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Exo reaction when you speak in your native language

Xiumin: *Tries to ask you a simple question but when you answer in your native language he gets a little annoyed because he knows you’re doing it to be irritating*  

Lay: *Loves it when you speak in your native language even if he can’t understand you*

Kai: *Gets a little irritated but lets you have your fun*

Suho: *Tries to find out what you said by using Google Translate*

Kyungsoo: *Gets frustrated that you find it so funny*

Tao: *Teases you* Well if you’re going to be like that i just won’t talk to you.

Chen: *Lets you have your fun for now and plots his revenge*

Kris: *Gets annoyed at himself for not learning the one language he needed to*

Chanyeol: *Tries his hardest to understand what you just said*

Baekhyun: *Pouts to himself because he wants to get in on the joke too*

Luhan: *Not amused*

Sehun: *Sasses you about childish you’re being* Jagi stop being childish.

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Day 24/30

THIRD OTP : Krisho

Suho, the caring and rich mother

And Kris, the cool and dumb father.

They are mister and madam Wu.

They alwyas had a special relantionship.

Sometimes, when she’s on her period, mama Suho gets a little bit angry.

But then daddy Kris take his revenge.

“You leave me alone with 9 kids" 

"But I still love you, lil shit”

They play with their kids

Love, love, love is all I see

“Let’s be dumb together”

“Well, this is what you have to do while I’m gone. Do the dishes, take Tao at Gucci Store, talk with Chen and Chanyeol about their every day pranks, I’m so done with them, don’t leave Luhan and Xiumin alone, take Lay from dance class, go and buy food for Kai’s dogs and don’t forget about Sehun’s bubble tea, stop buying eyeliners for Baekhyun and clean the house. Understand?”

Oh, the photo from the wedding day. Congrats!

A few photos from honey moon.

When Kris did this : 

That was Suho’s reaction :  *internal scream*

They’ll always be the mother and the father, the great leaders, no matter if Kris is still a part of EXO or not.

EXO Reaction to you freaking out when you are about to meet their parents

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“I promise you you can torture me with your parents… It’ll be alright! Okay now smile… ready?” *Don’t forget to take your revenge*


“We can do this… tomorrow? But.. don’t cry… I can’t kiss you like that… baobei?” *Can’t deal with tears*


“You are going to love mom! I miss her food! If you feel scared… just eat her food and she will be pleased!” *Mama boy*


*Does something stupid before you go in* “Now you don’t have to worry about anything.. they’ll be looking at me. Probably love you for being with me”


*More scared* “You know I have sisters too right…. they’ll come… I’m dead… they are going to question me… they are the scary ones”


“I know you are nervous so I bought you your favorite flowers.. It’ll be fine, I promise babe..” *I want a boyfriend like him*


“Wait… jagi why are you crying? It’s my parents… even Lay wanted to meet my grandma… oh she is not coming… it doesn’t matter! You’ll be fine!” *Is about to cry too*


“If you promise to go through that door… I’ll give you something to look forward to… baby girl…” *With a bribe like that.. who would say no*


“Why was she worrying if they are having a blast…. oh laugh laugh of both will kill you chen…” *Scared of you and your mom being allies*


“Please stop worrying… Mom, dad, I’m happy to introduce you to my girl… I love her very much” *Might feel nervous but he is just… perfect. And so are his parents*


“Are you scared of unicorns? We are nice baobei… so why are you so scared?”


“Oh don’t worry babe… they are just the owners of half of Seoul… that’s all” *Definitely not helping here*

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Kris; Revenge - Not So Sweet

 Hi beautiful! :3 may I request something for kris where you (his girlfriend) are waiting for him at the dorm but he is late so for payback you start taking Selcas with one of the members (whoever) and keep sending messages like “at least he’s here to keep me company :P” with a fluffy ending please :3
❝Hope you’ll like it!
►633 words, scenario | fluff

“Ouh? Where’s Yifan?” Minseoklaughed, finding it odd that Yifan would be late at a time like this especially when he knows that you’d be coming to visit. You groaned and pointed at him with a pillow, shifting on Tao’s lap, “I don’t know!”

Tao laughed, affectionately rubbing your forehead, “Noona’s getting really cranky since he’s late,” Then the younger boy snorted, “No wonder he’d always want to make you mad.”

“She’s cute when she’s mad,” Minseok laughed, already avoiding the pillow you threw at him, “But just don’t get her too mad – she can go Super Saiyan on your ass.”

“I can’t tell you how much I agree with that!” Baekhyun shouted from upstairs, making you groan as you threatened to shoot up to give Baekhyun a smack, “Say that one more time, Byun Baekhyun!”

“I volunteer to hit him for you!” Kyungsoo laughed from his room, getting an approval from you before you could hear a screeching scream coming from the room you last heard Baekhyun’s teasing voice. With a grin, you remained lying down on Tao’s lap – since he likes it whenever you did that, anyway. You looked up to him and poked Tao’s cheek, “Why is he always late?”

Tao laughed and shrugged, “Noona, how would I know? You’re his girlfriend.”

“And you share the same dorm as him.”

“Chick has a point.”

“Hey, I know just what you can do to tick him off,” Minseok piped from the sofa, making you arch an eyebrow as you motioned him to continue, “Speak, pretty boy.”

“Uh… Yifan, I think you should see this,” Luhan tried to get Yifan’s attention but based on the way Yifan was so into buying the right things before they’d head back to the dorm, it was merely impossible. “It’s important!” Luhan tried once more, jabbing Yifan on the shoulder.

“Ah, hyung! Not now!”

“Look!” Luhan shoved the phone into Yifan’s hand after snatching the watermelon off Yifan’s hands. Once he held onto the phone properly, he scrolled down to see that it was a message… from you – attached with a pretty suggestive picture.

It was a picture of you and Tao, you laying your head on his lap as Tao planted a kiss on your forehead and it was also everything that Yifan hated. Not only did Yifan growl at the photo but he growled at the message Minseok typed; ‘Seems like she found a replacement! ^^ Are you reading this, Yifan-ah?’

“When we get back, I’m going in first.” Yifan grumbled, giving back Luhan’s phone before dashing off to push the trolley to the payment counter.

“And what are you going to do?” Luhan laughed, catching up with Yifan after putting the watermelon back.

“You’ll see.”

“And will you kiss my girlfriend again?” Yifan asked, poking Tao on the forehead, his dinner packed nicely behind his back. Tao huffed and crossed his arms, “I just kissed her forehead! And she allowed me to!”

“God, just give him his dinner-“

“Did I say you can speak?” Yifan looked over his shoulder, prompting an argument when he pulled that tone on you. When the boys in the room gave a low ‘ooh…’, they knew Yifan was done for the moment you stood up from your seat, “Do I need your permission, Wu Yi Fan?”

He licked his lips nervously and faced forward to look at Tao, handing the poor boy his dinner so he could join the rest in munching down his dinner.

“Come here,” You motioned him with a finger and started to make your way towards his bedroom. With a swallow and hushing at the others, he quickly followed behind you only to be teased multiple times along with a very suggestive lesson in his bedroom so he’ll never be late again.

Exo reaction to their gf buying SM entertaiment

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Sehun:*pround and cocky boyfriend*

Kai:*wasn’t enough that she keeps me on tight leash at home but now she can do it at work also*

Tao:*when one of the other members mock him* Just remember who the CEO is idiots before  you open your mouth!


Chanyeol: Does that means we can have sexy meeting in your office without anyone complaining about?

Chen: Did you really had to put your pics all over the hallway walls? We’re the artists not you!

Baekhyun: *speechless*O-M-G!

Lay: *still trying to proces the new information*

Suho: *ends up with half of the company cause he has  the money and he trained for 7 years*

Kris: That’s right bitches! Revenge is sweet.

Luhan: I won’t get special treatment jut cause you’re the new CEO won’t I? so I still have wake up really early then?

Xiumin: From all the things in Korea why would you buy the SM company?

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What is exo thinking during interviews?


These kids never fucking listen to me. I spent 100 years in the SM basement… im gonna get my revenge. 


Why am I here? I should be in the Galaxy. 

This interview is not my style. 


Luhan, notice mee. 


I always notice you, my baoziii <3. 


Uh.. where am i? What am I doing here? 


Goddamn Kai is so fine. 


Why doesn’t Kai hold me like that? 


Kai isn’t the main dancer. I am. Stop playing games guys. 


When is it ever not kkaebsongg?


Which member shall I shower with today? 

Sehun-ah, we’re gonna shower together today okay? 


Notice me Kyungsooo….

He’s mine and only mine. 


I wonder how my week is going to be like… 

Mondays with Luhan hyung.. 

Wednesday with Kai… 

Friday with Lay hyung

The weekend with Tao <3 



<Take me to the Commander> Bucky orders, pushing through the metal doors and past the single guard, who stares at him, dumbfounded. It’s a little past 2AM, the outpost sheltered deep in the industrial district of San Francisco, hidden in layers of cinderblock and cement: not a packing plant anymore, though it might have been once, with conveyor belts and metal rigging lining the ceiling.

The guard, recovered somewhat, is whispering in frantic Russian into a comm clipped on his shoulder. He catches Bucky watching, swallows visibly, and points to a door at the left of the room. <Mission control is down that way.>

Bucky Barnes would smile meanly, but the Soldier doesn’t.

All activity room stops comically when he walks in, the heavy rubber fall of his boots on the floor louder than ever, echoing against the bare walls. In the center of the room is a low table with papers spread across it, a laptop computer, and around it three men who look vaguely familiar. One wears a long white coat, and Bucky’s lips curl derisively under his mask. They stare at each other for a few seconds before one of the men appears to shake himself out of his surprise, and barks: “Soldier, report!”

English this time. “Targets have been eliminated,” Bucky says. He reaches into a pocket of his vest and pulls out a scrap of fabric, tossing it on the table. “They have been disposed of. I am ready for processing.” One man reaches over and plucks the piece of navy cloth off the table, holding it up: a squarish block of blue kevlar, the tip of a white star in one corner.

“What did you do with the bodies?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

White-coat man is sweating. “It does matter! We will need proof, the Commander will have questions - ”

“Where is the Commander?” Bucky asks, keeping his voice gravelly and level. The men exchange a glance.


“Thank you,” Bucky says, and unholsters his gun.


<Someone is going to notice that,> a wry voice in the dark says a little later. Bucky slows, not really up to answering, but willing to let the woman peel herself out of the darkness and fall into step beside him. She has been tailing him since Chicago, carefully obvious enough for him to know she’s been around, but keeping a distance. He wonders what’s changed.

“Factory fire,” he grunts. “Commonplace.”

<How tragic.>

They walk another couple blocks until they reach the alley where Bucky’s stowed his pickup. The woman - Natasha, his brain supplies, finally - quirks up a corner of her mouth looking at it, and Bucky resists the urge to sigh. <You ready to come in yet?>

“No,” Bucky answers, shedding layers of leather and metal into a duffle bag he keeps in the bed. He’s laid a thick pad of canvas along the bottom, but it still rattles too loudly for his taste; he’ll need to find some other kind of vehicle for his next run. It’s a problem for tomorrow, he decides. Tonight’s problem is 5’4”, speaks Russian without an accent, and is twirling a cellphone in her hands watching him pack. He grins at her, showing his teeth, and lets the words roll off his tongue

<A good Soldier always completes his mission.>

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Xiumin: “Well you won this time…But be prepared for the next session!”

Luhan: *pouts and plans his revenge*

Kris: “I lost my pride, but I still look awesome tho~”

Suho: “I may lost against you…but I know a sport in which I’m way more skillful…” *starts to strip"

Lay: “You are so good baobei! I think you’ll always be better than me~~” :3

Baekhyun: “That’s a little bit embarrassing for me….” *kkaebsong~~*

Chen: “Yeah i got it the first 100 times you’ve won against me….Search for another sparring partner!” *his pride is really hurt*

Chanyeol: “Really good babe! How about a rematch tonight in our bedroom? I think I’m going to win this”

D.O: “How about a second round?” *is all fired up*

Tao: “I AM TAO THE KUNGFU PANDA!” *sobs* “Why did I lose….”

Kai: “Jagi-yah~~! Please let me win just once at least”

Sehun: “I let you win you know that?” *does not admit it that he has lost*

Hope you liked it!
Admin N~