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The Table Is Enough - Kris x Reader (smut)

anonymous : hello, i’d like to request a chanyeol (or kris) smut where he wakes up to you making breakfast in just his shirt and ends up fucking you bent over the kitchen table. THANKS!

Here ya go. Have fun with Kris ;)

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Believe it To See it - Kim Kardashian West

I’m tired of people. 😒 There’s multiple problems here, but I’m gonna focus on three.

Bare with me

First off: let’s just take the time to acknowledge the fact that whoever posted this or had the idea is a sick individual. Let’s acknowledge the fact that this person SEXUALIZED a TWO-YEAR-OLD! A baby! No matter who this baby is the child of, a baby is a freaking baby! The fact that this person saw anything besides a baby with a lollipop is worthy of being registered as a sex offender. Tomorrow is Halloween for goodness sake and apparently this person does not need to be around kids with lollipops. For a second, let’s forget about North, Kim, RayJ, Kanye, the Kardashians, etc., let’s forget all of that and look at this picture for what is really is- a mother smiling and her daughter with a lollipop. Would this reference still be okay/funny?
Second: Must we start the slut shaming so early? I mean my goodness, does this little girl even know what pronouns to use yet? Kim Kardashian has a past, North does not… Like literally, she does not have a past because she is a BABY! Why is her life already being devalued? Why is she already being told what she will amount to? Why are these even your expectations!?!? How freaking dare you! And we wonder why little girls are all messed up! Imagine when 15-year-old North sees that some douchebag classmate posts this picture on whatever social media is relevant with the tag #tbt. Imagine what that will do to her self-worth! It’s enough that we slut shame women for satisfying their needs, but slut shaming a baby for being… a baby? Huh, what? Does that even make sense? Apparently the people of Billboard think so.
Third: Because there’s always that person that thinks discussing the obvious is being too sensitive or “blowing things out of proportion,” let’s just look at this post as a post. So we have the caption, a link for the article, and the picture. Now every writer/reporter (and anyone with a brain) realizes that there runs the very high and probable risk that no one will even click the link to the article. So it’s probably a really good idea that the caption/headline and picture actually has to do with the article (which is about North telling paparazzi “I said no pictures.”) For example, off the top of my head I already know the better picture to use for this article would’ve been the picture Kim posted a while back of her and North with serious faces and then laughing faces. Cause when I think about the phrase used, a baby mimicking her mom’s exact pose kinda gives that apple not falling far from the tree vibe, ya know. Let’s be real, this person knew EXACTLY what he/she was doing! And for those of you that are so stuck on this being an oblivious mistake, it does not take a mass communications or journalism degree to realize that this picture and caption would trigger the reference to Kim’s infamous blowjob picture with RayJ. Duh! Let’s call it for what it is, a person attacking a baby- not the Kardashians. Regardless of your opinions about the Kardashians, our opinions about this situation should be to a solid agreement to PROTECT CHILDREN.