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Exo Reactions To Giving Their Kids “The Talk”

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Baekhyun: *keeps making obscene hand gestures & laughing at himself* 

Chanyeol: *hides* “I can’t do it! I can’t take away their innocence!”

Chen: “Sometimes mommy likes to-” 

You: Jongdae! WHAT THE FUCK?”

Chen: “What?! You said tell them everything…”

D.O.: “Why can’t you do it?!”

You: “Because. I gave birth to them.”

D.O.: “But I helped make them…”

Kai: *starts laughing every time he says even a single word*

Kris: *suddenly has work to do*

Lay: *prepared a special dance for the occasion*

Luhan: “You should see your faces!”

Sehun: “Listen up, you little shits. I’m going to tell you all about how I so masterfully created you.”

Suho: “I still have no idea how any of this works.”

Tao: “So, now I’m going to have Kris help me demonstrate what you do if you like other men.”

You: “Tao… we have all girls.”

Tao: “They should still know how it works.”

Xiumin: “Watch my hip movements carefully, okay? That’s a very important part.” 

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Exo reaction when their gf is mad at them and starts cursing at them in another language

Sehun: I don’t understand  a damn thing from what you are saying so I don’t feel offended.

Kai:*tries to ignore you*

Tao: I know that you are cursing me now so you can just kiss my ass.

Kyungsoo: Even tho you are speaking in another language I know you are cursing at me.

Chanyeol:*has no idea what is happening* Do you have any idea what she’s mubbling there?

Suho: I think she’s invoking satan…...

Chen: Really mature Y/N! what can I say, cursing me in another language,really mature of you.

Baekhyun:*starts to mock you* bla bla bla bla

Lay: *questioning his whole life*Maybe I shoudl have accept her brother offer to teach me some cursing words…

Suho:I quess you’re not saying nice thigs about me judging by your tone

Kris:*lost benben* I love you too baobei.

Luhan: What in the name of baozi is that mumble jumble?


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Exo reaction when they can hear two of the members moaning out of the same room

Bruh… this can either be hella dirty or just hilarious… we’ll see what happens..


Xiumin: “Alright let’s catch these bishes in action? The time has come for their exposé. Which OTP will be discovered tonight?”

Luhan: “Bruh, what are y’all doing in there?”

“…oh….this? or nah?”

Kris: “…what is wrong with you people… And then you guys judge me for having Ace as my son…”

Suho: “MAMA SUHO SEES ALL! You better not killing someone or fucking behind that door! D.O… Baek better still be alive…”

Lay: “….I’m not hearing things am I? I’m not crazy right? Is it the after effect of my cold medicine? …Guys… why am I seeing dancing unicorns??”

Baekhyun: *thinks of what could possibly be going in said room* “YAH! YAH! ANDWAE!”

Chen: “Haha they watching porn or what? Bruh…wait.. they ain’t fucking are they?”

Chanyeol: “You naughty, naughty children. Guess you ain’t getting Chanyeolie’s chocolate cake tonight.”

D.O: ‘Yah! Baeksoo y'all fucking or what?…WAIT KYUNGSOO, YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO KILL BAEK ARE YOU? PUT THAT KNIFE DOWN! STOP!” “Oh, can you guys chill? Baek isn’t dead…yet…”

Tao (ft. Xiumin): “Bruh… dafuq they doing? Are they watching porn? Fucking? What is wrong with our group…”

Kai: “Yeah… it happens all the time. Kyungsoo’s probably killing Baek with a lamp.”

Sehun: “They yehetting~”

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