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Best things in this video:
-“willy great fucking fight!”
-brian acting out the fight
-GMJR giving flower a huge hug
-naked patty
-someone clapping to early in the speech
-“keep it keep it keep it”
-“give it back to him, dude”
- rusty trying to give flower the helmet back

storysoft  asked:

top 5 hockey bromances

5. Flower and Tanger

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4. Jamie and Tyler

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3. dad and papa

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2. sid and geno

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1. to absolutely no one’s surprise: the brobeans

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and i have to stop there bc i literally go on forever with these boys

Judging by the tray on the coffee table in Dumoulin’s vid from twitter, I’d say the super bowl party was for sure at Sid’s house!

Idk who else would have an 87 tray.

Daley was in both the video and Tanger’s photo. So they were both taken at the same place.

It was a short ride, but damn it was fun.

Tomorrow is STAR-LORD #6, the last issue of the GROUNDED arc and, sadly, the final issue for the series. I’m immensely proud of what Kris, Matt and I were able to do in those issues: exploring an estranged Peter, finding his footing without the Guardians, on a planet he’s now out of step with.

And speaking of Kris Anka and Matt Wilson: They elevated this project beyond my wildest dreams. Kris is a master of form and composition and hot, hot abs and Matt’s beautiful colours set the tone for every scene. Each amazing detail in this book is something you can dwell on with wonder, even if you didn’t care for the words. The sadness I feel with the book being over is 100% tied to the fact that we’re not working together still.

Now! With that being said, there’s ONE MORE ISSUE OF STAR-LORD GOODNESS after this. STAR-LORD ANNUAL #1 is coming: a 40-page space western epic, with Peter stranded and fighting for his life and the lives of a town on the other side of the universe. Illustrated by Djibril Morissette with colours by Matheus Lopes, it’s a nice epilogue to the GROUNDED arc. So check it out!

And, of course, for those who haven’t been getting the individual issues, the GROUNDED trade will be out soon after, so please check it out. Trade sales won’t save the series, but it may show the higher-ups that a series should breathe a bit before laid out to pasture.