees* You should have told me instead of doing that, now look you hurt yourself also..

Chen:*goes to the boy* Are you okay? can you walk? then she should have hit you harder cause you deserved it. Touch her one more time I will hit you harder than her. 

Baekhyun: Wife: Now go to your room and think about what you did.*wife turns around and right when his daughter is about to leave…*

Daddy is proud of you for smashing is face.  

Lay: Wife:Your daughter got into a fight today she…

Omg is she okay? is my baby girl hurt? what happened?

Suho: I hope you know you are punished right. You’re gonna have plenty of time to think of a “I’m sorry” letter that poor boy. 

Kris: No one messes with Mr. Bear, not while my baby is around. You taught  that boy a lesson didn’ t you?

Luhan:*gets called to the principal office* Principal: The reason why I called you in Mr.Lu is cause of your daughter who beat up her class mate today…

what? my baby princess beat up  a boy? 

Xiumin: Wife: This happened only cause you wanted her to do hapkido!

And what would you want me to do? she was a hyper kid and I had to found a way to tire her out.


“For those wondering what he’s doing in NYC, he’s attending the MET gala tomorrow night”…(by   everypart  user) 

The police officer who is fan of Yifan now hahaha. It´s good too see the galaxy ismore and more bigger…take this SM and all that people who said bad things about him…

cr: Here

We met one of the staffs as we’re leaving and he told us that he stayed at the end of the line to have all the passengers get off first. He said that Kris stayed there for awhile so that’s why he didn’t show up until around 7:50 when his plane arrives at 7:00. This is Kris, Wu Yifan, a guy who will unconditionally considers others first before himself. I hope the fans will be considerate of him and give him some damn space to walk next time.