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mafia!EXO reaction when you try to run away

(requested by anon: Could I request a mafia boss!exo where you run away and they come for you? I love your blog and thank you for writing for us even though you’re busy! )

warnings: none

It all became too much and you decided to run away. Of course that wouldn’t work since your boyfriend had eyes on you 24/7. As you were taking your bags and heading out, he stormed into the house


His eyes were glued on the bags as if he was in a trans. He was frozen all until you didn’t start crying. He softened and realised you reached a limit and broke so he went to comfort you immediately.


He sat down on the sofa and tried to calm down. You were still standing a few inches away, softly crying. It made his heart ache so he pulled you onto him into a tight hug. “Tell Oppa what’s the problem” he cooed into your ear.


He was angry, his eyes darting from the bags back to your face which was teary now. „You’re not going anywhere“ he rushed over to you and cupped your face, kissing you deeply. “You’re mine and your issues are mine as well”


He was angry at himself. He flipped the table over, yelling in frustration. You ran up to him and hugged him tightly, rubbing the back of his neck. He trailed kisses from your ear to your collarbone, whispering apologies for everything he had done.


He looked at you with a mixture of angry yet sad, puppy eyes. You went over to him, crying against his chest. At first he didn’t react at all but then he hugged you and softly kissed your forehead. He rested his head on yours, letting you calm down to be able to talk.


He stared at you with a cold glare. “You could’ve told me something. Anything“ it almost came out like a growl. „I- I though you were too busy“ His eyes widened and he rushed towards you. He kissed you deeply, leaving you breathless. “I’m never busy for my girl. Never”


He stared at the bags and then at you. He approached you slowly, towering over you. “Don’t you ever do this again. I love you and you have to tell me everything that’s troubling you. Always” he said with a gentle voice, caressing your cheek.


His eyes went from one place to another as he tried hiding the anger and guilt. You came up to him as a tear slipped from your eye. You hugged him and leaned your head against his chest, listening to his heart. „It would have stopped beating if you left“


He just stared at you with a sad expression that made you sob. You looked down to the floor as tears started to form in your eyes. „No, no, no, no“ he quickly picked your face up, giving you million small kisses.


He gave you an icy glare. He stormed off to the bedroom and laid on the bed. You entered the room and laid beside him, snuggling into him while quietly sobbing. He calmed down immediately, making small circles on your upper arm while kissing your forehead.


“What is this?” he said sternly. “I-I just need so-some ti-” In a matter of seconds he got to you and picked you up, seating you both on the sofa. You leaned against his chest, grabbing his shirt softly. “Knock yourself out princess, I’m all ears”


He looked for some time at the bags in deep thought. His eyes moved to yours and they were darker than usual. He was inches away from your face now. “I want you to tell me every single thing that bothers you. I’d do anything for my babygirl”

xx yes im an inactive hoe ik; hope anon is satisfied xx

Sidney Crosby #3

Anonymous said: Can you write an imagine about Sydney crosbys recent injury and how his wife and 3 children are at the game and they witness the whole thing. You eventually are brought in the back and waiting for what seems like forever and the children run to him but you give them a stern warning. You guys end up going home and you have to take care of him and your children.

A/N: this isn’t my best work but it’ll have to do, sorry!!! hope you all liked it though :)

Word Count: 2,645

Originally posted by so-hockey-eh

Watching Sidney get hit in any way was rough. Your mind immediately went to the scariest word anyone could put in the same sentence as your husbands name as the clock stopped only 6 minutes into the first period tonight. And when he wasn’t getting up on the ice, instead rolling over as the trainer came up to him, you felt your stomach hit the ground. 

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Moments (Kris, You) Scenario

To the fans of “Always & Forever” <3

Requested by Ewyana on Asianfanfics

Can you please make a Meili and Kris - father & daughter moment?

“Oppa! Oppaaaa!”

Wu Yifan never thought he’d hear a voice that’s sweeter than that of little girl screaming at him from across the hall. He turned towards her with a bright smile, his face practically splitting in half as he crouched down with his arms wide open to catch her.

Meili jumped into his embrace, giggling as he spun her around. “Hey you.” Kris said as he carried her in his arms, letting the kid bop his nose.

“Annyeong oppa~ are we going to get ice cream today?”

“You bet.” He said as he placed her down and caressed her cheek. Meili’s eyes suddenly brightened and she gasped when she caught sight of something–or someone over his shoulder.

“Kyungsoo oppa!”

Kyungsoo had just crossed the hallway holding a bag of chips, his eyes widening at the sight of the little girl, almost like he was a deer caught in the headlights. Kris grinned as Meili wiggled out of his grip to run to him and Kyungsoo ran from her playfully, the two engaging in a game of tag.

Kris chuckled as they left then turned when he heard a familiar voice.

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Kris : "Goodnight, baobei..." [Scenario; Request]

It was silent. The type of silence that the two of you appreciated as you snuggled against the warmth beside you – it was simply magnificent. It’s been a while since the two of you got a silence this peaceful. Not that you were complaining or anything that you got the privilege of this silence but indeed, you were grateful. His arms locked around your waist, bringing you closer as he planted a kiss on the back of your neck before he rested his head on the crook of your neck. Your head moved on its own, your hands placed on his bare arms that locked around your waist before you shifted back for more warmth that was he was glad to offer before his regular, calm breathing could be heard as he had fallen back asleep after waking up for a brief moment.

It was in that moment when a loud cry could be heard in the next room. A cry so evident, so sad as he cried for either his mother or father to attend to him. You could hear a grunt beside your ear, which, already made you open your eyes groggily to look over your shoulder where you met with Kris’s eyes. He frowned at you and closed his eyes for a moment, “Is he hungry…?”

You could only chuckle lightly as you pushed yourself up, “I don’t know, it’s…” You tried to make up the time, but you didn’t even know what time it was at this hour that you shrugged it off. “I’ll just go and see what he wants…”

Before you could even get up from the bed, he lunged forward to pull you back with his long arms because he noticed. He noticed how strained your voice was – how tired you really were. Sure he would take turns with you in order to check on the baby whenever the baby cries in the middle of the night like this but he noticed how you were the one taking care of the baby most of the time when he wasn’t around. You were indeed, one hell of a mother especially when you can care for the baby, him as well as carry out the housework and your office work at home.

But there was one thing missing.

You didn’t take care of yourself.

He noticed how these days you were very tired, how much sleep you’ve been lacking and how much you didn’t have time for yourself. He didn’t like that at all.

His arms tugged you back with you gasping until you landed back on the mattress again and for some reason, he was now standing by the bed, looking down on you with his hand on your cheek. You blinked up at him, only to allow him to whisper, “I’ll check on the baby, baobei. Sleep.”

He didn’t even give you the chance to say anything when he paced to the room next door, worried about his son as the moment Kris creaked the door open, you could hear him ask in a hushed voice with your baby’s cry in the back, “What’s making my little tiger cry?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking your head at the little nickname Kris gave your son.

In fact, your son’s name was Jay – Jay Wu Yi Han. He was such a handsome boy and definitely, he had Kris’s genes. He had Kris’s eyes, but he had your nose. He has Kris’s eye color, but he had your lips. People complimented Jay on being such a lovely, lovable boy but they had also given you and Kris the credits for being the ones to give life to him.

Not being able to stay put even though you had the chance to sleep, you got up and quietly walked over to the next room where you stood by the doorframe, eyeing Kris from a distance as Kris stood by the cradle with the baby in his arms. He was so careful, and the way he looked at the baby made your heart swoon on how loving he truly was. People feared that he was an aggressive father – that he wouldn’t be the right candidate to start a family with but you could only laugh. Laugh over and over again on how wrong they were.

If only they could see how Kris’s eyes sparkled as he looked down on your son with him, if only they could see how loving he was, if only they could see how much he truly cared for his son, then maybe they’ll shut up.

Then only they’ll realize that Kris, was indeed a great father.

He sacrifices his sleep, his time just to play with his son. He takes some time off from his busy schedule to bring all of you out as a family – he makes this a regular thing on Sundays, which is something you can never object because it’s always heartwarming to go out as a whole.

How is Kris not the perfect candidate for a father?

Your eyes softened at the sight of Kris swaying the baby left and right in his arms and you were staring at them in awe because Kris looked so happy. And indeed, he was. He has never felt so blissful holding onto this life in his arms that he made with you – he has never felt so blessed to have a lovely son alongside with a beautiful mother, his wife, you.

His arms held onto the baby tight, careful as he dipped down to nuzzle his nose with the little one’s nose. The baby giggled from the love and affection the father showed, which definitely made you smile at the image displayed in front of you – you felt lucky, too.

Kris’s eyes glanced up to meet with yours, he smiled immediately. “He just needed someone to hold him.” Kris clarified the reason why the baby was crying, making you give a faint nod. It seems like the baby had his own senses when he peeked up only to giggle the moment he met eyes with you. As much as he loved his father, he loved his mother as well. His tiny arms extended to your direction, making Kris laugh as you stepped towards Kris only to hold the baby in your arms. It was such an endearing sight that Kris would want to take a photo and keep it framed in the house forever.

You held the baby in your arms, making Kris’s heart flutter with excitement – the way you looked at the baby made his heart skip a beat. You dipped down to lightly kiss the baby’s slightly plump cheeks. “You’re so beautiful.” You murmured against the baby’s cheek, making him chuckle as the baby managed to lightly cup your cheek. Your head turned to also kiss the baby’s palm, making Kris grin with this feeling of contentment flushing through his veins as he stared at you – he could never ask for a better mother for his child.

When you could see that the baby was yawning, eyes getting heavy from the tiredness that took over, you gently bent over to put Jay down into his cradle. He chuckled lightly when you dipped into the cradle only to kiss his forehead, making Kris balance you with his hands on your waist that you didn’t notice when you whispered quietly into Jay’s ear – evident to Kris’s ears as well.

“We love you so much, Jay. Don’t ever, ever forget that. Sweet dreams, baby boy…”

It seems like the baby understood what you said when he gave a tiny nod – one that you could see so clearly but you tried to bottle in the gladness that filled your heart as you stared at your son fall asleep. You wanted to take care of him more than you imagined but Kris thought of the same thing for you.

Kris wanted to take care of you more than you can imagine.

His arms banded around your waist before he dragged you out of the baby’s room before he closed the door. “Kris?” You questioned curiously, making him hush you as he dragged you back to the bedroom you two shared. He let you lie down on the bed before he kicked the door shut as he reunited with you on the bed. His large hand planted on your cheek where he rubbed the under of your eyes, you sighed at his touch, moving closer towards him that made him frown a little.

Your eyes peeked open at him where you frowned along with him, your hand moved up to lap it over his own that was still remaining on your cheek, “Is there something wrong?”

He gave a nod, making you gape at him where you asked, “W-What’s wrong?”

He narrowed his eyes at you, his hand moving to grip onto your hands before he shifted closer only to say in such a hushed voice, “You have not been taking care of yourself, baobei…”

You gulped, blinking at him innocently – haven’t you been taking care of yourself?

“As much as I would love you to take care of the baby with that much love, I wish you’d do the same for yourself. You’re straining yourself so much, it hurts my heart to see you so tired all the time…”

You managed to break out into a grin, giving his hands a squeeze that made his heart calm down, “I’m fine, Kris. I really am.”

He shook his head with a pout, “Your eye bags are getting more evident, your voice is a bit strained now, you’re starting to look a bit pale. You’re worrying me, baobei…”

Instead of trying to fight back with him, or to even retort something, you realized how you couldn’t do so. Your body didn’t allow it and your mind couldn’t even find the right words to say. The usual you couldn’t even think of anything to counter back because of how right he was. Your lips parted and he had expected you to argue back, but you only said in a small voice, “I’ll do something about it so… don’t worry about me.”

The only thing you could do was giggle in his arms when he brought you into his embrace. His arms around your frame where he buried his face in your hair, your arms gingerly around his waist where he tangled his legs with yours underneath the blanket – how could he not ever worry about you?

“How can I not worry about you, baobei?” He mumbled into your hair before he lowered down to whisper into your ear, “I love you too much to not worry…”

You gave him a firm squeeze around his abdomen, making him sigh at your warmth, “I’ll really take care of myself – you don’t have to worry…”

He heaved a sigh, “You know I’ll worry twice as much whenever you say that.”

You snorted, “Then should I not say anything at all?”

He pulled away to frown at you, his eyebrows furrowed as he pinned you down with his stare. You lightly pecked his cheek with a grin – how could he not worry about a woman like you? A woman so loving, a woman so caring, a woman who puts others ahead of her especially when she needs to care about herself first.


“Then I’ll make you worry less – is that better?”

He managed to give a nod, a gesture that he agreed to your words before he resumed to hugging you, “Much better, baobei…” He kissed your hair, urging you to go back to sleep as his voice lulled you to sleep – it didn’t help that his arms and body was such a comfortable place to sleep in. His hands stroked both your head and your back, trying to make you go back to sleep and it was slowly working when your eyes fluttered shut, the grip around his waist that was so tight a moment ago started to loosen and it only left him to move away, look down on you as you looked so precious to him whenever you were sleeping. “Goodnight, baobei…” 

Beach Week — Kris x Reader || Requested by haneulah

Summary: You and Kris rent a beach cottage together and after lots of splashing and fun at the beach, you decide to have some fun inside.

Rating: S ( smut )

Word Count: 2,177

Writer’s Note: I’m getting to a bunch of requests I had like, a year ago. I’m so sorry. I’m making them as amazing and long as possible to help make up for it ;;

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A Lesson In Chinese

“That’s it I give up!” You said as you threw your hands up in the air out of frustration.

“Come on it’s not that hard” Kris said

“Easy for you to say! It’s your mother tongue!” You said

After being together with Kris for three years you had finally decided to take up Mandarin lessons. It’s been 2 months since you started and you’re finding it really hard. You decided to let Kris tutor you for your upcoming test but it wasn’t going very well.

“I don’t get how this goes here and I can’t read that part and I don’t even know what that is! Ugh I’m gonna fail this test” you said.

“You’re not gonna fail, I’m helping you aren’t I?” Kris said as he took your hand in his “look how about I reward you every time you get an answer right?”

“A reward?” You asked sitting back up straight.

“Yeah, every time you get an answer right I’ll kiss you!” Kris said with that gummy smile of his.

“A kiss? That’s the reward?” You asked

“You want me to help you or not?” Kris asked

“Fine” you said

An hour had passed and you were doing pretty well. You were getting all the answers right, you were finally understand things that were difficult for you but sadly Kris wasn’t doing so good. You were so into the fact that you understanding everything that you failed to notice the tent in Kris’s pants.

After all those kissed he was in need of some serious making out and what you were wearing wasn’t helping either. You were in a pair of home shorts and one of his white shirts. You had no bra on and he could see straight through the shirt.

“Are you ok?” You asked

“Not really no” Kris said

“You look kinda tensed up” you said

“You have no idea” Kris said “hey how about we take a break?”

“My exam is in 2 days I don’t have time to play games with you” you said

“Oh come on just one break?” Kris asked again

“I said no maybe later” you said

“Why the hell am I asking!!” Kris said as he picked you up bridal style and lay you down on the bed “you’re mine and I take you whenever I want!”

“Kris what are-” you were interrupted by Kris’s lips as be crashed them into yours without a care.

Kris’s kiss was like all his kisses passionate and breathless. His tongue parted your lips as it explored your wet cavern. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you moaned into the kiss. He ran his hands over your bare thighs as they found their way under your shirt.

“What are you doing?” You asked breathless as Kris pulled away from the kiss.

“Why is it that everything you do is such a turn on?” Kris asked as he kissed you again.

“I need to get back to studying” you said as Kris rested his forehead on yours.

“I don’t think so sweetheart” Kris said as he pulled your shirt off revealing your bare chest.

Kris attached his lips to yours before trailing them across your jawline and down your neck. Kris bit and sucked on your neck leaving on too many hickeys. You tugged on his shirt as he sat up and pulled it off before he reattached his lips to your soft skin.

His lips reached your chest as his tongue teased your cold nipples. Once he was done with your breasts his lips traveled further south. He quickly say up again as he pulled down his pants along with his underwear.

Kris yanked off your underwear making you yelp at his sudden movements. His lips met yours once again as you felt his hard member brush against your skin.

“You ready?” Kris asked as you nodded

Even after doing it so many times he always made sure you were ready for him, he never rushed you and that’s what you loved about him.

Kris pushed himself into you as you clawed his bare back. You pulled Kris into another kiss as a sign that he could now move. His each thrust drove you mad as he lazily kissed your neck. You felt yourself reaching your climax as was Kris.

“Kris I-” you said as Kris cut you off with a kiss

“I know me too” Kris said as he kissed you again.

Finally you both reached your climax as Kris slowly pulled himself out of you. He collapsed next to you before pulling you into his arms and covering both your bare bodies. Kris moved a few strands of hair behind your ear as he kissed your head.

“You’re so beautiful” Kris whispered to you as you slowly fell asleep.

A while later you woke up and noticed that Kris wasn’t in bed with you. You turned around and saw him sitting at your desk, a smile crept on your face as you slipped your clothes on. You walked over to him as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” You asked in a sleepy voice

“You couldn’t study because of me so I’m making notes for you” Kris said as he kissed your cheek.

You smiled to yourself as you playfully bit his ear and kissed his cheek.

“Come to bed” you said

“I’ll come in a while, just let me finish this” Kris said

You pulled the pen out of his hand as you turned his chair around and sat on his lap. Kris’s hands automatically wrapped themselves around your waist as you kissed him.

“Come to bed” you said against Kris’s lips

Kris just smiled as he picked you up and carried you back to bed. You knew what was coming a very long and tease full round 2.

EXO Scenarios: Appa Yifan (Kris one shot with reaction)

parkdonghwa said:Can you a kris one shot about him being a dad.

Of course i love Yifan

You here your alarm go off and quickly hit off. You turn to your side husband , still asleep.  You smile at his sleepy face and give him a kiss on the cheek. He twist but doesn’t even try to get up. You smile and jump off the bed , walking out of your room. 
The first thing you notice is your wedding picture that hangs above your door. You smile as you look back at Kris sleeping and to the photo. Everyone thought you two wouldn’t make it but after bitter lawsuit between companies, many movie deals and  constant traveling, you made it. You walk to the kitchen to see you beautiful little girl wake up. You run to her tired figure and pick her up. 
You-“hello sunshine”
Yuri-“ hello mama , where is Appa ?”
You-“ He is in bed , lets wake him up”.
She starts to jump up and down as you both run toward Kris . Yuri crawls on her dad bed and jumps up and down , her long black hair moving side to side , her giggles lighting up the room. Kris gets up in shocked.

Kris-“oh honey you scared Appa”

Yuri-“I sorry Appa” He looks at Yuri and smiles.  He holds her close to him and hugs her , kissing her all over her cheeks.
Yuri-“aww Appa ”
Kris-“ aww Yuri, i love you”

You look at their daddy and daughter moment and walk to your one year old son room , who is still sleeping. Your son has been asleep but always wakes up at 3 am for milk. You always take care of him since kris has to get up for work. You see his eyes open to see him have his daddy dark brown eyes unlike your light ones.
You-“aww is my handsome boy up”
Kris-“yes honey I am right here”

You giggle as you see yuri holding onto her kris leg. You smile and walk up to him and kiss him. He smiles and kisses you back , with the same love you felt on your wedding night. You hear a grumble and let him go , walking up to your baby.

Kris walks up behind you and kisses your neck as Yuri runs away. You smile as you turn around and look at him.
You-“hello Yifan”
Kris-“only you can call me Yifan” He smirks and kisses you again.
You wrap your arm around his neck as he holds onto you  , kissing  you.
You-“Yifan the baby”
Kris smiles and lets you go walking up to the crib. 
Kris-“hello min-ho. Appa is here" 
Kris grabs him and hold him to his chest. You smile at your husband puts your baby on his bare chest and walks up to you.
Kris-” how did I get so lucky?“
You-” I ask my self that every day".

Kris looks down at min-ho and holds him up to the sky .
Kris-“Min-ho , say Appa ”.
You-“Yifan he just turned one.”
You walk to the living room and start to make eggs for your family . Kris walks out with Min-ho and sits on the floor next to Yuri. Kris puts our baby boy down on the bouncer and starts to play with Yuri.
Yuri-“Appa do hair”
Kris-“Appa only does his hair.”.
Yuri looks at her dad and starts to get teary eyed . You look over to a nervous Kris as she is about to cry.

Kris-“ okay Yuri I will do your hair, Appa is sorry”.
Yuri smiles and jumps on kris , kissing his cheek.
You-“sucker. ”
Kris-“Don’t call me that, she is my princess”.
Yuri laughs as kris tickles her , he looks over to you and winks.
Kris-“you are my queen”.

You put all the food on the tabled and reach for min-ho , handing him milk.
Kris picks up and new braided Yuri and sits her in the high chair.  Kris walks behind you  and holds on to you as you feed min-ho. 
Kris-“I want to take all of you and hide you away from all my drama”.
You-“when I married you , I knew what i was getting into and I love you too much to not be with you”.

Kris-“I love you too ”.  You smile and hand Kris your son again and kiss his cheek.

You-“you are the best dad i know Yifian”.

Kris-“I know that , i mean of course I am”.

Yuri-“I love you too appa , no more leaving Yuri”. Kris looks down at his baby girl , feeling heartbroken. He knows he has to leave his family for work and hates to leave them.

Kris-“Appa promises to never ever leave Yuri because he loves her to much. ”

Yuri-“and min-ho?”

Kris-“and minho and mommy and Yuri. Do you believe appa?”

Yuri-“Yes appa” Kris smiles and picks up his little girl and kisses her once more.

Kris walks up to you and holds you and hands you Yuri as he still holding min-ho. 

Kris-“Do you believe me”

You-“I believe you yifan ”.

Kris-“I will take care of all you forever and till the end of time”.

You-“Even to the galaxy”. He rolls his eyes and pecks your forehead.

Kris"Even there, anywhere life takes us, i’ll be there".

exo reaction when you mumble I LOVE YOU in your sleep

aww thanks sweetheart ^__^

hope you like it <3


xiumin : when he heard you mumbling “ i love you , kim Minseok” he smiled and carried you to bed and kissed you on your cheek 

luhan :gets shy at first .. then  brushes a few strands out of your face and kisses you on your forehead

kris : did you say something jagi …? -turns to look at you and finds you sleeping - Aigooo… she’s cute .

then he lays your head on his shoulder and holds you tightly 

lay : he gets shy and didnt say much 

suho : gif says all XD

baekhyun : 

baek : awwww Jagiyaaaaaa , i love you too  

neon naekkeoya (im yours) *then he kisses you*

chen : he was in the  middle of trolling you but he found you asleep and mumbling “ i love you , chenchen”  he smiled and held you tightly and fell asleep with you 

chanyeol : leans in closer to you to make sure he heard right … and when he heard you 

d.o : you and him were sitting on the couch when you slept on his shoulder and mumbled “ i love you , Kyungsoo ” so he smiled  and whispered to you “ i love you too , y/n ” and he kissed you on the cheeks

tao : oh gawwd … what should i do with this girl 

kai : he thought that you were awake .. “what are you saying ,sweety ?

then he realizes that you are sleeping  : omg she is so cute

sehun : he turns to you upon hearing his name then he realized that you are sleeping and mumbling ” i love you , sehunna" so he looks at you adoringly, saying, “I love you and kisses you on the cheek

Thinking Out Loud | ONE SHOt ft. Kris/WYF |

Anonymous asked: I hope you’re still open for requests! Can I ask for a kris/wyf scenario where he just went back to china after 2 yrs and you were waiting for him at the airport. Pls make it super fluffy & a lil sassy, coz of the cool but derpy personality of him

A truckload of fans was an under statement when it came to Yifan and airports. Somehow all of them knew the exact time his flight would leave one place and arrive in another; without missing a single minute. 

Of course this wasn’t exactly the first time you waited for him at the airport; you remembered the first time that you saw Kris and the rest of EXO-M; it was a struggle but totally worth it.

Today was just as a struggle but even more worth it because this time; you knew that he’d be looking just for you.

“The plane landed five minutes ago!”

One particular fan stood on top of a bench, announcing Yifan’s status to the rest of the crowd; who all cheered in return. You couldn’t help but be just as excited as other passengers came through the arrival terminal.

“Where are you?” You mumble to yourself, standing on your toes in the midst of all the girls doing the same thing, trying to catch any glimpse of him. Not that it was difficult to find 6ft of handsome.

Sure it meant a lot to the China-based fans to see their homegrown star back on their land after two years; but you felt like it meant the most to you.  As strange as it sounded, he was yours and you were his; and now the two of you had time to be together.

Your phone began to buzz in your hand, with your favourite picture of your favourite person filling the screen. 

“Is there something in your eye?” Yifan asks out of the blue, no hello or anything, straight into the conversation he went,

“What are you on about? Where are you?” You cut off his joke, scanning the arrival section with still no sign of him and the rest of the fans still restless,

“Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle” He chuckles, one thing you really loved, “You’re asking where I am, when I can clearly see you”

“Ha ha, very funny” You roll your eyes, but you can’t help but smile, and at the thought of Kris being somewhere in the distance able to see you, you cover your mouth, “But seriously, I can’t see you”

“To your right… your far right, but not too far”

From the chaos of hundreds of people to the warmth of being wrapped in the arms of only one; nothing but a comfortable silence was needed as Yifan held onto you so tight as your buried your face in his chest.

“I’ve missed you….” You give in, still resting on him, “…so much”

It turned out that Kris had found a closed off V.I.P area in the arrivals and had been waiting for you there since he had arrived. No cameras, no managers, no one else but you.

“I’ve missed me too” Yifan jokes again, fiddling with the ends of your hair as he looks down to you, 

“Seriously” You tilt your head up to see him giving you a half smile, “But right now, it feels totally worth it”

“I’m serious too” He finally sports his gummy smile, “I’ve missed the me that I am when I’m with you”

Cracking up right on the stop, you can’t help but giggle as you lightly thump your fist on his arm,

“Confusing, but I get it”

“I knew you would” Kris softly kisses your forehead without any warning, “You always do”

You swore you wouldn’t let yourself tear up at any moment spent with him but you couldn’t help it, the way that he never let you go, and the way he said the things you needed to hear the most.

“So, no work or anything today?” He asks, returning his warm hold to your waist, “Am I all yours?”

“You’re always mine” You look away, knowing that Yifan would looking be straight into your heart, “…All this time, all of tomorrow, the next hundred years… always”

Taken back by your sudden words, he bites his lip and takes you even tighter in his arms,

“That’s… really awesome” Kris fumbles with his words, returning to the noob you loved, “Cause I really want to do something right now”

You take a step back and give him a strange look, only for Yifan to pull out his phone, scrolling through his music playlist and hitting play on a familiar song,

“We never got to slow dance at that ball, all that time ago” He admits, offering his hand, “I had to leave before I could even ask”

“Are you asking me right here?” You take his hand, placing your left hand on his shoulder, standing on your toes once again, 

“Why not?” Kris has you in his safe arms once again, taking the lead step by step, 

“It’s always the right moment with you. Always”

yay for a yifan scenario!!!!!! y'all don’t know how much i’ve missed him recently ;____; he was even in my dream last night LOL. Thanks so much for reading and requesting btw :D don’t forget to hit like!!! (I really hope this was fluffy)

Part 1: Kai & Kris - Who To Trust

Side Note: Part 1 is the exact same scenario as Luhan - The Last Present. I have created a mini-series to this and will be uploading a part of it every Monday over the next 4 weeks. I hope you enjoy it! ^^


Your party had basically ended and everyone was gone. Your house was a mess after celebrating your birthday. You had invited at least 50 people over to your place since you were close friends with so many people.

You couldn’t be bothered cleaning up so you had decided to leave it till tomorrow. It was way past midnight so it wasn’t your birthday anymore, but you still wanted to start off your first few hours of being this new age well, not by cleaning up a mess you barely caused.

You were about to start walking to your bedroom to get prepared for bedtime until you heard a soft knocking coming from the front door.

You quickly rush to the door and open it up thinking it must be your best friend.

You unlock and pull the door open and to your surprise, you see Kris standing before you.

Kris had been you first and only crush throughout high school. He was handsome, bright, funny and all round a good person and you couldn’t think of anyone else but him when it came to guys.

“Hi ____.” He says with such an angelic tone in his voice. ____ was your nickname but only to him and his group of friends.

His smile lights up the entire room and you can’t help but blush.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” You ask curiously. He left an hour ago, why would he be back?

“I forgot to give you your present. Do you mind if I come in?” Your eyes widen but you just manage to put some words together to form a quick sentence, “Sure, come in.” You pull the door open wider allowing him to wonder in.

As he walks in, he stands in front of you, but you don’t realize until you turn around after closing the door.

You look at him stunned to see how close he is to you. He keeps moving in letting your lips glide against one another softly. His hands find their place on your hips. His lips mould in with your so perfectly that the kiss become more and more passionate.

When he pulls away, he whispers with a smirk “I forgot to give your present.” You blush and bite your lip before starting off by saying, “Well…” nervously. He chuckles and swings his arms around you and lifts you up over his shoulder and makes a run for your bedroom.

“Kris! Put me down!” You scream with a laughing, pounding your fists at his back.

He drops you graciously onto your bed and crawls onto you before you could move.

“I know you like me ____.I’ve known for so long too. More than you think.” His lips meet yours again, reaching for your dress. “I have liked you for longer than you could ever imagine.” He presses his body against yours and lingers his lips against your neck, progressing to make you want him uncontrollably.

“Kris, I don’t think this is a good idea.” You lift you body upwards possessing him to go nowhere but further.

“Shh… Just let us make love. Please, I love you and I want to show you.”

“I-I’ve never done this before.” You mumble as he goes back to kissing you repetitively, unzipping basic floral dress.

“Makes it even more special.” He smirks, pulling off your dress and throwing onto the floor. You want to do nothing more than cover yourself from Kris as he stares at you deeply.

“Kris stop-.”

“Your so beautiful.” He says stunned. You blush and bite your lip nervously. Kris undressed himself and pulls a condom from the pocket of his tight jeans.

“No!” He looks up at you confused. “…I mean, don’t worry about the condom. I want to feel you.” Your ego runs wild as you see his perfectly shaped and toned body before you. Kris smirk widens and leans over you whispering in you ear, “Anything for you.”

Kris moves down, tangling his index fingers around your lacy panties and pulling them from you.

Once they’re off, Kris starts off by rubbing your clit with his thumb gently. He waits for you to moan, which comes quicker than he expected.

He moves his head in-between your legs and begins to lick your clit as he inserts one finger into your entrance, carefully on a mission not to hurt you.

“Hm, ah.” You feel a warm sensation build up inside of you as Kris fiddles around with you. It feels amazing and it was something that you could only feel around him.

He moves his finger around inside of you with a quick motion as he licks your clit generously. Everything builds up overtime making you feel immaculate.

“Kris… Don’t stop.” You moan repetitively as you build up a quick but justified orgasm. Kris processed to continue when he feels your juices delightfully catch onto his finger.

He removes his only finger from inside of your tight self and let’s your cum cease it’s way out onto his lips and into his system.

You moan as your body twitches at his every touch.

“Relax.” He says calmly watching your body become more and more sensitive and vulnerable. Kris wipes his fingers onto your inner thigh then collects it all with his tongue, looking up at you seductively. You make very short eye contact as he looks away and gets back to business.

You run your soft fingers through his soft yet dry bleached hair. Your twitching had surfaced to a minimum as everything blurred out when Kris had stopped.

You looked up at him as he hovered over the top of you with his body pressing against yours. You felt his member touch your entrance and you wanted to beg Kris, but felt burdened to do so.

“Are you ready?"Kris whispers, his fingertips brushing your hair out of your face. Your hands fell to his hips, gripping them tightly.

"Kris. I really need you. Just please be careful.” Kris prepares himself, looking down between his legs as he grips his member, pumping it couple of times then finds you tight entrance.

He looks at you and pushes in slowly. You gasp in agony as Kris leans down so your bodies are touching.

“Oh my god Kris. Ah shi-.” You cry out, fingernails digging into the core of Kris’ back.

“It’ll be okay. I promise.” Kris thrusts out and back in slowly, stretching your insides painfully.

Soon, pain is overtaken by sensation and lust but there was no way in hell Kris was going to precede to go any faster than he was.

”____- Ah! You’re so t-tight!” He exclaims between short gasps and moans. Kris tenses ups as your fingernails unravel themselves from his skin. You wrap your legs around his waist, his member finding itself exploring you further.

“Hm, Kris. That feels so good! Keep doing that!” His consistency is perfection, as his pace doesn’t change at all. He hits the same sensitive spot every second thrust, building you both up to climax.

”____, I’m gonna cum.” He moans out fastening his pace, eager to release.

“So am I. Oh my.” You both moan out as the both of you tense up prepared to release. As soon as this happens, everything you had expected to happen did.

You felt Kris’ member pulsing at your inside as both of you were forbidden to move out from this unique mess. You were amazed at how good and right this felt. All your worries had disappeared into thin air as Kris had taken one last thrust.

“Oh my god. Kris.” You say he collapses beside you, still set inside of you. “Wow.” You say, staring at the ceiling after pulling the bed sheets over both Kris and yourself.

“What?” He asks, assuming that you had regretted this entire moment.

“To be honest, that was the best present I received today.”

“Oh. I’m glad you liked it.” He winks at you, pulling you into his embrace.

“So wait. Are we something now?” You ask shyly, turning over onto your side to face him clearly.

“Well, we made love… And I’d like to go further into the future with you. Only if that’s what you want.” He says nervously, with a hint of sadness in his voice as if he thought you were going to deny his statement.

“I like that.” You smile, snuggling up into him, your head resting on his chest.

Your bodies touch, the feeling of warm and serenity filled the mood of the room.

“Happy Birthday.” Kris kisses your forehead, and then closes his eyes to go straight to sleep with you. You smiled to yourself, as you were just about to fall asleep.

This had been the best birthday you’ve ever experienced, not only because of what had just happened but it with you ending up with Kris have completed and made you feel nothing but unbeaten. You were both in love, so there was no more ‘two of us’, you where now one.