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I wasn’t kidding when I said that I have an Empress Alexandra doll in almost the e a f same costume as the show. Had a matching Anastasia doll to but sold her a few years back to help pay for college (bad choice)
If anyone has an Anastasia of the same brand, (Kris and co.?) or maybe even the one I sold on eBay awhile back, let me know, I’m interested in buying the doll back

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So people have been using the fact that since there's so many instances of members leaving from each SM group that there is something wrong with SM. I wonder about this too, is there something wrong like they're too restricting or is it just because they're such a big company with so many artists and the idols have so much money and success that they think they can leave and do whatever they want?

In the case of Hangeng, that was misuse of talent.

In all other cases, I see it in a completely different way. All those kids that broke away from SM or are no longer in SM groups have gone through rigorous SM Academy training: JYJ for so many years, Jessica for seven years, Kris for five years.

In essence, SM built these kids from the ground up to create superstar multitainers. The problem with that is that once you make these kids that talented, they start getting approached by all sorts of different people who talk sweet things into their ears, or they get greedy about other things that they could be doing.

In the case of JYJ, the offer of possibly more money and creative freedom was amazing for them since DBSK did admittedly go through some awful times to get to where they were at the top of the industry in 2008/2009. Obviously, they hadn’t banked on a lawsuit being enough to make the whole K-Pop industry turn against them.

SM clearly had plans that follow a broad but strict schedule that has proven to work. Make the group brand name popular and push individual members afterwards to cash in on the brand name. Kris couldn’t wait. Again, being fresh out of the Academy, he was an easy target for someone to come along and try to poach him… or for his mum to go around looking for headhunters.

If anything, it’s evidence to suggest that SM makes talented stars a little too arrogant and impatient, and that their Academy system and branding/marketing post-debut is that good, that there are outside forces willing and able to try to snipe SM talent.


Krisyeol Matching Each Other -requested by Anon


EXO for KOLON SPORT’s ‘MOVE-XO’ CF (Full Version)


EXO donned a layered monochromatic styling with dark structural coats and jackets from the latest 2014 Fall Winter collection of South Korean menswear designer, Byungmun Seo. As seen at 2014 Fall Winter Seoul Fashion Week Opening Ceremony, 140321.

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Givenchy Weibo Update 150511

This May, Wu Yifan attended the New York Met Gala 2015. During this trip, Wu Yifan roamed the New York streets wearing the Givenchy 2015 Spring collection. He naturally exhibits the attitude that young people have towards fashion; reflecting both Givenchy’s avant-garde fashion and exquisite details and displaying a vibrant and unique essence of the brand. 


EXO’s Pop Up Store at the 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Products on offer are EXO football t-shirts printed with the member’s date of birth in white (EXO-K) and grey (EXO-M), ‘Kiss & Hug’ logo badges in black and red, and on spot customisable tote bags with letterings of your choice.

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