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EXO reaction when they want to confess but you’re leaving the next day

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*Goes to your place at 12AM, hoping you are still home* “Please… be here… you can’t leave me.. no… I love you, you have to know! I love you!” *Kinda looks like a lunatic*


*Crosses the whole world just to see you one more time* “I can’t do this… I can’t just let you go before even trying… I need you, distance is not important to me. Not I’m in love with you…”


*Literally stops your car before you leave to the airport* “Stop right there… we need to have a talk before you leave… this is important, please listen to me” *Actually doesn’t know what he’s doing, just pray this will work*


*Trying to pretend that it doesn’t hurt him, that he’s alright… not heartbroken* “I’m happy for you… I know this is what you wanted… as long as you are happy… I am too…” *Lowkey wants to tell you right there*


*In depression mode during your last week* “i don’t know if I should tell her… I don’t think it would be fair. I can’t stop thinking how much I love her, I can’t stop thinking about her lips… but she wants this… I can’t stop her dreams”


*Takes you to a lovely date* “This is your last day here… it has to be memorable. I’ll make it the best day of your life, you won’t forget it… and you won’t forget me”


“Do you really want to go? All your friends are here… I’m here… I’m going to miss you so much… to be honest… I don’t think I can make it without you” *He is really suffering*


*Realizes too late that he has to stop you. Yet he does everything he can to arrive in time, to finally open up his feelings. To finally give you his heart* “Please… give me 5 minutes.. please. That’s all I need.. all that my heart needs”


“I know I should have told you sooner… but something stopped me… I can’t explain it, I’m sorry… But I’ll wait, I’ll always wait for you. I’ll be here when you come back, here for you” *His heart belongs to you after all*


*Surprises you in your new home* “I like this place… it’s quiet and calm. *So hard for him to tell you why he’s there tho* “So… you think you’ll be okay here? Living alone… I just want to check that you’ll be okay… even if I’m away… maybe I should stay a couple of days…”


*Calls you everyday to check how you are* “I miss you so much… you’ve been gone five hours and it already feels like centuries… when are you coming back? My chest hurts… because you are gone… when did you say you were coming back?”


*Even if he has little time, he still manages to prepare a cute surprise for you* “I know you are leaving tomorrow but… I can’t let you go before knowing if… if you feel the same for me”

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Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-2

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Kyungsoo Pov.
“Kyungsoo can we bake?” Y/N asked me from her seat at the kitchen island “I guess, depends, what do you want to bake?” I turned from my place at the stove leaving the stir fry on the burner. “Cookies!” the seven year old yelled, I chuckled leaning on the counter with my elbows “alright, what kind of cookies?” I asked. She brought her small hand up to her forehead, rubbing it in concentration “umm, what about the kind with the icing on it?” she said looking at me expectantly “sugar cookies?” I asked trying to confirm her choice “yeah those ones!” she exclaimed pointing at my face. “Alright sugar cookies it is, we will make them after I finish dinner alright?” she smiled and nodded, jumping off the stool and running off to find another member to play with. I continued to cook dinner, waiting for it to be ready so I could tend to Y/N’s needs for cookies.


As soon as I was finished I put dinner out on the table and got ready to call the guys and find Y/N. I walked into the living room to see if anyone was there and saw Y/N at the coffee table playing with something.

“Y/N what are you doing, dinners ready” I asked the seven year old facing the coffee table, “playing, wanna play?” she asked as she turned towards me, clutching a gun in her hand. “Y/N where did you get that?” I asked reaching forward to take the gun from her fingers. She turned keeping it out of my reach “no it mine” she held the gun to her chest. “Y/N give that to me right now” I said sternly, she kept the gun against her chest “but it’s mine, I found it” she said turning away from me. Just as her back turned I reached over her and grabbed it from her hands, she whipped around glaring up at me “hey give that back!” she said reaching her hands above her head. “Where did you get this?” I asked raising the gun above where she could reach, making sure it was absent of bullets which it wasn’t when she had it. “I found it, give it back!” she said jumping up and down trying to get it out of my hands “where exactly did you get it Y/N?” I asked again trying to keep her safe “Sehun’s jacket” she said crossing her arms over her chest. “Ok, but did you take it?” I tried again putting the gun back into the waistband of my pants. She looked down mumbling “I took it” she kicked her feet in the dirt “why?”

“Cus I see it on the tv shows and it looks cool” she mumbled still looking at her feet, “this isn’t a toy Y/N, you can’t play with things like this” I tried to be stern with her to make her understand that she could get seriously hurt. “Come on let’s go eat, can you go find the rest of the guys and tell them dinners ready?” I asked. She turned still staring at her feet “ok” she said toddling off.

After she left, I returned to the kitchen to put the plates out, watching Sehun come into the room. “ Y/N told me dinner was ready. Hey have you seen my gun?” he said, approaching me “yeah Y/N had it” I said putting the gun into his hands reaching into my pockets to retrieve the bullets from my pocket. “How it was in my pocket?” he said reloading the gun “yeah you can’t leave your jacket around where she can get it” he put the gun back into his pocket. “The jacket was on, I never took my jacket off” he said staring into my eyes “she got the gun from inside your pocket while it was on?” I asked, he looked confused for a minute “the little rugrat pickpocketed me! I would understand if it was like a candy but she got a gun out of my pocket without me noticing!” he said turning around as the other guys started to file into the room. “Whats going on?” Tao asked going to sit down at the table “Y/N took my gun out of my pocket! While it was on!” Sehun said exasperated “wait what?” Chen laughed “she pick pocketed my gun out of my pocket!” Sehun said. All the guys turned to look at him, looking shocked “wait really?” Kris asked laughing, “she seriously did!”

Just then Suho and Y/N walked into the room “what’s everyone talking about?” he asked looking around the room, simultaneously we looked down at Y/N. she looked back around the room giggling, holding Suho’s hand. “What’s going on?” she asked “Y/N did you take Sehun’s gun out of his pocket?” Kris asked. “Yeah” she said glancing down at her feet letting go of Suho’s hand “and did you take it out of his pocket while he was wearing it?” he continued asking “yeah” she said again. “Wait Y/N pick pocketed Sehun?” Suho asked looking down at the seven year old, she nodded. Kris crossed his arms over his chest, standing up straight and glancing at the little girl “while I admire your skill for slipping a gun from him, you can’t go around taking things like that, especially guns. Do you understand Y/N?” he asked being stern with her. She nodded her head again glancing back up at him, he quickly turned towards Sehun “and you” he said “ME!” Sehun exclaimed putting a hand over his heart “you are getting rusty if a little girl can take a handgun out of your jacket pocket, you need to do some more work on that” Kris said giving the younger trouble, Sehun nodded his head “yes hyung” he said. “Alright enough of this, dinner’s getting cold. Lets eat” I said trying to defuse the tension. Everyone sat down at the table dishing up their plates.


During dinner Sehun kept staring at Y/N curiously, like he was trying to figure something out. Finally he looked like he snapped and leaned towards her “alright Y/N how did you do it, how did you get my gun” he asked, she smiled her mouth full of stir fry “Jongdae taught me!” she mumbled around her food pointing at said man across the table. We all whipped around to look at Chen who was smiling guiltily in his seat “what, she would need to know eventually” he said. “Yeah maybe one day not when she is seven! Don’t you see she already took a weapon out of someone’s pocket!” Suho yelled at him “I didn’t think she would take a gun! I thought she would take something like spare change!” Chen put his hands up in surrender. Feeling the beginning of a fight coming on I got up quietly and walked over to Y/N crouching down next to her seat and leaning towards her ear “let’s go upstairs Y/N” I whispered in her ear, she turned her head away from the fight and looked towards me “ok.” she got up and grabbed my hand and followed me out of the room.

“Why were they fighting Soo?” she asked once we had made it to my room and were sitting on my bed “I’m not sure Y/N” she looked down at her fingers in her lap “is it because of me? Was it because I took Sehun’s gun? I just wanted to play” she said sniffling. “No Y/N it’s okay, you shouldn’t have taken his gun. It’s very dangerous and you shouldn’t play with it ok. It may seem like a toy buts its not so you can’t take it anymore ok.” she looked up at me with tearful eyes “and Jongdae shouldn’t have taught you how to do that, but now you know and we can’t change that, but you can’t take things anymore ok?” I said holder her small hands in mine. “Alright, can we still bake cookies?” she asked her eyes lighting up, I laughed as her thoughts simply just changed “I don’t think we can tonight, but maybe tomorrow, ok?” I said. Her smile didn’t even falter “ok!” she said jumping off the bed.

The door swung open quickly and we both turned to look at who it was, standing in the door was Chen with his head down and Kris and Suho standing behind him. Kris nudged him forward with his toe and coughed loudly “what do you wanna say Jongdae” he said using his leader voice. Jongdae rose his head slightly “I’m sorry Y/N for teaching you how to pickpockets and that you got in trouble for taking Sehun’s gun” he said looking down at the little girl before me. She smiled and jumped towards him “its ok Dae, Soo already talked to me about it. He said I’m not supposed to take things anymore, and that guns are dangerous” she said looking up at him. Kris crouched down putting his elbows on his knees and smiling at her “that’s right Y/N, good job. So no more taking things without permission, alright?” he looked her in the eyes trying to get her to understand “I know, can we go play now?” she jumped onto Kris looking at his face. He laughed standing with her in his arms “alright we can, lets go. Come on Jongdae” he said turning towards the hallway and walking out with Jongdae trailing behind him head still down. Suho watched them leave and turned towards me leaning on the door frame “thanks Kyungsoo, for watching out for her” he looked to me smiling lightly. I smiled back at him “Of course she’s all of our responsibility, and we all have her safety in mind first. But some of us are just a little too dumb to think that maybe a seven year old should not learn how to pickpockets” he laughed at my response.

Looking back out into the hallway smiling fondly “all very true. Alright lets go play with our munchkin.”

That was the second chapter of the Raised By A Gang series, sorry its late. I was having some family troubles and had been gone over the weekend, but its here now! Also we reached 100 followers! thank you guys so much!

Meeting Frank

Nathan had been glued to Kris’s hip the entire night. Everybody here was at least four years older than him, and they hadn’t ignored him, not exactly, but they hadn’t really acknowledged him either. Why had Kris brought him here?

Nathan felt like causing a scene, just to get people to notice him.

The house was full with sweaty, drunk teenagers, grinding on each other or otherwise trying to communicate by screaming on top of the music. Nathan didn’t know what the big deal was about parties or why his sister wanted to come. They were currently sitting on the kitchen counter, Nathan’s legs dangling in an embarrassing reminder that he was younger than everyone else. They were talking about high school gossip or something, nothing Nathan could really understand.

“And that’s not all! Eli, Stephanie, Jude, and I broke into the school at night to go to the pool. We skinny dipped,” giggled a drunk blonde with busty tits.

Kris scrunched her nose but laughed. “You guys were naked in the school pool? I’m never going swimming again,” Kris joked.

“In the school or forever?” Asked another girl.

“Forever,” Kris took a sip out of her cranberry juice. “I don’t think I’ll ever get the image of you guys swimming ass naked out of my head ever again.”

They fell into drunken giggles, with the exception of Kris who was sober to ‘set an example to her little brother’ or some bullshit like that. Nathan knew she was just using it as an excuse to avoid drinking altogether.

“Who’s ass naked?” A guy with long, greasy hair walked into the kitchen, a red solo cup in his hand. He was wearing a worn, olive bomber jacket and a cheeky grin.

A couple of the girls rolled their eyes at him and Kris sighed. “Nobody, you perv,” she said.

“Shame. And here I was hoping to see a full moon tonight,” he laughed at his own joke, taking a long swig from the cup.

A couple of the girls laughed too, Kris took a sip of her drink.

“So, what are we talking about here, ladies?” He leaned on the kitchen island, propping himself up by the elbows.

“I was telling them about how I went skinny dipping with the others. Thanks, by the way,” said the blonde.

He finger gunned at her, “No problem, Monica.”

Kris frowned. “I’m confused.”

“He got us the keys to the building; it’s how we broke in,” Monica explained. “Wasn’t cheap, though.”

“I am suddenly uninterested in this story. Wow. Unbelievable.”

“Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, darling. I usually charge for my shit, but for you I’ll make a special exception,” he winked at Kris and Nathan gagged.

Kris got down from the counter, face red as a beet. “Bathroom. Now,” she addressed to her girl-friends and marched away. Nathan moved to follow her, but she stopped him. “Sorry, Nate, girls only.”

Nathan protested, really, really, really not wanting to be left alone. Kris gave him an apologetic look and promised she would be back soon. And that was how Nathan found himself alone in the kitchen with some weirdo jackass.

Nathan sat back on the counter, arms crossed, glaring daggers into him to try to get him to leave. He was ignoring him, swishing his cup around, not really giving a shit that he was alone with a kid.

He was about to bang his heels against the counter with the hopes of being annoying enough that he would leave, when the creep spoke up. “If looks could kill, kid, you would have murdered me ten times over.”

“You made her leave,” Nathan spoke in what he hoped was a menacing way.

“Yeah, they’re probably saying all kinds of shit in there. Can’t blame ‘em. Your sister’s a hard ass, I’ll give you that.”

“You’re a pervert,” Nathan answered.

“You will be too in a few years. Tell me, kid, have your balls dropped yet?”

“Fuck you.”

The guy laughed at that, a gruff rasping sound. He wiped a tear off his eye for effect. “You got a mouth on you, I like that. What’s your name?”

Nathan didn’t reply, only scowled at him.

“Alright, fine. Since you asked, I’m Frank. Frank Bowers.” He waited for Nathan to introduce himself, but he still kept his mouth shut. “If you’re not going tell me your name, I’m just going to call you something stupid like Weiner, or Stumpy, or Pompidou—”


“See? That wasn’t so hard.”

Nathan was sick of him. He wanted to get down from the counter and walk home. Or punch him. Punching him sounded good.

“You seem a little tense, Nathan,” Frank answered, scratching the stubble on his chin. “I got something here that might help take the edge of things. Now, I usually charge for this, but since I feel like we got on the wrong foot, consider this a favor.” He dug around in his pockets and took out a roll of paper.

Nathan frowned at it. “Smoking’s bad for you.”

“Naw, this isn’t a cigarette, don’t worry about it. It’s weed, ever heard of it?”

Nathan shook his head.

“Well, there’s zero nicotine in this, so it’s not addictive and it won’t fuck up your lungs. But it’ll make you feel good. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself and relaaax. Hell, it might even help you lose a few pounds.”

Nathan eyed the weed warily, but the idea was really tempting to him. How different could it be from all the pills he was taking? He reached over and took it between his fingers, holding it gingerly.

“Here, I’ll smoke with you,” Frank took another roll of weed and put it between his lips, lighting it up. He also lit Nathan’s.

“There we go. Just breathe in, hold it a while, and blow it out. Easy,” Frank explained.

Nathan followed the instructions, but he fucked up somehow because he ended up in a wracking cough. Frank didn’t laugh at him, though. “Yeah, takes some getting used to,” he said. “Just try again.”

It was warm, really warm. The cloud of smoke settled in his lungs felt nice and comforting. A few more hits and Nathan began feeling light headed. Everything felt slow, but he didn’t mind.

“How’s it feel?” Frank asked.


Frank grinned. “Good weird, right?”

“Yeah,” Nathan blew out smoke, “good weird.”

A few minutes later and Frank and he were smiling and laughing like dumbasses, talking about the stupidest shit.

“Puberty’s the worst, man,” Frank said, scratching his chin again, “it was pretty bad for me too. I had acne so bad none of the girls would come near me. Don’t get me started about the body odor either. The weirdest part, though, the weirdest shit was noticing that this girl Kimmy from my class, actually had boobs. I don’t know why I never noticed them before, they were huge. Have you noticed any girls yet?”

“Of course I have, I’m not a little kid anymoORE,” Nathan’s voice cracked embarrassingly, disproving his point. Frank broke out laughing. “It’s not funny!”

It was that this moment that Kris and her friends came back from the bathroom. Kris gave an exasperated sigh when she noticed Frank hadn’t left, which quickly turned into a gasp of horror when she saw that Nathan was smoking.

“Oh my God, Frank, are you fucking crazy?” She snatched the joint from Nathan’s fingers and threw it into the sink. “He’s thirteen years old! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Relax sugar tits. He was just telling me how mature he was. Besides, it’s just a little molly, no big deal.”

Kris’s eyes went as wide as saucers. “You gave him what?!”

Frank thought Kris’s reaction hilarious, and he howled with laughter. “Oh man, you should have seen the look on your face. The kid’s only had weed. C’mon, even a hardass like you has to have smoked.”

“I’m not like you, Frank,” Kris crossed her arms and gave him the nastiest glare Nathan had ever seen. “And neither is Nathan. Come on, we’re going.”

“Let the kid live a little.”

She grabbed Nathan’s hand and led him away from the party, away from Frank. Before leaving, she looked over her shoulder. “Stay away from my baby brother.”

Frank crossed his fingers. “No promises, darling. Hey, kid,” he looked at Nathan, “see you around, alright?”

“Yeah,” Nathan agreed, too relaxed to be stressed about his sister’s indignified gasp. She pulled him out the door and into the car, giving him a lecture on drugs and addictive substances. Nathan didn’t catch any of it.

Maybe parties weren’t so bad.

A/N Happy Birthday to me! Just a quick one-shot of how Nathan and Frank met in Exposure. An update should come soon but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this short flashback. :) 

Kris : "I'll help you, baobei..." [Smut]

He leaned back against the sofa with his hands on his book - that he wasn’t even reading. How could he possibly read when - “I’ll never reach it…” His girlfriend mumbled cutely, causing him to bite his lower lip as he closed his book - as if he was reading it in the first place, pushing it aside as he moved over to the other side of the sofa where he could see her clearly in the kitchen. It was indeed a Saturday, a day for the two of them to stay home and just relax for the most of the time but as for her, she has been wanting to clean the glass wall in their kitchen for a while now and today was a perfect day to do so - if only she was taller.

He simply smiled as he had an arm propped at the back of his head as he watched her tentively.

She had her hip pressed against the kitchen counter to reach for the glass behind it as she wiped it hard with the cloth - hoping the stains would come off and at least it came off bit by bit. The way her muscles flexed and the way her body curved just to she could have two of her arms up pressed against the glass wall, one of them using strength to clean the glass. She looked somewhat, sexy, even if she wasn’t trying.

Kris let his lips part the moment she pushed herself up with a soft grunt, having a knee on the counter while her other leg dangled off the ground. She smiled in satisfaction when she could finally reach the spot she’s been dying to reach. At first she had thought of calling Kris but thinking that her boyfriend might find this troublesome, she’d rather just do things on her own before she could join him later to whatever he was doing.

But she didn’t know he was staring at her at this moment.

He swore he felt a twitch in his pants the moment she got into such position - she looked fucking sexy now, and tempting. His eyes travelled from her head, down to her slightly arched back and down to her round, perky ass. He swallowed hard as he tried to remain calm but he couldn’t help but lick his lips nervously when she pushed herself off the counter as she stood on her two feet. She turned her body around, letting him have a free view of her gorgeous back - until she bent down to rinse the cloth in the pail beside her and he had a hard time controlling himself.

She’s doing chores for God’s sake, Kris!

Maybe she needs help… He shot up from the sofa, walking into the kitchen silently as he stood behind her. When she turned around to face the counter, she jerked up a little when she saw Kris beside her with a grin, “Yes?” She asked slightly, head tilting to the side and he shook his head, playing it cool as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “Need help?” He offered warmly and she smiled a little, letting her eyes roam around the glass where she spotted a stain at the top right end of the glass wall. “As a matter of fact, I do.”

Good. “What with?” He questioned obliviously - as if he didn’t know she needed him to hold onto her.

She pointed at the spot she was fussing over in her mind, “That spot over there - I can’t reach it on my own unless I stand on the counter but I’m afraid I’ll fall if I’m not careful. Help me?” With a nod, they moved to stand in front of the counter beside the wall. His hands rested on her waist as he hoisted her up, letting her plant two of her feet on the counter nicely before she stood up carefully. She looked over her shoulder where she looked down on Kris, “Are you alright down there?”

He looked up to her eyes before he let them move to her ass, before bringing them back up to meet her eyes. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” He chuckled softly and he gave a soft tap on her ass before he moved to hold onto her waist tight from the back. “Clean it. I’ll hold you.” He assured her and she gave an appreciative nod before she turned around to extend her arms where she could easily reach for the stain on the glass. She gripped onto the cloth as she wiped it properly - she doesn’t want to keep on standing on the counter just to wipe one useless spot on thie glass wall.

Him on the other hand, had a mental debate in his mind as he looked down, not being able to look up as he didn’t want himself to lose control. Honestly, he does want to help her but with her being obliviously sexy and a turn on, how could he resist? He doesn’t even know if he can handle it any longer as if he just lower his hands down, he would be touching the part of her body he’s been dying to touch ever since she propped her knee up onto the counter. He even regretted offering his help.

“Uh, Kris?” Her voice entered his mind and his head shot up, he was rather debating for a long time. “Y-Yes, baobei?

She chuckled cutely, “You can let me down now.” Letting his lips part involuntarily, he nodded once, taking a step back with his hands on her waist tightly - just in case she fell down. He admit he’s one horny guy, but he loves her with all his heart and he would literally break anything or anyone that could hurt her. She crouched down on the counter before she put on leg down and then the other to let her two feet on the floor.

He couldn’t take it anymore. She was done with wiping the glass, he helped her a little and now the two were free. Having his hands on her waist, he turned her around and she raised her eyebrows at him. “Hmm?”

Instead of giving her a proper answer of what’s going on in his mind, he dipped down with a smirk to press against her lips. Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt the way their lips enclosed on one another - she loved his kisses. Seeing that she was cooperating with him, he let his hands move down to land on her ass as he rubbed circles on them with his thumb, not proceeding to do what he wanted when she licked on his bottom lip - he gave her access delightedly as her wet muscle coaxed against his own. The final restraint in him had died when she sucked onto his tongue boldly, causing him to possessively grope onto her ass cheeks - hard.

She moaned into the kiss as he did so - she wanted more from him now. Her hand holding onto the cloth had slip through her fingers, into the pail beside her as she didn’t care about it when her arms went around his neck, yanking him down lower when his hands gave her another rough squeeze, nails nearly digging into her flesh. Instead of complaining of how much it hurt, she couldn’t when she loved the aggression he possessed - she found it hot. It sent the heat and lust flushing through her veins.

He sharply broke the kiss to stare down on her, his height looming over her as he looked at her with eyes blazing with lust.

“You’ve been bad.” He growled against her lips as he swiftly spun her around. “What did I do?” She breathed out curiously with her hands palming the flat, marble surface of the counter, arms extended. “You’ve been turning me on since just now. Don’t you think you deserve a punishment?” His dark voice sent sparks all over her body and straight to her core as she winced slightly. “But I-ah!” She let out an unintentional sensual moan when his hand gave her a spank. Her body jerked forward as she supported herself on the counter.

“Bend higher, raise up for me, baobei.” He demanded seductively and as if his wish was her command, she found herself sliding her palms on the counter before she leaned down to rest her arms on it as half of her body was already pressing onto the counter. He felt his erection growing even harder at the sight of her obeying to his orders. He had his hand raised up before he swatted across her ass, giving her a harsh slap and the moan that had left her lips shot into his ears like a perfect symphony. Her eyes clenched in pure pleasure as the slap he gave made her feel as if she was getting wetter and wetter by the second.

“Do you want to be punished?” He questioned hotly, hands greedily massaging her ass cheeks with her shorts covering. She let her head hang low as she moaned quietly. He groped her ass roughly when she didn’t answer but it sent rapturous tingles all over her body in an instant, “Answer.”

“Yes!” She sighed needingly and he smirked, letting his hands curve to the front where he unbuttoned her shorts, yanking it down with force and she stepped out of her shorts as he kicked it away. He grunted when he saw that he had not only removed her shorts, but her panties along with it. A trail of wetness hand leaked down her thigh and he hissed at the sight of how wet she was for him. His body leaned over hers, his chest pressing onto her back slightly as he let his hard on poke against her bare ass, “You’re already so wet…” He growled beside her ear, nipping on her ear before he leaned away.

“K-Kris…” She whined softly and he hushed her. “Do you want me to spank you?” She gave a meek nod but he wasn’t done. “Or do you want me to shove my fingers in you?” She couldn’t even answer when his hand cupped the between of her legs - he’s going to hell for being such a tease. “Or do you want me to lick your all over, planting soft kisses as I do so?”

She couldn’t even answer when she moaned loudly as his fingers rubbed against her clit. “Still no answer?”

How does he expect her to answer with what he’s doing?!

Her breath hitched when his hands retreated from her body. “I guess I’ll do it all.”

Without a warning, she had her eyes clenched shut when he gave her a hard spank, causing the kitchen to echo with the sound of her skin slapping along with that sweet voice of hers that drove him off the edge. “Ah!” Another erotic moan left her lips as she began to have difficulties in breathing with what he was doing. His hands curved to the front where a hand spread her legs further while the other pressed incredibly hard against her clit, causing her to just lie down on the counter with her head on her arms crossed. “K-Kris!” He managed to smirk when he had slipped a finger in her as he now had and arm around her waist to keep her in place.

“C'mon baobei, moan for me.” He wanted to hear more of her that he shoved in two fingers and she cried his name out in delectation and he spread his fingers in her to stretch her further - it drove her insane. “Kris, oh my god.” She breathed out in rapture when he started to thrust three fingers in her the way she liked it. Hard and fast as he pumped in and out of her with such speed. She started to lose her foot coordination the moment she felt tingles all over her body as she shook gently in his arms, finding her release in an instant the moment he curled his fingers in her. She let out a satisfied moan when she reached her climax - even if she knew that wasn’t going to be the end.

His fingers retreated from her as he sucked them dry - sweet, as always. In an instant, he had her on the kitchen counter where he stood in between her legs. “What’s the next thing I’m going to do to you?” He asked her hoarsely and she gulped, shaking her head as she didn’t know - hell, she couldn’t even remember what he said a moment ago. “I remember now.” He growled beside her ear before he showered her with kisses, occasionally licking parts of her body hungrily as he moved from her face, down to her neck. He stopped on the crook of her neck where he sucked harshly - determined to leave a love mark that claim her as his.

“Kris! G-God…” She moaned a bit louder when he licked over the fresh hickey he left on her neck. Her hands clutched onto his shoulders tight the moment he got rid of both her top and bra, down onto the floor beside the pail. His shirt was already gone as he removed it right after he stripped her - it was all getting hot. He pinned her against the glass wall behind her as he had a knee propped up in between her legs, imitating the pose she was making earlier to wipe the glass - which was dangerously near her private area. He had his head at the side of hers where he could see his hot breath was fogging the glass. “Doesn’t this position look familiar?” He murmured seductively and her eyes registered his pose - she then knew how she ‘unintentionally turned him on’.

“Y-Yes…” She breathed out meekly and he chuckled darkly, “Good.”

With that, he leaned away to let his sexy stare pierce through her. “You’re so clever.” After he complimented her, he dipped down to engulf one side into his mouth while the other raised up, gliding against her thigh, up to her waist until it reached the other side where he massaged it rapidly - eager to listen more of her voice. Her head fell back against the glass where her eyes rolled back with the feeling of euphoria in her building up again. Her hands were gripping onto the edge of the counter until she could feel that her knuckles were going to turn white with what he was doing with his mouth. He switched sides, taking in the other side in his mouth while his hand groped and kneaded the one he had in his mouth earlier.

What he was doing to her and how he always made her feel - it should be illegal.

As her breathing picked up the pace, moaning and on the edge of screaming his name for more, he was already craving for her body - aching to just fuck her here and now. He abruptedly pulled away sharply to hungrily look down on her. “Baobei, I can’t wait any longer. I need you.”

She just leaned forward as she tugged his pants along with his boxers down, to free his erection long awaited in his pants. He smirked at her gratefully before he brushed her hands away to yank it down before he stepped out of it, kicking it to the side to join their pile of clothes by the pail. “So helpful.” He grinned at her before he pulled her by her thighs, making her ass slide on the counter just so she could let her legs dangle further on the counter as he aligned his length in front of her entrance. Without asking, he simply slipped himself in her easily considering how dripping wet she was for him already.

As he pushed himself deeper into her, she had her arms around his neck tightly with her chin rested on the crook of his neck with her ragged breathing entering his ears clearly. Considering they’ve had sex only once or twice in a few months, it was normal for her to feel this immense pain in her and he understood that - which leads to why he usually prolongs the foreplay before getting into the real action. He doesn’t want to hurt her too much, even if his hormones couldn’t control themselves.

“Shh…” He hushed her when he was already deeply buried in her and the tightness wrapping around his full length was already sending him to the heavens and back down but he couldn’t move yet - he knew he should wait and that was what he was doing. He made her lean away just a little so he could dip down to let their lips seal sweetly. His hands were on her bare waist where he rubbed circles on there to make her feel relieved. 

In that very second, that mix of pain and pleasure had easily gone away, leaving her with just pleasure flowing through her veins - starting from her core as she moaned into the kiss quietly. Taking that as a good sign, he started to thrust slowly first. Delicate and calmly but as her moans grew more erotic, asking and pleading him for more, he was more than pleased to grant her wish by pounding himself deep in her until he reached the end. He swore he knew she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but the way she was clenching around him expertly drove him nuts - craving and hungry for more as he made her legs wrap around his waist while he penetrated in her forcefully, making her cry his name out - letting the delirium take over her body.

He could feel his release coming soon, and he would want her to reach it together with him.

No, he needed her to.

“Come for me, baobei.” He demanded in a rather throaty voice as he let his hand travel South where he found her clit instantly, rubbing it ferociously with his hips moving on it’s own accord to keep his thrusts short and powerful while his other hand kept her in place. The moment her hands squeezed his shoulders tight, and her mouth parted, he knew she had reached her climax when she couldn’t even find her voice to even scream, moan or at least say something.

A grunted sound that came from the back of his throat could be heard when his head fell back, breathingly calling her name after that as he shot his hot release in her while her juices coated his length - he loved this feeling a lot. The two were breathing in and out heavily as he held her in his arms while she rested her cheek on his shoulder while his hands rubbed her back where she hummed delightly into his ears. Somehow, he felt like his girlfriend was very close to a cat. She can be sexy and fierce when she wants to but when you rub her like this and pamper her the right way, she can be very cute and adorable.

“That felt nice, Kris.” She whispered shyly and he chuckled, making her lean away so he could look down on his already blushing girlfriend, “You don’t have to tell me that - I know it felt good.”

She then frowned as she looked over her shoulder where there were easily new hand prints and smudges. She faced forward only to see her boyfriend grinning at her. “Looks like someone has to clean that glass again.”

“You’re helping me.” She countered and he shook his head with a grin, pressing his forehead against hers. “Of course, baobei. But not now.”

“I’m not done with you.”

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When he sees you in your school uniform, Sehun *Smut*

Here is Sehun scenario! Tell me in my ask box which mamber you want me to write about next!

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You knocked lightly on your boyfriends dorm door. You had an argument with your mom early today and you was not in the mood to talk to her yet, so you called your boyfriend Sehun and asked if you should stay over for a while. You knew he had a day off from work and he was more than happy that you would come over. The two of you had barley time to see each other because of his chaotic schedule and your studies.

You were happy when he opened the door for you and let you in. You have not seen him in a while. He smiled to you and hugged you thigh not wanting to let go. „ Sehun… you’re squeezing me” You laughed and he let you go. Forgetting you had on your school uniform, you bowed down to take of you shoes, only to give him a nice view of your butt. Smirking to himself he walked past you and grabbed your hand to lead you to his room.

But when you were walking through the living room, Baekhyun attacked you with a bear hug. “OMG! (Y/n) how are you doing, I haven’t seen you in a while.” You smiled to him and started a chat. Soon Kai and Chanyeol had joined the conversation while Sehun was sitting at the end of the sofa, and looked at you four with an annoyed look. Kris who was walking past could not hold it and poked Sehun in his arm smirking. “Whoa.. is our mankea may be jealous?” “Oh shut up Kris.” Sehun answered crossing his arms.

You have noticed that something was wrong so you walked over to him to ask what’s wrong, but since the dorm where 12 boys are living under the same roof is not always so clean, you had almost tripped over some books that were lying on the floor. Because of you short skirt, the guys had almost seen your butt. Smirking to each other they laughed, only to make Sehun look at them with his killer look. “Yeah! What are you looking at?! Get your own girlfriend, and stop starring at mine!” “Whoa.. you’re really jealous” Kris laughed making the other boys laugh as well. Taking your hand he almost dragged you to his room, ignoring the other boys, and slammed the door behind you.

Walking over to his bed, he sat on the edge starring at the floor, and ready to get scold. You were usually scolding him if he did something like that, but this time he kind of turn you on. Walking over you sat on his lap, and give him a small kiss on the lips. He was surprised that you didn’t said anything about outburst. Sliding his hand around  your waist he pulled you closer to him. Your hands find their way around his neck, and his tongue slide across your teeth making his way into your mouth.

You were lost in to the heated make out session that you didn’t noticed that you started to grind on him, making him groan into your mouth. You could feel the bulge in his pants and pulled slowly away, blushing like crazy. You two have never been this intimate, the things between you always stopped at a kiss and cuddle. Smiling slightly to you he kissed you lips once more before he started to kiss your neck. Normally you would stop him, but this time you just lost yourself in the pleasure.

“You know, I don’t mind seeing you in your school uniform” he pulled away and looked you up and down, “but I don’t like the way the other boys were looking at you” he started to unbutton you shirt looking in you eyes. You blushed and turned away. “Baby if you don’t want to do it, then just tell me.” He whispered in your ear. It’s not that you didn’t wanted to but you was scared that you would disappoint him, or that I won’t be how he expected it to be, plus you were virgin too. Taking a deep breath you explained it to him.

To your surprise he didn’t laughed at you like you though he would, but he only kissed you on your lips and looked in your eyes once again. “Baby, don’t think like that. Only the thing that you want to do it with me, is everything I need.”  
He slide his hand down to take your skirt off, while you unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. It was the first time you saw him naked, and you were surprised, in a good way of course. He was a lot bigger then you though. Taking your shirt off, he unclasped your bra and throw it somewhere on the floor. Smirking at you lying underneath him, he started do kiss your neck and down your body till he made to his destination, you clit. Licking it he looked up at you. The pleasured was written all over your face, and it turned him on even more.

Sitting up he pulled the condoms out of his bed side table. Ripping one open he putted it on, and turned back to you. “I promise this will be the most amazing time you had ever had.” His comment made you blush and you wanted to laugh at his cheesiness, but you hold it in not wanting to destroy the mood. Sliding in, he took a deep breath before he groaned. “Oh, you feel so good baby.”
He started to trust faster when you adjusted to his size, making a loud moan escape you mouth. “Be quiet baby. We don’t want the boys to find it out. The will never stop teasing us about that.” That’s true, he had right. The boys will not let you leave after that, so you covered you mouth with you hand.

But it was not easy. Sehun started to trust faster and harder which made it hard for you to stay quite. With your arms around his neck you pulled him down for a kiss. “I’m close” you breathed out. “Me too baby.” He started to trust deeper making the two of you moan loudly of the pleasure, totally forgetting about the boys. Pulling out he laid down beside you and pulled you in to his chest and covered the bout of you with a blanket.

“That was … amazing Sehun.” “I’m glad you liked it. Just wait till our next time. I’m gonna show you how good my moves are.” And that was enough. Now you could not hold it in anymore, and just started to laughed making him pout. “What? Did I said something wrong?” You smiled to him and kissed him on the lips. “No, it’s just that I love you.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door which  made you cover yourself with the blanket even more. The door slightly opened and Baekhyun stuck his head out the door. “Umm, (y/n) you phone was ringing two times, but we hear you two was kind of busy so I didn’t wanted to disturb.” Your face became more red then a tomato and you covered your head with the blanket. “Oh btw Sehun,” Baekhyun turned around before he closed the doors “did you two had fun?” he said smirking. He started to laugh and closed the door behind him before Sheun got to throw a pillow at him.

Brazen (1/?) // highschoolgang!au

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lets give it up for Jingle

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What’s next, smoking under the bleachers? 

You thought the whole myth about gangs at school was actually a myth, but it’s your first day at this school and you’ve passed by two groups of people who all had matching jackets. One, the first group you passed, consisted of around five or so girls with these feminine letterman jackets that were a shiny gold and accented with black. You took a double take when you first saw them, thinking it was odd they wore those jackets over their school uniforms, and even odder that they were allowed to, but you kept walking to find your new locker.

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I joke about Kris a lot, but I always make sure to tell people that I love and respect him. Kris has gone through a lot to get where he is today and he’s an AMAZING artist. His humor is awesome too because he jokes with us. Just remember that there is a thin line between joking about Kris and being disrespectful asshole towards Kris. Don’t ever cross that line, ever.

For anon

Basketball Champ

You were at home with your boyfriend Kris just being lazy as you both cuddled on the couch. He had his arms wrapped around your waist as his chin rested on your shoulder. He’s occasionally whisper something cheesy in your ear making you laugh. He’d randomly start kissing your shoulder and neck and suddenly stop and then start again.

“Kris I’m bored” you said

“Hmm I know a couple of games we can play” Kris said as he kissed your neck.

“Let’s go for a late night stroll” you said as you turned around to look at him.

“Really? You wanna go for a walk at eleven in the night” Kris said

“Yeah come on it’ll be fun and you’ll be there to protect me anyway” you said as you pecked his lips making him smile.

“Fine but only because you’re so damn beautiful and I simply can’t resins you” Kris said as he kissed you once again.

So you slipped on a hoodie and a pair of sneakers before Kris took your hand and laced his fingers with yours. You both walked around the park that was close to your apartment as you laughed and talked. Kris told you about how Chanyeol and Baekhyun played a prank on Tao and how Kyungsoo and Suho scolded them which made you laugh till your stomach hurt. You told him about your day as he listened intently. The weather was pleasant perfect for a late night walk. There were very few people around so it was nice and quite.

As you were walking Kris suddenly came to an abrupt stop. You looked at him and saw him staring at something so you looked in the direction of what he was looking at. It was a basketball court. Kris had told you all about his basketball days back in Canada but you had never actually seen him play.

“Mind if I play for a while? I can show you some of my moves” Kris said.

“Sure no problem, let’s see how good you really are” you said

“Oh really? Challenge accepted my lovely lady” Kris said

You both walked over to the court as you sat down on the bench while Kris dribbled the ball. You knew exactly what he was about to do, show off. He was gonna try and impress you with all his moves and then gloat about it later. However there was something that Kris didn’t know and that was your history with basketball.

You were the captain for your high school and college basketball teams. You had won the female basketball championship all throughout high school. You were basically one of the best players only Kris didn’t know it. You loved basketball as much as he did but somehow you never told him.

“Babe watch this” Kris said as he made a three pointer

You smiled and clapped for him as you saw the cocky grin growing on his face. You watched him jump around as he tried to act all cool and suave while you just sat there and held back your laughter. You had to admit though he did look pretty cool but you weren’t gonna admit it. You were pulled out of your thoughts as Kris passed the ball to you.

“Why don’t you try?” Kris asked

“Are you sure?” You said as you stood up

“Yeah I’m sure, you want me to help you” Kris said with that smug look on his face.

“Nah I wanna try on my own” you said

“Alright but are you gonna take the shot from there that’s pretty far don’t you think” Kris said.

You just smirked as you jumped and made a three pointer. The ball went through the basket as you landed back on your feet. Kris just stood there in awe as the ball bounced around on the ground. He looked at you and you just smiled and shrugged.

“Y/n that was a three pointer how did you-I mean what did you-huh?” Kris said as you laughed.

“I was a champion basketball player, I was the captain of both my high school and college basketball team” you said.

“So we’ve been dating for almost two years now and you decide to tell me you’re a basketball player now!” Kris said.

“Yup! Pretty cool huh!” You said as you picked up the ball and shot it into the basket.

“More like hot” Kris said to himself “since you’re so good how about we have a little match, ten points, loser does whatever the winner wants”

“You’re on Mr. Wu Yi Fan” you said

“Oh we’re using full names now, that means your competitive side has come out” Kris said.

“Let’s just play!” You said

You actually had an advantage compared to Kris you were shorter, lighter and since you were also a dancer you were light on your feet, you had speed.

After what felt like hours you and Kris were finally tied. One more shot and you could win. The ball was in the air and Kris caught it but you managed to steal it away from him. This is where your speed came into use as you charged ahead of him and made a three pointer shot making you win the game.

You jumped up and down as you cheered while Kris just stood there in shock. He never thought he’d lose to you in basketball.

“And that’s how it’s done” you said

“Well played love, you have anymore tricks up your sleeves or any other secrets you want to tell me” Kris said.

“Wasn’t there something about loser does whatever the winner wants” you said.

“Fine let me have it” Kris said

“Hmm I want a…piggyback ride back to our place” you said

“But that’s so far” Kris said as you crossed your hands and raised your eyebrow “ok alright I get it”

He turned around and he got down on one knee as you climbed onto his back. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he started to walk.

“I seriously need to be careful around you, you’re beautiful, hot, funny and you play basketball” Kris said.

“Let’s not forget that I love taking and showers with you and we’re both gonna need one since we’re all sweaty” you said as you whispered the last part.

“And you’re a really tease” Kris said

Before you knew anything Kris was charging to get home as soon as possible. He definitely wanted to know what other tricks and secrets you had kept from him. Even though you won at basketball there was something else that no one could ever beat Kris at and that’s what he was gonna show you the minute you got home.

Kris : Now Show Me [Scenario; Request]

A/N : I’ve switched it up a lot but I guess there’s a part similarity to your request, anon? D: I hope this suffice with what you want, though! ♥ Enjoy :)

“What’s that?” A voice boomed into your ears as you closed the door behind you with your bum, hands holding onto a package that you weren’t expecting. “I don’t know.” You shrugged, pouting a little as you walked towards Kris who motioned you towards him. You gladly too the space between his legs on the sofa as he leaned forward, arms snaking around your waist where he loomed over your shoulder to see what was in the package as you opened it.

There was a card and of course, you lifted it up to flip it over as you read the words – this handwriting was very familiar…

‘I heard that you liked dresses like these and considering my sister went to a sale, I told her to get one for you! Hope you like it! – Suho

You grinned and put the card down, humming a little when your hands pushed aside the paper wrapper only to reveal a very stunning and beautiful red dress. It was a sleeveless dress that would cover up to your knees. There were slight frills at the bottom and it would definitely show of your curves nicely that it made you squeal, placing it over your body where you looked over your shoulder to see Kris’s gaze in which you didn’t know what to make up from.

Kris gave a weak smile, nodding his head where he muttered, “Go try it on, baobei…”

“Should I?” You asked again, looking down on the dress where when you looked over your shoulder to meet Kris’s gaze again, you could see a tinge of sadness in them – he didn’t like this at all. He didn’t like you receiving gifts from another man but considering this is from a close friend of yours, he had to say yes and allow you to receive it. How could he have any objections when you yourself have nothing to say?

Hurriedly, you put the dress back in the box and pushed it away as if you didn’t care but Kris could easily see you were doing that just to coax up to him. “I-I can give it back, Kris.”

You gulped when he didn’t reply you. Instead he just shifted on the sofa where he could press his cheek against your back, “Why should you return it?”

You cleared your throat, tucking strands of your hair behind your hair nervously, “I… I don’t really like it.”

He scoffed incredulously, “You love it to death, baobei.”

You shook your head, “N-No I don’t.”

He gave another scoff, more sardonic this time as he leaned away, pulling you off his lap where he looked down on you with a cock of his eyebrow, “Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t like that dress.”

Your lips parted to say you didn’t like it in his face but his eyes widened in expectance, knowing you can’t say it to his face even though you wanted to – he was taunting you because he knew you couldn’t anyway. You sighed and looked away, “Fine… I do like it…”

“You love it.” He corrected you quick and you huffed, crossing your arms before you sunk your body in the sofa, “Fine! I love it…”

“Just keep the dress, alright?” Kris sighed, getting up from the sofa where he wanted to walk towards the bedroom but you held onto his hand, “K-Kris…”

He wanted to say something but then your phone vibrated on the table. Your hand let go of Kris’s as you moved over to reach for your phone where you let out a stressed ‘aish!’ at the caller ID. Kris crossed his arms in front of his chest where he shook his head down on you as he already could tell who was calling. “Who is it?” Kris asked, even though he knew who it was.

“N-Nobody. Nobody at all.” You stammered, hands shoving your phone behind your back where it made Kris mutter, “Just answer the call.” With that he headed towards the bedroom and you groaned, hands rubbing your face with your phone still behind your back.

 How was this even your fault?

Sighing, you pulled your phone out where you answered the call, “H-Hello?”

“Hey!” He chimed and you could tell how wide his smile must’ve been. “Did you get the dress?”

“Y-Yeah…” You mumbled nervously while Kris was just lazing on the bed, an arm draped over his eyes as he didn’t like it that Suho got you a dress. Sure, he was a close friend but, out of all the things he could’ve bought – a dress?

And a dress that revealing?

What is he suggesting?

“Do you like it?”

You sighed and knew it would be hurtful but you said, “I… I can’t accept the dress, Suho…”

He frowned on the other end, bombarding you with questions regarding on the dress but you could only clarify, “Kris doesn’t like the fact that you’re buying me this and… I can’t accept it, Suho. It’s really beautiful, though.” You felt a deep kick in your gut when you realized you had to return it even though you liked it a lot. He sighed and nodded in understandment, “Shall I come by to collect it now…?”

You smiled and nodded, “Yeah. That’ll be perfect, Suho.”

Kris flinched when suddenly you threw yourself on the bed without a care, startling him as he was reading a book. He looked over to you where you buried your face in the pillow – not wanting to look at him. “So how was the call with Suho?” Kris asked, eyes moving back to his book but he frowned when he didn’t get a reply from you. He nudged you with his leg at your thigh, “Hey, I’m talking to you.”

You huffed and rolled on your back until you stared at the ceiling. He felt a tug at his heart, feeling bad that he had shown such reaction at Suho giving you a dress but he couldn’t control himself. After thinking for a while, he decided that he should just allow you to keep it. You glanced over to look at Kris and with a small ‘hmph’ you just shifted on the bed where you let Kris look at your back as you closed your eyes to take a nap.

Kris frowned and wanted to call out for you but you warned, “I’m taking a nap.”

He sighed and leaned back against the bed rest, eyes still locked on your figure that wanted to sleep but he knew that you didn’t want to – it was just an excuse not to talk to him. “I know you’re not sleeping.” He clarified, hands closing his book where he set it to the side; all when he was still staring at you.

Merely a few seconds after, you got up from the bed and walked around the bed to leave the bedroom, muttering softly, “I can’t sleep.”

Kris didn’t know to frown or even laugh at how cute you were but based on how you wouldn’t talk to him made him push himself off the bed, trailing behind you where he had followed you to see you sit down grumpily on the couch as if you didn’t have a backbone with your fingers flicking the channels as if there were nothing to watch but heck, all of them were your favorite shows.

He walked towards you and sat down beside you on the sofa where he noticed the box that was on the table earlier was gone. He pointed at the space on the table, “Where is the dress?”

“Where do you think?” You snapped unintentionally, realizing that you had just snapped like that, you lowered your tone, “Suho came and took it back after I told him to.” You muttered quietly, fingers still pressing next and next and next that it made you switch the TV off just to put the remote down on the coffee table. Kris flinched, but he realized that you were probably just moody now because of him. He felt guilty, now. He should’ve reacted differently or at least just push his feelings aside as he knew how much you liked that dress. “I’m going to sleep.” You mumbled, walking past Kris who had shifted back on the sofa to give you space to walk when you had went back to the bedroom, really falling asleep this time.

Kris groaned and let his head fall back against the sofa but suddenly, a plan popped up in his mind.

“Baobei, wake up. We’re going for dinner.”

You grunted but huffed, rolling away from him just to groggily reply him, “Go eat by yourself… I want to sleep.”

He sighed but continued to bug you, shaking your shoulders, legs and thighs along with your hands just to make you wake up. You tried to ignore it but his shakes got more vigorous, making you open your eyes where you nearly glared at him but you kept it together, “Can’t we just eat at home?”

He shook his head with a smile, making you frown a little as you stared at him weirdly even though you just woke up. He sat down beside you on the bed, placing a box on your lap where it made you grow suspicious. “You’re wearing this tonight.”

You pushed the box away, “I don’t want to wear it.”

He gawked, “You don’t even know what it is!”

“I know it’s that dress Suho gave me.” You blurted out in one go, making Kris widen his eyes but he gulped after that, stammering, “I… I bought it from him…”

It was your turn for your eyes to pop open where you stared at him in disbelief, “What?”

He sighed and took the box to put it aside where he shifted closer, holding onto two of your hands where he stared down on them thoughtfully, “I’ve thought about it long and hard and… I realized that I shouldn’t have acted like the way I acted. Since I didn’t want Suho to feel bad, I apologized when I called him to come over again. With that, I made him accept the money for the dress just so you get to keep it. With me paying for it, this time.”

You couldn’t even say anything as he framed your cheeks, lifting your face where he smiled at you apologetically, “I’m sorry, baobei…”

You managed to break out into a small smile, glancing at the box before your eyes locked on Kris’s. “Thank you, Kris…”

He leaned in to kiss your lips for a few seconds, breaking it just to whisper on your lips, “Now get dressed and show me how good my baobei looks in that dress.”

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