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Kris - My Secretary


“Um, Mr. Wu… Mr. Wu.” You shake Kris’ body before you; trying to alert him that if he doesn’t get up this instance he’ll be late for his first meeting today and most likely late for every following vocation.

“Mr. Wu! Wake up!” You hiss under your breath. You didn’t know why you bothered keeping your voice down considering you were the only other person in the room apart from himself. You were just being respectful, right?

Kris wiggles around under the doona covers so he now faces you.

“Mhm?” His voice rises with the moan that exited his mouth like he was trying to ask, “What do you want?”

“You’re going to be late if you don’t get out of bed!” Kris has a very tight and busy schedule to get through today as this was a very important business trip from him and the corporation he is representing.

“Now, black or grey suit?” You ask, holding both of the jackets out to show him his options.

“Black.” He groans, pulling off his sheets and getting up out of his bed. You roll your eyes at his choice of suit. Why not grey?

“You look very nice today.” He compliments, like he did every day.

“Thank you, now go have a shower and I’ll get your clothes prepared.” There was simply no time for the small talk you always had together.

“Okay, calm down. We’re not in any rush.”

“Kris, this is important for Mr. Yang and for yourself. I don’t want to feel responsible for not doing my job properly as your secretary. Please, just cooperate.” Kris wanders into the bathroom, rubbing his eyes with satisfaction on his face. You had once again called him Kris and he liked that just a little bit too much.

As he showered, you took out his black suit and white shirt, funking the entire look up with a bright peachy pink and blue striped tie; the blue obviously dominating to give a manlier look in Kris’ eyes. You hung his suit up on the door and walked out of his bedroom and to the kitchen where all your files and stationary is. You were stressing out, Kris was taking this all so lightly which made you stress out even more.

“____. Little help please?” You hear Kris call from his suite just as you finished filling out a few forms Kris was supposed to look at last night when you arrived. He chose not to though; he was ‘tired’.

You rush off into his suite to see him tying his tie up. “Let’s get going.”

“You haven’t eaten.”

“I’ll take an apple. Do you have everything ready?” He disappears back into his suite, taking his jacket and pulling it on as he walks back out to meet you shoving papers into your satchel.

“Let’s go.” You take the greenest apple from the bowl on the end of the kitchen bench as you follow Kris out of the apartment.

“Where are we off to first?” He asks, checking his watch as he strides down the hallway with you occasionally falling behind.

“25 Sholien Street, we have to be there at 9:35pm and this appointment is with Mr. Oh who wants to sign an alliance with

Mr. Yang to keep both companies on a continuous, ongoing high within the share-markets.”

Damn, she’s so sexy when she speaks like that. Kris’ thoughts were on a complete different ethic at the moment. He really had the hots for you, always fantasizing over you and thinking of you when you walked through his office doors instead of focusing in on his work thus why he was always at home doing the work he had completed earlier. He always kept his cool though, never slipping into a heart-warming and loving Kris; always cool, calm ad collected.

You had to also admit, Kris was quite your type but you never let his sexiness pass the professional side of you.

“We have 20 minutes.”

“Do you think we can make it?” You question is capability. He looks at you funny as you enter the elevator with him.

“Don’t stress, we have plenty of time.” He winks casually, turning away from you as he presses the button to go underground. You didn’t say anything hut you could feel a light blush.

The elevator drops to the floor you’d planned to get off and the doors open so the two of you could race over to Kris’ hire car; a black Mercedes-Benz c63.

You get in the car without another word exchanged and let Kris do everything, he started up the car and drove off, letting the motor roar off making every head turn from every angle.

“Kris, slow down.” You panic as he stops at a red light.

“Am I driving too fast?”

“Way too fast. Just, slow down.” You take the time to catch your breath before checking the schedule once again.

Then again, Kris decides to floor the gas pedal and speed off down the main road.

“KRIS! STOP IT!” He foot comes off the pedal quite quickly, finally driving at a normal pace. “Thank you.”

Why is it so hard to impress you? Kris’ face didn’t change though, he was just Kris; straight face; narrow eyebrows, defined cheekbones and his body relaxed.

You were relieved to arrive at your destination, leaping out of the car graciously.

“If you want to drive like a manic, I’ll take a taxi.” You say as you wait for Kris at the back of the car.

“You’re not going anywhere. I need you.”

“Then don’t go speeding around the entire city, it’s scary.” You punch his arm very softly in annoyance. You put the apple close to his mouth and he takes large a bite, the sound of the crunch sending shivers all over your body.

“You have to take these documents to get sign by Mr. Oh and you’ll be to make him aware of the new improvements that are taking shape. You’ll have to do the same for Mr. Kim and Mr. Lang.” Kris takes the apple and the documents, reading them briefly as he bites into the apple continuously as you step into the elevator.

“They’re all here yes?”

“Yeah. I’ll be on the main floor waiting. Message me if anything goes wrong.” You get out on the main floor and wave to Kris.

“Good luck.” You nod, walking towards the rows of seat people had already begun to consume.

“Thank you.” He smiles before he goes back to reading the final document.

You sat in you seat, not being able to stop thinking of Kris. He was perfect, his figure, his face, those eyebrows of his were amazing too. Although he was like your boss, you couldn’t help but think of him and fantasize over him.

His lips moving along you neck in a trail from you ear to your visible collarbones. His hands rubbing up against your waist, down to your hipbones.

“I want to make love to you.”

You shook yourself in horror. That did not just happen. You were confused and quivering at the thought. Your lips curled as you licked them, shuffling in your cheek looking more sophisticated and mature.

This couldn’t be happening. You could allow yourself to fantasize like this. Never. Not with Wu Yifan.


It was over; the signing of papers, the horror of feeling death upon you as Kris drove, the fantasies that never ended; it was all over. You held a wine glass full of champagne as you were only wearing lingerie and a silky black night gown which showed off your figure perfectly.

You looked out the city of Seoul and only wondered where Kris was at this point in time. It was almost midnight and he’d been out for a matter of hours now. He had asked you to join him to celebrate and venture around the city but you declined as all you wanted to do right now was relax in the hotel. You had another few days to see the city of Seoul before easing back to China with Kris. Right now, you were enjoying the wine, the view and the atmosphere or calming relaxation.

Another hour past and you were almost asleep in your chair, the door behind you squeaked open and you knew Kris had just arrived back to the hotel. His keys drop on the kitchen bench and his footsteps closed in towards you but no words were given.

Kris’ breath hovered over you, his hands rubbing your shoulders.

“Time for bed?” You ask semiconscious, looking up at you. His hands slide down towards you breast but stop at your chest. He doesn’t say anything, his lips linger so close to yours with the slight smell of alcohol.

“Not just yet. I have something to share with you.” It took you a while to process what he actually said, but your delayed reaction was too actually pull away. Kris’ lips were already attacking yours. You wanted to pull away, you knew this was wrong, but it felt so right.

He pulled away, twirling your chair around as he picked you up in his embrace. His lips began to smack against yours as you didn’t say a word. He walked into his suite, laying you on his bed. He looked at you with his fierce, chocolate eyes before he moved down your body almost in slow motion.

His lips moving along you neck in a trail from you ear to your visible collarbones. His hands rubbing up against your waist, down to your hipbones.

“I want to make love to you.”

De javu. Everything happened just as you imagined in the office earlier today, except this was real. You were pinching yourself in complete disbelief.

“Kris, no we can’t.”

“Yes we can.” He whispers as he unwraps the bow on your dressing gown. He opens it up, revealing your sensual body. Your mounds were covered in lacy blue lingerie which Kris was reluctant to take off as he thought you looked absolutely beautiful in.

“You look beautiful.” He kisses your chest, unclipping the bra as you arched your back. You fingered the locks in Kris’s hair as his hand gently groped your breast, massaging it. You moaned his name as he kissed and caressed your breasts before undoing the belt of his jeans where his figure was emerging very quickly.

He trailed kisses down your stomach, wrapping his fingers down to your lacy underwear. He slide them down with your help as you slid yourself out of them.

Kris didn’t say anything; all he gave you was a moan. He looked at you for reassurance and all you could do was smile at him, blushing violently.

“Please… Ooh!” His lips meet yours; sucking and pressing up against them that sored you to ecstasy. Kris’ hands rubbed up on your inner thighs, caressing them as his tongue did the same to your clit.

Eventually, he removed his tongue feeling how wet you were now as took his index finger and slowly slipped it inside you. He gently curled his finger inside of you, shifting at a slow pace.

“Kris. Ahh!” Your hands were pulling at his hair, pushing him between your legs as the tip of his tongue teased your clit and tested its sensitivity. You tried pushing him in further, but there was no use. You let your hands curl and crinkle up the bed sheets and you made fists of distress.

Kris’ added another finger it you, stretching you just that little bit more. He eventually went back to sucking your now swollen clit and built a strong pace as he fingered you relentlessly. You were soon reaching your peek with the pleasure he was pursuing.

“Kris! Yes, keep doing that! I’m going to cum!” You said in a moderate yet sexy tone, turning Kris on even more - but it only made him want to tease you even more. His tongue would tease you, swirling the tip around your clit before sucking it for some time when he felt it pulse an you wall tighten to orgasm. He worked his fingers at a harder pace and sucked one last time before you moaned, pulled and twitched as your juices moistened Kris’ fingers and lips.

He took his finger out, looked at them before looking at you. He smirked as he licked them clean before you. This turned you on even more, it was hard to even not cum just a little more at the site.

Kris went back to licking up the valuable left overs the leaked out of you.

“Ooh Kris. I want to pleasure you too!” His head immediately lifted, looking at you as he crawled up to you, licking your lips into a kiss.

“Do you want to ride me?” His kinky side had come out to play, ignoring who he was actually saying this to.

“I want to do something else first.” You wink, pushing him down on his back as your traced his abs with your fingers lingering around towards his pants. You moved towards his forever emerging member and removed his tight jeans willingly. Your hands palmed his cock enclosed in one more piece of material. You watched it twitch uncontrollably as it looked like it was almost going to tear the material.

You pulled his briefs off very slowly, his cock bouncing up instantly. You pursed your lips together, looking at Kris as he couldn’t help but smile proudly at himself. You licked your lips, wrapping your left hand around the base of his cock. You reached your lips over the head of him and sucked generously.

Kris’ body was jumping at the touched. He’d been waiting so long for this moment and he finally had it. The look on his face was priceless.

You engulfed him very slowly, soothing every part of his cock now as you also massaged his balls.

“Mhm, fuck!” Kris bit his bottom lip as he tried to restrain himself from thrusting into your mouth. You began to move eagerly along his figure causing him to find himself in ecstasy. Your pace escalated an so did his ultimate high.

“You feel so good ____.” He sputtered as he rolled his head into abundance of pillow that sat him upright.

“I haven’t even pasted the halfway mark.” You moved your hand along his shaft, removing you mouth to speak few words. “Do you have a condom?” You asked almost casually like it was something you’d asked every other day.

“In my bag.” He says, watching you scoot off the bed and make your way over to his bag.

“Front pocket.” He points out, rubbing his cock slowly to keep him heavily close to orgasm.

Kris watched you dreamily, taking in your curvy figure and all the beauty before him truly recognizing and realising how amazing you were behind the whole secretarial profession. He was really in love with you and there was nothing that was going to stop him.

You turned back to him, ripping the packaging off and looked Kris in the eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” He says as you sit on the bed, rolling the condom onto his member. You flushed red, giggling slightly with a smile on your face.

“You’re very charming.” You crawl onto him, kissing his lips and feeling them up. You grinded along his cock, sliding onto him as he enters you eagerly.

“Ahh, yes.” You moan, slowly moving along his shaft letting him shape you.

“Mhm, ____!” Kris’ body laid beneath you, so close to release. You began to pick up the pace after you both felt insanely comfortable. Kris’ hard cock began to slam into you as he started thrusting into your entrance to get in deeper more efficiently.

“Fuck, Kris.” You cried out, moaning constantly as you rolled your head back in ecstasy. His thrusts came harder and fast, still in time with your bounces as he was so willing and eager to cum as soon as he could. His cock was pulsing as your walls enclosed on him penetrating everything he stood for.

“Ahhh yes! I’m going to cum!” He exclaims as he bucks his hips and tries to hold control over himself but his ultimate high takes over and he releases into the condom. You had kind of wished you hadn’t used a condom, you really want him to connect with you in a literal and physical sense.

You continued to grind his orgasm out as you were on the edge of your long awaited second climax which came only seconds after Kris’.

You were a mess; collapsing onto his sweaty body with his pulsating cock still endured inside of you. Both of you were breathing in a slight exaggerated manner, now official exhausted from the long day.

Neither of you wanted to move, you couldn’t be bothered for the matter. You signed, smiling as you mumbled a small, “I love you” into Kris’ chest.

Kris’ eyes were on the ceiling, his hand in your hair and his mouth shaped to smile uncontrollably.

“I love you too.”

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Imagine an old HYDRA killswitch being found in the metal portion still attached to Bucky's shoulder, but it's nearly impossible to reach. Scott's pretty much the only one that can go in and disarm it via shrinking.

Bucky looks at Scott’s eager face for a long moment, then sighs deeply. He looks maybe just a touch too eager for the project for Bucky’s liking. Then again, he’s only just gotten off the Raft. When Bucky first escaped Hydra, even making the bed became thrilling, so maybe he shouldn’t judge.

“You want to go inside my arm,” he says, just to be sure. “As tiny-man.”

“Ant-Man,” Scott corrects. He’s bouncing a little on the balls of his feet - even if Bucky didn’t know where he’d come from, he’d’ve had him pegged in a second anyway. Men who can’t sit still get into trouble without something to do. “S’okay, not many people have heard of me yet.”

“Right,” Bucky drawls, “but what if you mess up and get big?” Scott bounces a little higher, shaking his head emphatically.

“Won’t happen. A) I don’t like it; it’s super uncomfortable, like, you have no idea, and B) it requires different equipment. Hard to mix them up.”

“He’s pretty good at it,” Sam says, speaking up from where he’s standing in the corner of the room by the door, keeping an eye on the empty corridor outside. “As much as it pains me to say. And it’s not like you have a lot of options.”

Bucky grimaces, feeling the plates try to shift - it’s a phantom feeling, like the movement should continue, the ripple of energy down to the tips of his fingers that are no longer there. “Urgh.”

Scott stills for a second, and makes an aborted gesture like he might have been about to reach up to grip Bucky’s other shoulder. “Look, I’m an engineer. I know what I’m looking for, and I know everything there is to know about the suit. You want this thing out, I’m your best bet.”

“This is going to feel so weird,” Bucky groans, but he reaches up to peel off the cloth cap at the end of his shoulder.

“Probably,” Scott says cheerfully, snapping on his helmet. It does make him look a little bit like a bug. “Trust me, Bucky.” His voice is a little muffled now. “It’s your life, for one thing. And also, I really, really don’t want to disappoint Captain America.”