kris is dumb

the signs as shit exo says
  • aries: "do i look ugly?" "you're always ugly"
  • taurus: "kkaebsong"
  • gemini: "is everyone's DNA different?"
  • cancer: "i don't really know how to express my potato"
  • leo: "i'll pee in the lake and it'll blend in with the water"
  • virgo: "i'm kim jong-kai"
  • libra: "can you explain to me what a cheeseball is?"
  • scorpio: "chicken is not my style"
  • sagittarius: "exo is pooping well every morning, right?" "of course! mine is solid every time!"
  • capricorn: "love? don't make me laugh. i can buy it with money now"
  • aquarius: "do you want whipping cream? you like whipping?"
  • pisces: "i'm good at cooking penis"
Hidden Kray Moment in EXO Showtime??

I was watching EXO showtime (for the zillionth time) and on ep 4 during the arm wrestling match I couldn’t help but wonder something. Maybe its all in my kray filled head and that’s very possible but I felt like Kris was trying to make Lay feel better after losing his match to Tao by making a complete idiot of himself. Far fetch I know but hear me out-

During the match everyone is rooting for Tao it doesn’t seem anyone thinks Lay will win.

You can see it in Lay’s face he really wants to win but everyone’s saying Tao will win. 

When Tao does win, Lay claims he cheated and wants a re-match. (This boy is serious)

That was probably the most serious match they had, at one point all the members go silent. Even Kris (seen above here) Isn’t smiling and looks kinda worried.

In the end Lay loses again (that couldn’t have felt good) And Suho points out that Tao being so strong must be why he lost to him. (Another compliment for Tao) This is when Kris calls Suho out.

Everyone is confused about what Kris is up to. Why all of a sudden did he feel the need to have a match?

You would think by calling Suho out Kris would try hard to win or at least put some effort into it but he pretty much takes it as a joke. He isn’t even trying, looking very relaxed and laughing the whole time.

Everyone’s even more confused. Why did Kris go out of his way to make himself look like an idiot?? My thoughts…

I don’t think he wanted Lay to feel bad about losing.So he kinda threw himself under the bus. (Let’s not forget Kris cares a lot about his image and looking cool, so why didn’t he try to keep his image here?)

He even shares a few glances at Lay during his matches (possibly checking to see if he was in a better mood) And he defiantly got all the tension from the previous match out of the room.

and you can see Lay is laughing his butt off (probably laughed harder than anyone else) and is in a much lighter mood. As is everyone. 

Even though he made himself look weak and dumb, Kris seems perfectly satisfied and happy about what he accomplished. 

In the end I think he knew what he was doing the whole time.

this only confirms that:

  • exo has a weird hobby of watching their friends do it
  • tao tops
  • luhan tops
  • suchen needs some convincing first before doing it (but we can safely assume that chen tops)
  • jealous maknae watching taoyeol happening
  • while baekhyun is hella bored with it all