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Date Night Proposal - Simon D

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 What was the thing you liked most about your relationship with Simon? He wasn’t necessarily clingy, just clingy enough for you to feel loved and to feel he cared for you and your relationship. He wasn’t the jealous type. He knew he had no right to be since he was surrounded by women all the time due to his career, and your connection was too strong to be broken by such a selfish feeling. On the other hand, you were sure he would never again put another relationship on the stake of break up after his break-up with Lady Jane. You knew he loved you, his actions always proved so, and for you, actions spoke louder than words.

 On nights when he didn’t have recordings, performances or events for him to appear at the two of you would just get lazy on the sofa while watching your favorite dramas. Kiseok would always lay his head in your lap while you mindlessly played with his hair. He assumed you never realized this habit of yours since you didn’t play with his hair on other occasions. He, however, had never brought this up because he enjoyed it too much, it reminded him of his childhood, of the times he had been sick and his mother caressed his hair to help him fall asleep, hence, he had always fallen asleep in your lap before the drama ended.

 Your recent favorite drama was Goblin, however, Kiseok would never admit this. Every time someone mentioned the drama he said he only watched it because Hyoseob sang one of the OSTs. You knew him better, though. The love stories depicted in the drama made him think about your relationship a lot more, he’s been thinking of proposing to you he just couldn’t find the right ring nor the right words. 

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anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on the latest DH show and which DH show is your fav

…hi dear anonymous…:D….before u read my answer…you need to know that i don’t respect many ppl …but one of them  is Kris Van Assche….now….my opinion doesn’t change the respect that i have for him as a person….:’)….abt ur first question….i didn’t like it…..i was be fair….some of the clothes i mean 3 pieces for me were good… always tailoring was pretty good …slry the prodigius hands of Dior’s tailors….:’)….but at the same time ……i’m still figuring out…what was the worst part for me…the sunglasses……the hats…….the fur…..or …

… the sweater where we can appreciatte Monsieur Dior being a hipster…XD…non …(let him rave…….XD…jk)..

….not to mention that the style was not good…frankly speaking… i just hope that Kris Van Assche presents a better collection next time…..coz my opinion when Raf Simons was the creative director at Dior womenswear….Kris Van Assche didn’t get the recogntion that he deserves…also he had to change his style …..coz Dior Womenswear and menswear meant to be cohesive……and they have different styles… a result (at least to me)..Kris Van Assche was sort of limited and understimate…..that’s bad…*angry tears*….:’(….

….now…..and hapilly… Maria Grazia Chiuri is the new creative director of Dior womenswear….and to me they will work better…specially coz  Maria Grazia appreciate more Kris Van Assche’s work….:’)….*tears of joy*…

….so even if this season was a disaster….i’m waiting the next season….coz i’m sure that Kris Van Assche will have more support ….:’)…that’s my opinion ….HUGE THANKS 4 asking and have a wonderful day and life!!!…;D!!

ps:…abt ur second question…..i can’t answer u…coz it’s quite personal to me…:) ,,so hope u understand…;D….and finally soz 4 the delay…;D!!!!.

Exo reaction to their gf fangirling over Sebooty.

Xiumin: “Of course fangirling over someone’s butt it’s fun…”

Luhan: “ Why i can’t fangirl over Minseok but you can over Sehun?”

Kris: “You serious?”

Suho: “Last time you were fangirling this hard over Kyungsoo’s hair and now this..”

Lay: “But why would someone fangirl over someone’s butt?”

Baekhyun:  “But just please don’t shout yehet”


Chanyeol: *Does not care about you and starts talking about Kai*


Tao: “You’re supposed to fangirl over me!”

Kai: “I know you’re doing this to make me jealous” 


Exo Reactions To Waking Up The Morning After Your First Sexy Time Together

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Baekhyun: *shy & squishy, he smiles at you when you wake up* “Hi.”

Chanyeol: *is waiting for you to wake up & gives you the most adorable smile ever* “Good morning beautiful.”

Chen: *still laying next to you, but his eyes are on you* “Let’s stay in bed all day. I want to cuddle.”

D.O.: “How do you feel? Are you hungry?” *already brought you breakfast in bed*

Kai: “Morning sunshine.” *kisses the tip of your nose*

Kris: *is trying to be all cool when you mention how great the previous night was & he smiles like an idiot*

Lay: *still half asleep but sees you wake up & silently greets you*

Luhan: “Let me know if anything is sore. I can get a little carried away.”

Sehun: “Well? How was it? It was great, right? Yeah, it was great.”

Suho: *is sitting next to you on the bed, smiling before you even open your eyes because he’s so giddy*

Tao: “Last night was so amazing. I can’t stop thinking about it.” *strokes your hair & smiles*

Xiumin: *laying next to you but he’s wide awake, watching every move you make intently, then he gives you a smirk & whispers* “Again?”

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I feel that it’s important everyone sees this.

This is Chanyeol during the EXO'luXion in Tokyo Dome. He had hypoxia and collapsed on stage and was brought backstage to be given an oxygen mask.

Hypoxia is when there is not enough oxygen provided to body tissues. If too much oxygen is deprived, it could damage your organs or even fatality.

HOWEVER, Chanyeol heard the stage music being played again and immediately rushed out of the room to get back on stage and continue performing.

I have no doubts that this wasn’t the first incident. If you look back at EXO’s performance at MAMA 2014&2015, Chanyeol rushed to get off stage after the performance to catch his breath. He looked dizzy and he was having trouble breathing. What sucks is we didn’t even catch on to this and looking back at the previews released at their Tokyo Dome concert, he did look insanely worn out.

Exo reaction to Luhan kidnapping Xiumin

Xiumin: “Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Luhan: *Playing innocent so nobody will think he did it*

Kris: “Congratulations, and what are you going to do now?”

Suho: “I knew something was missing, I don’t think cash will help it”

Lay: “Why would he do that?”

Baekhyun: “I knew this day will come. I was right Chanyeol you own me 10,000 won”

Chen: “Oh really what a surprise”

Chanyeol: “Luhan did what? Haha! stop joking it’s not funny .. like at all”


Tao: “I don’t really care, he didn’t kidnap Sehun so I’m fine with this”

Kai: “We can find him, Luhan once said that he can see where Xiumin is by something.. i can’t remember what that was i am not good at geography”

Sehun: *I thought he loved ME. *