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The Kris or Keris (from the Old Javanese ‘Ngiris’) is an artefact indigenous to ethnic groups in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and the Philippines.  They are regarded as works of art and objects of spiritual significance more than they are thought of as weapons.  Traditionally, each kris is created as an individual by the smith (an empu or pande, depending on region), and is believed to be endowed with a spirit of its own.

Because a kris is considered ‘alive’ in a spiritual fashion, there are traditions and rituals associated with their possession and use.  When first acquiring a kris, one must put it under their pillow when they go to sleep on the first night.  If they experience good dreams, then their spirit and that of the kris are compatible.  If the owner experiences nightmares, then their spirits are incompatible, and the kris is not for them.  These spirits are individuals like humans, so someone might be rejected by  one kris but accepted by another.

A kris is worn in a particular way, attached to the wearer from behind.  This is because, as the object’s use as a weapon is not its primary function, the intention is to remember that it is a last resort to draw it in violence.

The popular image of a kris is of its distinctive wavy blade, but these are not ubiquitous.  Many kris are straight-bladed, and some are half-wavy, where one half of the blade waves before straightening out to the tip.

Make way for SilMil Neptune! As mentioned in the Uranus pic, I decided not to use the canonical Talismans as the Outers’ weapons, mainly because I wanted Neptune to have a more impressive-looking and physical weapon than a mirror. And as you can see, she’s well equipped!

The inspiration for this came in no small part from @docholligay‘s headcanon of Neptune as a planet of assassins. There was just something about a SilMil Neptune covered in weapons that appealed to me! The choice of a trident was fairly obvious since this is her symbol. A pair of sai also seemed appropriate due to their three-pronged shape. Finally a pair of kris daggers, chosen because of their wavy shape. As a final touch, know that she can remove her choker and use it as a garrote ;)

Additionally, since I like having a connection between my Uranuses and Neptunes (however tenuous), I chose the exact same blue for Neptune’s shoes and armbands as Uranus’s cape, and the same golden colors for the sai pommels as Uranus’s brooch.

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Neptune’s planetary symbol below the cut:

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Meet an NPC: Ram

Ram is a male puff with a dark brown body and black fet and blush.Is eyes are green, but turn a russet color when he puts on his mask. He sports a pair of brown bat-like wings and curved horns resembling those of a ram, hence his name. His bronze armor is adorned with wool trim, and his wings can drop down into a brown cape, also trimmed with wool. His mask is primarily bronze, but has a gold band across the top of the visor. His weapon of choice is a pair of bronze colored twin kris daggers.

Ram has a family of five other puffs. His father, Berry. His mother, Cotton. And his three sisters, Marigold, Clover, and Dandelion. He was born in the outskirts of Virgo City, and worked with his family on their sheep farm.

Ram often calls himself the “black sheep” of his family. He is the youngest of his three siblings, and the only boy the family had. His mother, father, and sisters all had white bodies with gray feet, while he had unnaturally dark colors. Ram was the only one to inherit the horn and wing gene. Ram did stick out like a sore thumb in family get togethers, and at times he wondered if he was adopted. Even if his mother assured him he wasn’t, he couldn’t help but feel out of place. As a result, Ram tended to be a quiet kid. His favorite game was hide-and-go-seek, and he would be the hardest to find. While the other kids hid in the snow or in the trees, Ram hid among the rocks provided by the mountains.

He met and made a friend out of Vanilla Sweet. They were both the same age, and mostly bonded due to them both having wings and needing to learn how to fly. The two were a cute pair, though they were often teased about courtship. These jokes flew right over their innocent little heads.

When he and Vanilla were seven, the attack on Virgo City took place. While Ram’s parents were killed and his sisters taken prisoner, he evaded the soldiers by hiding away in the mountains and eventually fleeing the grounds of his city. He travelled a ways away to find the much larger city of Leona, and took shelter in its many alleys, digging in wastebins for food. A concerned family coaxed him to an orphanage, where he would be raised properly and hopefully adopted out to a good family.

Ram was eventually adopted at the age of 15 by an older knight looking to pass his skills down to someone humble and worthy, which happened to be Ram. The Knight was known as Carbon, and he showed Ram the ins and outs of using the dagger to its full potential. Ram was soon fully trained and ready to leave the nest, so Carbon gave him his twin kris daggers that he still uses to this day.

Ram wasn’t lucky enough to relocate his sisters, he has hopes that they either got away like he did and lived happy lives or died before they could suffer too much. He now glides around on his wings, looking for a purpose, or an old childhood friend…

Ram likes to keep to himself, but he does have moments when he gets defensive, particularly if it’s over his past or fellow orphans. He has a good heart, and is known for being a gentleman towards ladies, but he does have a problem in holding grudges and taking on bigger burdens than he can handle, which leads to necessary stress. When he gives courtship a try, he may over extend and go out of his way to impress a girl.

He holds a strong resentment towards Nightmare Co. Any Demon Beasts from them that happen to come across him will be destroyed mercilessly. He has worked with The Hawk Family at times in liberating Nightmare prisons, and will show no mercy towards anyone from Nightmare Co.

Him and His Mistletoes - Full Scenario


The morning of Christmas Day came like the slow floating of snowflakes, smooth and easy. The crackling of the fireplace sounded throughout the apartment while making it cozy with its fiery flames. Snuggled up next to your boyfriend in his hunter green dress shirt and his maroon bowtie, you played with the ruffles in his shirt, tickling him with your delicate fingertip touches. A soft chuckle vibrated through his chest as he captured your restless hand in his warm, large one. 

A wolfy grin spread across his face as he inched closer to you, eyes feasted on your lips. “You know there’s a reason why I bought so many mistletoes, right?” he said as he magically produced one from his khaki trousers and held it above your head. 

“Yifan!” you laughed as you put your hands on his chest to prevent him from advancing on you. “This is the fourth time you’re going to use that today, and it’s only been an hour since we woke up!" 

He growled and pushed your hands aside all too easily. “What? You know this is my favorite Christmas tradition.” He squinted at you scornfully. “Are you going to break the Christmas law and not kiss me under this mistletoe now?” He wiggled the mistletoe above you in a demanding manner.

"No but-” You gasped as Kris victoriously lunged forward and planted his lips on you, successfully preventing you from uttering a protest. He swiped his tongue across your lower lip and then sucked on it slowly and sensually. His soft lips hungrily molded against yours as his hands sneakily traveled down to your waist to yank you closer to him and gave you little loving squeezes on your hips and bottom. You couldn’t help but moan into his passionate kisses as he moved along your jawline and neck to place love marks there. 

“Baby…” you tried to get his attention, but hearing your sweet endearment coated with an arousing moan made him suck harder on your neck. With all your strength, you finally pushed him off you, making him look at you in shock before he pouted like a little boy. His mistletoe kisses were a little too naughty for your liking on Christmas.

“Hey, I wasn’t done with my kiss, baobei~” he whined loudly before trying to grab you back into his arms to finish off his rightful kiss. You framed his face in your hands when he was a centimeter away from you, stopping him with puckered lips. 

“Babe, the members will be here any minute, and my lips are already swollen,” you tried to reason with him rationally. “And you placed too many marks on my neck!" 

He simply rolled his eyes and then snickered. “It’s your fault for looking too beautiful for Christmas. Are you trying to get one of my members to fall for you?” he questioned with a low growl.

You scoffed at his childishness and decided to play with him. “What if I said ye-“

The sound of the doorbell chiming through the apartment interrupted you and gave you a chance to flee swiftly from Kris’ arms before he had the chance to snatch you back, leaving him to grumble a threat about getting back at you later. 

With a twist of the doorknob, the door gave away as ten elves came pouring through with loud yells and whistles. 

"MERRY CHRISTMAS~” sang Chen loudly, brimming with the holiday spirit. His outfit as well as the other members were the exact replica of Kris’, doned in the exact same green dress shirt, bowtie, and khaki trousers. It was Kris’ idea to wear matching outfits on Christmas after all. Well, all except for Luhan.

“Hi, ______!” the smiling reindeer greeted you as he was the last to come through the door. His nose twinkled a bright brilliant red and the bells on his antler headband rang as he shuffled to engulf you into a hug. “Wow, you look pretty!” he complimented as he looked down at your white tulle dress paired with a red cardigan. 

Someone cleared his throat from behind you before snaking his arms around your waist and bumped you into his chest possessively. “Of course,” Kris said and you could sense the annoyance in his voice, “And all mine.

Luhan bursted out in laughter, his eye wrinkles appearing in an instant. “You’re insane, Wu Fan. Can’t I compliment _______ without you acting like I’m about to steal her away from you?” 

You felt Kris huff as he tightened his grip around your waist and kissed the side of your head. You turned slightly to face a slightly pouty Kris. “You are being a bit too mean to Luhan, Yifan,” you chided him lightly. 

“Yeah, Yifan~” Luhan teased, his goofy grin flashed across his face. 

“Get over to where the other elves are on the couch,” Kris snapped, making the members of EXO howl with laughter.

“You’re such a party pooper!” Baekhyun complained to Kris with a groan as Luhan plopped himself beside him on the soft cushion. 

Kris ignored him as he turned you around to fully face him. “And you, missy, were you defending Rudolph just now?” He raised an eyebrow at you as if you were in trouble, but you knew Kris well enough that he was just being his old playful self. He reached into his pocket to grab yet another mistletoe to raise it above your head. “Give me another kiss now!” he demanded as he shook it vigorously.

You blushed as you felt all eyes on you, and you turned to see the members trying to hide in their laughs by covering their mouths. “Yifan, they’re watching…”

“Better kiss me soon then,” your stubborn giant elf countered, still shaking the mistletoe incessantly. 

You sighed in defeat as you tiptoed to peck him quickly on the lips before hurriedly dragging him to where the rest of EXO were to prevent him from making another move on you. You sat next to D.O. as Kris was on your other side. 

“Say,” D.O began with a slow smile creeping up on his lips, “Kris, you hung a string of mistletoes right above this couch.” He turned his head to look at you with a mischievous grin. “Wouldn’t it be fair if we all got kisses from _______ for Christmas?" 

You felt Kris tense up beside you as he began hollering. “No, no, no, and NO!” 

"I think it would be better if we let ______ choose who to kiss!” Sehun chimed in. “Come on, Kris. She can kiss our cheeks, and we’ll close our eyes!”

Kris glared daggers at his members who were shaking with laughter, clearly excited by their leader’s reaction. 

“It’s Christmas, he wouldn’t kill us," Chanyeol whispered to Baekhyun. 

"Fine,” Kris finally said, surprising you with his answer, but his eyes burned endearingly with determination. “I’m only agreeing because I know she will pick me. Won’t you, baobei?” He patted your leg and blinked at you eagerly, waiting for your answer.

You giggled and squeezed him around the waist before getting up. “We’ll see about that, Yifan. Close your eyes everyone, I will pick the one with the cutest expression.”

Me, me, me,” Kris chanted as he placed his hands behind his head and drew his lips into a soft smile, puckering them out just a little bit in a kissing form. You laughed as you looked at Sehun, who was smiling cockily with hands cupping his face, and Chanyeol, who was baring all his teeth with his eyebrows raised. The remaining members had their lips puckered in one form or another, but as you scanned Kris again, you found your feet finally drawing closer to him. You gently sat on his lap and felt his arms wrap around you victoriously as you placed a chaste kiss on his lips. He opened his eyes and gave you a wide, loving smile.

I knew it,“ he whispered.

The room erupted into groans of defeat as EXO opened their eyes. “AW, hey, that’s no fun!” Chen complained. 

"You wanna have fun?” Kris smirked with an eyebrow raised while still holding onto you. “How about all of you kiss each other under this string of mistletoes now?”


[A/N] WAAAA MERRY KRISMAS YOU GUYS!! Sorry if I’m a day late in your countries, but happy holidays nevertheless!! Hope you liked the scenario! Tell me your thoughts! :) Kris and his mistletoes. Sighhs. n__________n I’d just like to thank you all for liking my scenarios and replies and for following me! Love you all! 

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hello! do you think you could do a scenario where you're a foreign, English speaking makeup artist for exo, and since Kris is the only one who speaks fluent English you two end up bonding and becoming good friends, and he developing a huge crush on you that the members relentlessly tease him about? and you end up finding out about his crush(which of course you like him back) when you over hear some of the guys teasing Kris in Korean, which you can understand just enough to know how he feels? :)

Word count: 1,973 

The most frustrating thing about working with EXO, or working in Korea to be more exact, is the fact that your Korean wasn’t as good as it should have been.  You knew the basic greetings to get you through first meetings.  You could introduce yourself perfectly; perfect punctuation and great confidence.  However, after your name left your lips you were a ticking time bomb.  

When you first met EXO, Chanyeol had been the first one to initially start a conversation with you and you could only stare at him, blinking with a painful expression plastered against your face.  For a moment when you didn’t answer, you both stared at each other in an awkward silence and through some sort of eye contact you both broke out into laughter.  That was the moment he realized he had basically been talking to himself since you didn’t understand a word he had been saying.  

Despite not being able to understand each other, both you and the adorable giant became close friends and elaborate hand gestures became your way of talking to one another.  You originally thought the worst; assuming your time in Korea would be spent making elaborate hand gestures to all of the members to get your point across.  However, the heavens had been looking over you when they sent the multi-lingual Kris as your guide.  

At first he thought it would be fun to play a little prank on you.  For three weeks he pretended that he only spoke Korean and Chinese.  For three weeks you had a lot of embarrassing mishaps with the members while Kris sat back and laughed his ass off.  He found it adorable how flustered you got when you tried to hold a conversation in broken Korean and he got the other members in on his joke so they wouldn’t give him away.  

Though, eventually you found out that he knew more than Korean and Chinese.  It wasn’t his members that gave him away, but the internet.  You always wanted to study abroad and since it was your last year in college, you decided that it was now or never.  While studying in your last year you got an offer to become an intern as a makeup artist at SM Entertainment and despite not being very good at Korean, the benefits of the internship was something you would be foolish to pass up.  

The internship basically promised you a job after you graduated, not the mention the hands on experience you would get.  After meeting the twelve member group, you grew curious about them and wanted to find out more.  You did a little research and caught Kris red-handed.  

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what sword do you think is the ugliest? the prettiest?

i know some people like them but i just really dont see the appeal of indonesian kris daggers? 

like i can really SEE the appeal of it but its not my kind of appeal. like the asymmetry and the shape of everything just seems so…mluh? i just dont like them.

 as for the prettiest there is just something really really excellent about turkish yataghan

the gentle forward and backward sweep of the blade and the modest ornamentation at the base of the blade and the unique shape of the hilt. its really just a gorgeous sword design that flawlessly combines function and aesthetic.

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Anon L, here~! My friend told me about your account. She is also a new follower. Your reactions are entertaining to look at. {if that is the right word to use ^.^} Anyway if you don't mind making an EXO reaction: them dating a girl that acts and looks so much like Kris. {But, she is like a really short <one inch shorter than D.O> and young version than Kris, with his western hair color.} And then one day, she finally ask him to join her family for dinner. And, guess who they get to meet, Kris!

Aw, thank you! It makes me so happy when people like my reactions! And thanks for the request!

Xiumin: *walking with her to the house when he suddenly recognizes that it’s Kris’s house*

Luhan: Yo yo yo! Kris! Long time, no see!

Kris: No way. This is the boyfriend you were talking about? Really?

Suho: *stares at her the whole time he eats as he starts to see the similarities*

Lay: *gets really confused when she calls him oppa* Oppa? But I thought I was your oppa!

Baekhyun: Uh … this is … why am I surprised? 

Chen: Oh! So you’re Kris’s sister after all! oh my god hyung is going to kill me

Chanyeol: Omo~! I knew it! I knew you looked a lot like Kris-hyung!

Kyungsoo: *eats without making eye contact because he knows Kris is glaring daggers at him*

Tao: What?! Why didn’t you tell me that you were Kris-hyung’s little sister?!

Kai: Well, this is- this is kind of awkward.

Sehun: Look at me. Look at me hyung. Look at me and tell me that she’s actually your sister.

I hope you liked this! Remember, my box is always open - go ahead and send in reaction/ship requests, questions, thoughts, or anything else you might want!


Killian's heart vs. Rumple's heart (there's a lot of anti-Rumple in here)

Not too long ago, I asked a question: What is the color of Rumple’s heart?I posted that question on and the general consensus was that Rumple’s heart nowis black. 

Last night, we saw what Killian’s heart looks like: it’s bright red. And I think it’s a very interesting and compelling contrast between both of these men and what makes them the way they are.  

Killian’s motivation for pretty much his whole life has been for love. The whole purpose of his revenge was to avenge the woman he lost and probably reunite with her in some kind of afterlife.  And we know before Killian became a pirate, before he got caught up in revenge for his brother and Milah, he was a good and honorable man. 

And so was Rumple once until he became corrupted by the power of the Kris dagger.  But it’s interesting to see how these two men are alike and dissimilar. They’re foils to each other, just like Emma and Regina are foils. They’re the same and yet different. 

Last season, Rumple made amazing strides towards redemption and then, he was captured by Zelena, trapped by the Kris dagger, had to do her bidding against his will and he also lost his son in the process. Rumple went through hell last season.  

And this season, instead of letting go of everything and finding happiness with Belle, he’s on a quest to attain power and doesn’t really care who he hurts in the process.  He’s not motivated by his love for Belle or by his son, but simply for himself. He’s motivated by his addiction for power and that’s corrupted and clouded his judgement. 

So, I think the general consensus is right, without even seeing what Rumple’s heart looks like now, it is likely very pitch black.  I don’t think there’s any question there. 

And then last night, we saw Killian’s heart for the first time and it was bright red. It must have been a shock to everyone that this pirate’s heart was even that color; most were probably expecting it to have shades of black or something.

But the thing is, I barely noticed at the time that it was bright red and after logging onto tumblr,  I was not surprised. Why wasn’t I surprised? Because this man has always been motivated by love. And Colin’s always talked about how Hook’s found love again and he’s been redeemed because of his deep love for Emma and last night, was proof of that. 

Love can reverse a dark heart.

We saw this happen with Regina.  The moment she started talking about saving Henry in Neverland to Tink, her heart started to get brighter and it was Regina’s love for Henry that gave her light magic. As much as Regina was motivated by revenge in the beginning of the show and that revenge darkened her heart, true love magic likely reversed the effects of her dark magic.  

The same is probably true with Hook.  This is what I think Killian’s heart looked like over time.

Clearly, when we saw him as a lieutenant in Good Form (3x05), before Liam died for real, his heart was strong and bright red.  His love for his brother was pure and endless.  Then Liam died for real, his heart started to steadily darken, I say steadily because everything that motivates Killian is love, so I think the good and the bad in his heart were still balanced out. 

Then Rumple murdered Milah, took his hand and Killian became vengeful Captain Hook. Hook is still motivated by love, but I think there was a part of him that was still good and did not want to pursue his revenge.  

Colin always speaks of Hook’s genuine love for Baelfire, that if Bae had yes then, he would have dropped his revenge.  I honestly believe this to be true but since Bae rejected him,  Hook felt he had no other choice but to pursue his revenge even though he was willing to give it up for him. I think Hook’s heart at that point started to get dark and quite possibly, for the 200 years, was very dark. 

But, it was Killian’s pure, true love for Emma that likely reversed the effects of his dark, vengeful heart.  But also, Killian’s behavior as well. Remember, when future Killian came across his past self on The Jolly Roger, he was appalled by the person he was, so appalled that he knocked him out. He’s also ashamed of the person he was and is horrified of becoming that man again.  A truly evil person would not mind reverting back into the person he used to be; that man is not Killian Jones. 

(But, Rumple has no qualms about reverting back to his selfish ways, that is what makes truly evil this season.  He also recognizes that he is selfish and again, doesn’t mind that he is.) 

Killian Jones has this amazing, fierce capacity to love people.  He deeply loved his brother (“I will follow you till the ends of the earth, brother.”); we also know how he feels about Emma (“I’d to go to the end of the world for her. Or time.”) Even before Killian realized that he loved Emma, he made a conscious choice to change, to become a better man.  He made that decision when he turned his ship around in the season two finale and offered his ship and his services to help save Henry from Pan.

After Killian realized that he loved Emma, he made a promise to Emma that he was going to fight fairly for her heart.   

“But I also believe in good form. So when I win your heart, Emma… and I will win it… it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

Already Killian was motivated to become a better man, without even a promise from Emma that she would return his love.  He wanted to become a better man, someone worthy of her life but he also wanted to become a better man for himself too.  And what separates Rumple and Killian’s actions, is probably regret.  

Time and again, Killian has shown regret for his bad transgressions. That’s positive character growth; whereas with Rumple, I don’t think he regrets anything that he’s done so far this season.  

To show regret or remorse means that you’re truly sorry for what you’ve done and want to truly, genuinely change.   It isn’t enough to want to be good for another person because they want you to be this way; the person has to truly want to change themselves. 

And the only person I see that happening to is Killian Jones.  

So, it does’t really surprise me that Killian Jones’ heart is bright red with zero dark spots on it.  Because he hates and is fearful of becoming that person, he regrets what he’s done and wants to genuinely change, to become the kind of man he feels Emma deserves because she inspires him to become a better man.  There’s no truer heart than Killian Jones and that it is why his heart is the way it is. 

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You accidently kill Rumpstiltskin and you're the new Dark One. What do you do next? Do you give the dagger away and to whom? Does it corrupt you and how?

Her eyes widened, and her jaw dropped slightly, “Sherlock where did you get THAT?” She asks aghast as she blinks several times and doing a double take. Yep he still had the Kris dagger in his hands. “Come on we’re going to find Belle."She States motherly and firm as she puts a hand on his arm.

"Match Dot Com" 2.0

Summary: A typical day for Rumple Gold.

Rating: Teen

Note: Did I tell you, kiddies already how fun this fic is? Another short chapter. The next will be longer.

cover by licieoic 


Rumple Gold awakes in his one bedroom apartment, late for fucking work. “Shit !” His alarm didn’t go off and now he has to scramble to catch the bus. He rolls out of bed and hastily grabs his black and gold handled cane, limping to the bathroom as quickly as he can. Without enough time to take a shower, he dresses in his suit and tie, then brushes his teeth. And he’s out of the door in less than ten minutes.

Rumple speedily struts down the Manhattan sidewalk and barely catches his bus.

“You almost didn’t make it today, Mr. Gold.”

“I know, Leroy. I think my alarm clock is broken.” He pays his fair.

“Still not used to the New York life, are you?”

“Not, really, but I’m going to make it work.” He walks to the back of the bus.

“Have a good day, Mr. Gold.”

“I’ll try to, dearie.” He takes his seat and gazes out the window at all the building and traffic flying by.

Rumple has a fifteen minute bus ride, then walks two blocks to Zoso’s Antiques Parlor. He usually makes a stop at the coffee shop on the corner for tea, but on this Friday morning there is no time.

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