not only do i want the penguins NOT to visit the white house this year, i also want them to give the most thinly veiled excuses possible when asked. like oh, sorry we can’t be at the white house… sidney’s got a cold… tanger is washing his hair that day… geno just forgot how to speak english… not that we’d expect his russian to be too much trouble for the current white house staff, but all the same, 

Best things in this video:
-“willy great fucking fight!”
-brian acting out the fight
-GMJR giving flower a huge hug
-naked patty
-someone clapping to early in the speech
-“keep it keep it keep it”
-“give it back to him, dude”
- rusty trying to give flower the helmet back


Me and my sister got drunk and did a dumb hockey meme. (part 2)