kris clever

April 13th-26th Workout Schedule and Progress

Hello, past two weeks! 

Favorite workout: I really liked the simplicity of the descending ladder of overhead squats and dips on the 21st. Also I was not quite expecting to feel the burn as much as I did on the 24th with the conditioning bit of sit-ups, dumbbell snatches and front squats. Really killer, but in the best way possible!

Most challenging: Running the 5k fo-sho. Damn hills. 

Achievements: PRing my distance in the 30:00 row on the 23rd, and feeling rather good afterwards. Also coming up with “creative” ways to do bodyweight work while home from the 19th to the 20th, taking the time to break down my clean and jerk form on the 23rd, too. I can now do a 12:00 EMOM of 2 back squats at 155 lb, whereas in September I had a hard time building up to a 5RM of 160 lb.

Weaknesses: Wanting improvement to come too quickly? (Isn’t that a given?) In all honesty, I would say not stretching enough, but I had an epiphany that mobilizing helps me way more than static or active stretching ever could, and I do that anyway. So being impatient in general. 

Questions: Should my programming be split into lifting heavy with one muscle group, and doing endurance with another? So strength-oriented movements for legs in one day and conditioning for arms/back/core/everything else? Is this a shortcut to getting stronger and better at CrossFit, since the fast twitch muscle fibers are being isolated in one region and slow in another? 

Goals for the Month: I’m in a love-hate relationship with strength and just need to embrace it with open arms. Getting stronger has been my goal for such a long time, and I need to get it in my head that the only way to get point A (sort of swole) to point B (awesome massive gains) is to lift heavy, lift often and lift intensely. Much easier said than done!