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Kris : Nearly Lost You [Scenario; Slight angst]

“Clearly it’s a bad idea for us to go on this trip with them…” Kris grumbled, hand enclosed around your wrist tight as you two walked towards the beach. You snickered and slid your hand down to hold onto his hand tight before you laced them together, “Don’t say that. They just want to have a little outing with us.”

He groaned, “But it was supposed to be our date!” He halted, using his other hand to motion between the two of you even though he was holding a few bags – in which, one belonged to you, one from him and one he carried for Luhan. “Just you and me!”

You snorted, “When we get back to the resort, it’ll be a date.”

He shook his head, dragging you to continue walk as he continued with his rambles, “That is, if they even allow us to sleep together in one room. You know the boys.” He looked over his shoulder where Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were already giving the two of you knowing looks of their mastermind plans. Kris faced forward with a soft groan, “They’re probably thinking of ways to provoke me considering they know that you’re the only one I care about here.”

You chuckled, setting down the bags on the sand as you stood up straight, allowing him to stand in front of you where he had his hands on your frame, looming over you with his height just to press his forehead against yours. “Should I be flattered by that compliment?”

He smirked, lips curving up into a smile as he shrugged, “You better be, baobei.” With that, his lips touched yours gently – initiating a soft kiss as he continued pecking your lips before it turned into a small make out session where his lips were fully on yours, massaging yours pleasantly with your arms swooning around his neck to yank him down lower despite the fact you were on your tippy toes. He smirked into the kiss, expertly parting your lips with his own just to slide his tongue into your wet cavern, tasting the corners of your divine mouth in his own time and pace.

Just before…

“C’mon! We didn’t invite you guys to stand here and kiss all day!” Chanyeol hollered from the other side of the empty beach, earning a few sounds of agreements from the boys. Your cheeks heated up a little, landing back on your feet just to bury your face into Kris’s chest with a soft whine, “I knew that would happen…”

He then protectively wrapped his arms around you, “Probably you’re just jealous you can’t kiss her like I can!” Kris snapped back loudly, causing you to snicker as you rubbed your nose in his chest before you lifted your chin up to smile at him when he looked down on you. He kissed your forehead, “Isn’t that right, baobei?”

He dipped down to nuzzle your noses together when suddenly, you were pried away by two boys. Jongin and Sehun – the two youngest ones here who decided to be the one to drag you away while Xiumin, Chen and Lay were the ones holding Kris back.

“Noona! Wouldn’t you rather kiss us instead?” Jongin wiggled his eyebrows, causing you to laugh with him on your right, while Sehun on your left. “Yeah, noona. We’re younger, but we’re better kissers than Kris hyung.”

“I heard that!” Kris roared as he managed to break free from the other three boys who held him back as he charged towards the three of you where Jongin and Sehun gave each other a look, “RUN!” They chorused at the same time, releasing the grip on your wrists to make a run for it when Kris was literally running after them on the beach. With a small sigh, you sat down by the sea where your feet was lightly touching the water as the waves came crashing to the shore quietly.

It was so peaceful with your legs up where you hugged them a little.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Luhan grunted a bit, sitting down beside you with a cheeky grin. “Yeah, it is…” You mumbled quietly, earning a small sigh from Luhan. Your head tilted to look at him weirdly, “Is there something wrong?”

Luhan shook his head almost too fast, earning a snort from you. “Then what…?” You dragged your words, unsure of why he was smiling at you like this. “I’m really glad Kris is together with you.” He stated out of nowhere, earning a small pout from you. “Not that I have anything against you saying that but, why?” You asked cautiously but all he did was lifted his hand to ruffle your head, getting a little sand in your hair. You simply swatted his hand away playfully before you tried to get the sand out, “Luhan!”

“Because you’re you.” Luhan answered simply, still giving you a wide smile and you followed his gaze where you could see Kris playing around with the boys, some throwing each other into the water with a huge smile and Kris, was one of them who had this gummy smile that could light up the whole town – it made you sigh dreamily.

“That smile only exists because of you.”

“Thank you, Luhan.” You smiled at him this time, and he was confused. “W-What for?”

“It’s nice to know someone appreciates me being with him, other than Kris himself.” You admitted sheepishly, earning a death glare from Luhan. “Are those girls bothering you again?” You could’ve sworn his voice went down an octave because as much as these boys were monkeys and dorks, they cared for you so much. And now that you were Kris’s girlfriend for years now, anyone that harms you or even lays a hand on you are considered dead.

Because there are twelve boys who are willing to do anything to protect you.

Especially Kris.

“Not anymore but… sometimes the words they say get to me, you know?” You told him sincerely, earning a small frown from him as he patted your shoulder, “You know we have your back, right?”

Snickering, “Yeah. I know.”

 “Baobei, I’m going to get something from the van with Tao real quick.” Kris announced, getting up from the mat and you hummed in response as he planted a kiss on your head before he proceeded to step out of the umbrella where he went towards the van with Tao.

Seeing that Kris was away from you, a few of the guys decided to call you out.

“Noona! Come here real quick!” Chanyeol hollered from the sea, causing you narrow your eyes at him, taking off your shades, “What?”

His hand motioned you towards him, Chen and Baekhyun giving you grins as they urged you to go. You groaned and got up nevertheless, brushing the sand off your pants as you stepped out from the umbrella with just a large t-shirt covering your swimwear along with a pair of shorts. Your hands were acting like a shade for your eyes as you stood a distance from them, “Do you need anything?”

As if it was an ambushed attack, you found yourself being lifted up from the ground by three guys – Jongin, Sehun and Xiumin. “G-Guys! Put me down!” You shouted, attempting to get off but it seems like their grip on you tightened when Chanyeol and Baekhyun joined, Chen being the guy who had the camera recording everything. Suho and Kyungsoo were currently under their umbrellas, preparing the food for you guys later.

Your head shot over your shoulder to eye the two who didn’t notice anything – they were out of the three (Suho, Kyungsoo and Kris) who knew about the condition when you entered the water.

You could never swim.

Never in your life you would even attempt to ever again considering you nearly drowned as a kid. And considering there was another horrifying experience where you nearly lost your life while swimming in the beach with your family once – one time was all it took to scar you for life.

Then of course, these guys around you who were currently walking deeper into the water, had no idea.

Them walking deeper and deeper into the water only made your face pale, your heart rambling inside your chest as you tried hard to get off or even try to break free.

“Suho! Kyungsoo!” You tried shouting but it didn’t work when the guys were being a rowdy bunch, attempting to cover up your cries of help. “Guys! This isn’t funny! Put me down!”

“Oh we will.” Chanyeol cooed deviously and in that exact moment, your sharp scream echoed in the beach when you were tossed far into the sea, arms around the air before you landed in the water. The last thing you heard other than the cheers from the guys, were your muffled screaming underwater just before the water gulped you in. You tried to trade water, bringing your head up the surface again but the moment the huge wave crash from behind you, it had hit you hard on the head and it could’ve dangerously injure your neck but the way you had already went deep in the water after that massive blow – it was practically impossible to see your figure from shore.

“Noona must be really furious now!” Sehun laughed, earning a few chorus of laughter as well.

“She’ll definitely kill us when she gets out.”

“Do you see her yet?”

“Where is she?” The few guys standing in the water heard Kris’s voice talking to Suho and Kyungsoo who were clueless. They got up and walked away from their umbrella just to join the rowdy bunch in the water. “Did you see her? Where did she say she was going?” Kris asked, nearly losing his patience as you would never leave without his consent considering there were a few cases of you getting lost before and he would never, for his dear life let it happen again.

But currently you were missing – underwater, that is.

“Don’t look at me, I was with you.” Tao defended himself but then he snickered after that when Xiumin slyly whispered on what actually went down.

Kris had his eyebrows knitted, “Don’t play games – where is she?” He gritted through his teeth, clenching his fists. A few of the guys, Jongin, Sehun and Chanyeol held him back before Baekhyun broke down the news. “We threw her in the water!”

Kris eyes shot open, paling with fear as he trembled but then the adrenaline and worry in his body flowed in an instant, attempting to break free, “You what?!” He roared, veins popping around his neck as he wanted, no, he needed to get in the water to get you out.

God knows, how long have you been in there already.

You tried really hard to get up to shore but considering your body felt weak, your muscles couldn’t fight with the strength of the incoming waves – it felt completely hopeless - a war you had already lost in.

You tried kicking your legs, eyes clenching shut from the water attempting to blind you but there was no avail.

No one could even hear you based on how deep you were in the water even if you were to scream.

A silent message in your mind told you that Kris would come, Kris would come and Kris, would come.

It was the only message lingering in your mind before you let go of the last breath that you managed to inhale before you were dragged down into the water. Your fingers that were wiggling furiously in attempt to come to the top of the water had stopped moving. Your feet and legs that were kicking the water as you tried to move up had slowed down – allowing nature to win when you had remained there in the water.

You couldn’t fight back.

“Let me go! I need to get in there!” Kris shouted, heart palpating rapidly on how deep you must’ve been in the water, how long have you been in there already considering he knew you couldn’t swim – his loved one was in there and he needed to get you back.

“Let him go!” Suho and Kyungsoo tried breaking him free as well but the rest couldn’t understand why as Suho and Kyungsoo would usually allow this – but today they were reacting differently. Part of Kyungsoo and Suho had thought of just jumping in there on their own but considering the rest were circling around them, they had no choice but to help Kris break free considering Kris would easily swim better than them.

Luhan and a few of them gulped, wondering why did the atmosphere turn so serious.

“I-Is there something that we’re missing on?” Luhan cautiously asked, earning a shout from Kris, “She can’t fucking swim!”

With that, the grip on Kris had released, allowing Kris to ram past the few blocking his way as he dived into the water. Suho and Kyungsoo instinctively ran after Kris, wanting and needing to assist him while the nine other boys stood there in guilt as they watched – what else could they do?

They’ve done enough.

Kris on the other hand was an amazing swimmer. He dived in without hesitations and he could easily see underwater without goggles. He swam deeper and deeper until he caught a glimpse of you. He kicked harder and swung his arms stronger when he finally got close to you. He was partially shocked when Suho and Kyungsoo were underwater as well but he was grateful that he had help on bringing you back to shore. The four of you had reached the shore, Kris was already lying you down on the sand where you were completely drenched and there was no pulse – it only made him grow scared even more.

“There is no pulse.” Suho confirmed, voice strained at the sight of you not even moving an inch. Kyungsoo stood up as he was also wet but he managed to get all the boys to one side where he glared at them. “Don’t even come close.” Kyungsoo gritted through his teeth before he raked a hand through his wet hair before he turned around, walking back just to crouch down by your body where he had your wrist in his hand, checking for any pulse.

Kris tilted your head to the side, clearing any other water in your mouth and your nose before he made you face front again with your head on the sand. Suho got up and went over to under his umbrella where he took his phone – calling the resort’s (the resort you all will be staying at for the night) medic team.

Kris then began to give you mouth to mouth, attempting to get you breathing again – anything to get you moving again as he breathed for you a few times before he pulled away to place his head on your chest, needing to hear your heartbeat but there was nothing.

“Nothing.” Kyungsoo confirmed in a shaky voice – unsure of your condition when Kris cursed in Mandarin before he tried again. After a few breaths he had for you, he pulled away sharply, placing his ear by your chest but there was nothing again.

“N-Nothing.” Kyungsoo grew worried and the guys standing a distance who didn’t even dare to come closer felt ten times worse.

They didn’t even know how could they do anything to make this better but it seems like the only thing they could do was stand there - watch what they have done. Suho returned to Kris where he crouched down beside him. “Kris, you have to do CPR. The medics will be here as soon as they can.”

“Fuck.” Kris cursed, hissing as he positioned his hands on your chest where Kyungsoo shook his head with his lips pressed together, eyes clenching shut in hopes he would feel a beat – just something.

“28, 29, 30.” Kris pumped up to 30 times before he moved his hands to your face, pinching your nose before he placed his mouth on yours to give you two sharp breaths just before he moved away to look at Kyungsoo quickly for affirmation. “Nothing.” Kyungsoo breathed out, his voice cracking. Suho couldn’t even look anymore as he got up from Kris, pacing towards the other nine guys who had their eyes locked on you and your body – what have they done?

“Are you guys happy?” Suho’s voice was stern and for the first time, he was dead serious with an evident glare. “W-We’re sorry…” Baekhyun mumbled quietly, earning a scoff from Suho. “Sorry isn’t going to bring her back, is it, Baekhyun?”

“It wasn’t just Baekhyun’s fault.” Jongin added in and Suho nodded his head sardonically, “Yeah – it’s all of your fault.”

The unexpected was said when Suho also muttered, “Even mine.”

Suho felt guilty for not hearing your cries that you would’ve shouted. He felt sorry for not being able to prevent this.

But then again, it wasn’t his fault.

“S-Suho hyung-“

“Enough.” Suho shook his head, taking a step back as he didn’t want to look at them. “Just go ahead with whatever you want to do.” Suho then walked away back to Kris and Kyungsoo who were still desperately trying.

In that moment of bliss and it felt like the prayers Kyungsoo had sent to God was answered when a cough came from you with your body jolting. Your feet kicked one another carelessly with you looking away to cough out all the water that was suffocating you earlier.

The number one person who has never felt more relieved in his life, was Kris.

You coughed a few times with Kris holding you up, your head against his shoulder as he knelt down with your back on his lap with Kyungsoo holding onto your wrist. Before you could even say anything or open your eyes properly, the medics had arrived, making Kris and Kyungsoo hastily move away just so the medics could attend to you.

Kris was standing behind the medics the whole time – making sure and checking on you while Kyungsoo and Suho continued with the lunch while the nine guys earlier, sat down in a circle – reflecting on what they did as they couldn’t even look your way.

When the medics had left you alone, Kris knelt down beside you, hands on your shoulders as you looked at him weakly with a faint smile. “Kris…”

“I’m sorry.” He breathed out shortly, arms bringing you into his embrace as he was this close to crying. He was this close to losing you and he could never imagine how things would be like.

He didn’t even want to think about it.

“I’m sorry I left. I’m sorry this happened.” He had his face buried in your hair while your arms tried to hug him back, “Kris… It’s alright.” You whispered softly and he broke the hug to look down on you where his eyes were glossy when he opened them. You gave him another warm smile, warming his heart immediately when your hands trembled on his cheeks to caress the under of his eyes lovingly. “Don’t cry…”

A tear escaped when he didn’t even know what to do – he didn’t know what to say.

“Baobei…” He rasped while you hushed him, bringing him back to you where he hugged you tightly – not caring about anything else other than you in his arms as he sniffed a little, eyes shut as he kissed the side of your head, “I’m sorry.” He croaked out again, but you just nodded in response, not wanting to say anything else. The moment the nine boys gathered the courage to come to circle around you, Kris was the first one to react when he had cradled you in his arms where you grew tired suddenly. When you arrived, you felt like there was so much energy bottling up, you could play tons of sports and games with them today but it feels like now all of that was sucked up – leaving you with just wanting to get some rest after what happened.

Of course, you felt like smacking the boys who threw you in the water but they didn’t know better. You didn’t have the heart to be cold or snap at them but it seems like Kris had the heart to.

He had every reason to be especially when he nearly lost you.

“N-Noona…” Sehun mumbled as his hand tried to reach for you but Kris took a step back, turning his back on them so they couldn’t see you when Kris stood up on his feet, wanting to carry you back to the resort. The mood to have a fun day at the beach was ruined. “K-Kris hyung, we want to apologize.” Chanyeol added in with a sincere voice. All of them really wanted to apologize for doing this and as much as you wanted to have your say in this, you couldn’t.

You couldn’t after how Kris cried for you like that – it made your heart wavered and crack that you let Kris have things his way for now.

Kris shook his head and looked over his shoulder, “You guys nearly killed the one person who taught me how to love. How the fuck do you think an apology would make up for it?”

They froze in an instant, eyes blinking sadly at Kris who had a point.

You were practically the only person who had taught him what real love meant – how it feels like to have someone this important in his life and to lose you because of an incident that had taken place before when you were younger, to let history repeat itself where you experienced horrifying water experiences – there was no way he could let it go so easily.

With that, Kris simply walked away, into the resort with the help of Suho and Kyungsoo collecting your things with Kris’s ones before they would bring it to your room in the resort.