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Kris Wu Endorsement

Brand Spokesperson

Tencent YingYongBao 腾讯应用宝

TongYi Iced Tea 统一冰红茶

MengNiu Naite Milk 蒙牛奶特牛奶

MengNiu DiLan ShengXue Ice Cream 蒙牛蒂兰圣雪冰淇淋

Adidas Greater China Region Spokesperson 阿迪达斯三叶草大中华区代言人

Maybelline New York BB Cushion 美宝莲巨遮瑕空气轻垫BB

Tencent Game WeFire 腾讯首款3D枪战手游《全民突击》明星队长


Saky 舒客


DELL 戴尔中国

Mercedes-Benz Smart 奔驰Smart


Brand Promotion

Beats by Dre

Lancome CC Cushion 兰蔻气垫CC霜

Phoenix News 凤凰新闻客户端

Credit: 吴亦凡吧-KrisBar