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DAY 2735

Jalsa, Mumbai                Oct ¾,  2015               Sat/Sun  1:34 am

Birthday - EF Kris Ayer

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You are on birthday list Kris and we all wish you a most happy birthday .. have fun !!

Much to say and do .. much more time needed .. back after a short trip to Chennai for the opening of this year’s ISL .. we lost to Kolkata .. but tomorrow is another day .. !

The concentration really is for the work on hand at composing and singing and rehearsing for the show on Tv .. its always so shattering to be doing something for the first time and hoping and praying all goes well ..

If enthusiasm could only find fructification the moment it is thought, it would bring in so much immediacy to feelings and creations that there is no counting on it ..

But creating and seeing it produced in its finality takes time .. and patience .. and days and days of waiting .. the mind must have the benefit of an App., to transfer all that comes in in thought, to its immediate and final end .. that would be the invention of the universe .. and many universes put together ..

Think and it takes form .. speak of it and it translates to finite form ..

How wonderful the world would become .. and how proficient our lives ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 3108

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct ¾,  2016                 Mon/Tue  1:32 am

Birthday - EF Kris Ayer

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

happy birthday Kris .. love and welcome to the Ef family and to the Libran community .. which I must say is somewhat personal .. love from the Ef  ..

 Ef Miri Zardav/

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

…. and its Miri’s birthday too .. so we wish her a very happy birthday .. love and happiness .. from your Ef

This is atrocious ! I have been waiting to hit the sack from 8 pm and have only just realised that its past the hour of 1, going on to 2 and i need to be up for work by 6, and its devastating .. !! 

Hehe ..

Part of what life treats me with .. and brings on anger and concern in the eyes and the words of my dear Ef .. fear not I shall rest well later .. or even later ..

As you can see from the expression on the face how involved I can get when work is at hand .. I mean look at it .. there is another story going on in that ‘empty head’ of mine, and the slate in front of me states something else .. 

Hee hee ..

Lots of he hees coming about isn’t it ..?  

So stop .. to bed now and tomorrow shall be a better connect .. perhaps from the sets .. or then late at night .. or the day after .. 

Heck .. yes .. day after its going to be another award in Delhi .. and for what .. ?

Its for the social media connect .. so I shall dedicate the award to my Ef, because if it was not for you I would not get it ..

But let me get it first .. na ..? they may just decide not to .. that would be like a cold water shower at the North Pole ..!!

And so endeth the lesson .. GN ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Coming of Age; An Orphan Black AU (Chapter 1)

Smells Like Teen Spirit Sequel - a collab between me and Shelby

Set after the clone club has started at their prospective universities; how will they handle their college lives, Kira born and all the difficulties that come along with it, from maintaining their own identities to keeping their relationships afloat.

Beautiful chapter art by valentinemichaelsmith

(track the tag ‘coa fic’ for updates)

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