kris roleplays

EXO react to them touchy girlfriend

Sorry I’m late. I’ve been busy lately with exams. I hope you like it. First I do the EXO reaction, i´m going to post the BTS reaction in other post.

Xiumin: I like it

Kris: What do you want of me girl?

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Suho: Who are you and where is my girlfriend?

Luhan:-confused, Lulu is confused-

Baekhyun: -At the first He is surprised, but he love it.-

Chanyeol: Hey jagi- turned on-.

D.O:-pervy D.O appears-

Chen: -Happy dance- Chenchen is going to get some tonight.

Kai: -He totally loves this side of you- I didn´t know that you could be like this.

Tao: You can´t resist me, right?

Lay: Totally aproves it

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Sehun: It´s hot in here or it´s me?

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Exo Reactions To You Growling At Them During Sexy Time

Is sexy time our official term on my blog? Because I really like it xo

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Baekhyun: *you startle him but he likes it*

Chanyeol: *doesn’t acknowledge it but goes a little harder when he hears you*

Chen: *too busy having sex to notice*

D.O.: *deeply pleased but acts embarrassed*

Kai: *takes it as a roleplaying cue*

Kris: *laughs because he expected you to make sounds*

Lay: *arousal level reaches maximum capaticy*

Luhan: *thinks to himself* “This bitch is crazy. Just smile, maybe she won’t do it again.”

Sehun: “Am I responsible for that? Yes, yes I am.”

Suho: “Did you just…”

Tao: *dares you to do it again, to which he responds by going faster*

Xiumin: “Okay, now I want to hear you scream.”

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