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Ficlet: Zone Wars: The Anti-Ship War

An explanation for this ficlet: @revenblue‘s Perryshmirtz Discord server was hit by trolls recently. They did not respect the rules and caused much annoyance for the mods and other users. Before they were banned, they accused us of supporting pedophilia and bestiality with the Perryshmirtz ship and hurled abusive remarks at a few people. 

That’s the abridged version pretty much. Moral of the story: Don’t do what they did. 

As a result, this ficlet is pretty much venting.

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antzonian  asked:

Kris, Sara and Neal for the headcanon meme


A. She’s an expert video editor. She’s also interested in video game design, though she’d rather be an indie developer than work for a huge company.

B. Always tries to turn a joke or throwaway line in Dr. Zone as something indicative of the character’s past. She’s left Wally in the fetal position multiple times because of her ideas.

C. Kris can get aggressive when defending her headcanons online. As a result, some people are afraid to interact with her.

D.  Requirements to date her: Score at least 95% on Expert for Trivial Pursuit: Dr. Zone Edition. Can’t do it? Study your lore and try again. Warning: only 3 attempts per person.


A. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of cultural good/bad luck superstitions.

B. Does the magical girl thing where she’s running late and has the toast hanging out of her mouth.

C. She appreciates Neal for supporting and engaging in geekdom with her. She also loves that he accepted Milo even when he didn’t know him that well at first.

D. She likes to make light and fluffy headcanons. If she wants them to stay that way, she won’t tell Kris.


A. He’s a big Space Adventure fan. His closet is filled to the brim with Space Adventure comics and action figures.

B. When he was formally introduced to Milo, the subsequent events resulted in him, Sara, Milo, and Diogee getting abducted by aliens. His inner child was thrilled to meet real aliens that day.

C. He tried asking out a girl before Sara, though she turned him down because she had a boyfriend who didn’t go to their school. The girl was nice and understood that he just didn’t know, but the experience still made Neal nervous about his diner date-not-date with Sara.

D. Neal is a lurker when he participates in fandom online. He can gush like there’s no tomorrow about his theories and favorite moments of his shows/comics/other media to his sister Lizzie, and later to Sara.

reverse mml au

milo: everything goes right for him, but there’s always a sad twist that ruins his time. he’s a punk and he always talks in a sad, droopy voice and never smiles

melissa: a crybaby coward who can never come up with a comeback and hides behind milo all the time

zack: extremely over confident and a jerk, talks about all his friends behind their backs

amanda: izzy from total drama

bradley: acts emo and pitiful but actually has some sort of superiority complex, really wants to be milos friend

mort: thinks that ppl who believe in magic and zodiac signs and stuff are a plague unto this world

sara: very into cringe culture, runs a “bad art” blog

kris: Straight

wally: somehow cooler than Kris

elliot: reckless and worships the ground Milo walks on

martin: smokes weed

brigette: works an office job in a cubicle and is totally fine with this

richard: was part of martins posse in high school

eileen: squeamish and judgmental

dakota and cavendish: competent

diogee: a vicious dog, still pretty protective of milo tho. usually he’s gnawing on milos arm or something

OK, so I’m just gonna clear this up - I’m not going to draw all the characters for this AU (maybe later I will come up with something for Cavendish and Dakota but that’s it). And I’m not gonna re-do the ones I alrady drew either. That would take a lot of time that I would rather spend on drawing something that I want to draw. I hope you understand.

Also, I just made this AU up! :P It’s a work in progress and I don’t have all the answers yet! (Although I think Sara would probably be a black cat just like Milo because they’re related.) Also, I see Mort as a witch boy but if you see him as something else then it’s 100% ok because everyone sees their fave as something different.

I don’t know what Kris and Wally would be but if someone else has an idea for them they should absolutely explore it, draw it, write it. I created this AU for everyone to have fun with the idea that everyone’s a monster :P My ideas for those characters should not stand in a way on how you see them.

No one’s a human*, everyone is some kind of monster - that’s the only rule for this AU c:

*with the exception of Mr Drako who suspiciously acts like a human.

"We're Gonna Do It Again" Video Analysis (AKA: The Possible Plot of "Milo Murphy's Law" and Why You Should Be Afraid of Pistachios)

“Milo Murphy’s Law” may only have five episodes out, but you can bet your Vitamin C tablets that the lack of episodes isn’t gonna stop me from theorizing the heck out of it.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the MML promotional video, “We’re Gonna Do It Again.”

The rest will be under a Read More, because this is gonna get LONG.

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