PRACTITIONER RESEARCH - KRIS TRAPPENIERS: Kris Trappeniers is from Belgium and describes himself as a paper sculpture. He hand cuts paper portraits and then spray paints them. His work is very intricate and detailed but it looks busy and messy. His paperwork is based on continuous line drawings, several of which can be seen on his Tumblr page, and this what I want to focus on. I really love the look that continuous line creates and I love that it’s mess and raw, yet it must take planning or very careful observation to make it look right. 

Trappeniers is inspired by the people he meets, friends, family, nightlife, day to day experiences and communication with the people around him. Whilst not being able to work full time, he’s experimenting with graphic design to develop new ways of presenting his paperworks. 

Although I don’t want to create paper work, I’m inspired by Kris Trappeniers’ continuous line drawings because I really like the energetic feel they have to them and I think this would be a nice style to use to portray my acoustic, intimate festival. 


Kris Trappeniers is a stencil artist based in Belgium.

He cuts out his ballpoint drawings by hand, creating intricate stencils for use on vinyl, canvas, cardboard, wood and walls.

His influences range from Ernest Pignon-Ernest to Swoon and C215; from Jackson Pollock to baroque painters such as Caravaggio and Velázquez.

Tumblr Artist

Kris Trappeniers| kristrappeniers (Belgium) - Papercut#20

Kris Trappeniers is a Belgium based paper sculptor and stencil artist. From his ballpoint drawings, he cuts and creates sophisticated stencils for use on various mediums such as vinyl, canvas, wood, wall… Also active in street art, he shares his work and inspiration on his Flickr & kristrappeniers.tumblr.

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