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Exo’s Reaction - You Getting Hate From Another Girl Group Because You’re With EXO

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Xiumin - *He’d be sensible about it and would confront them face to face and kindly tell them to leave u alone*

Lay - *He’d find that really harsh of them to be like that towards you and it it comes to it, he’d ask them to mind their own buisness whether you’re with him or not*

Kai - *He’d get so annoyed with them but would try to prevent you from hearing them as much as possible and would defend you*

Suho - *He’d hate it as much as you though he’d try to get you to realize that he loves you no matter what they do*

Kyungsoo - *He’d try reassuring you the best he could that they’re just plain jealous of you*

Tao - *He be like sehun and be as sassy and bitchy as possible to get across the fact he wasn’t happy with them*

Chen - *He’d be so stubborn as sassy towards them and would actually burn them if they step out of line*

Kris - *He’d be so blunt about it towards them and would say how let down he was with the way they were acting towards you*

Chanyeol - *He’d be civil about it and would kindly ask them what their problem was with you and if they could stop giving you hate for no apparent reason*

Baekhyun - *He’d try make the situation less negative and would show you off, and would show that he and you don’t care what they think*

Sehun - *He’d probably slag them off to you and being really bitchy about them so you felt way better*

Luhan - *If he needed to, he’d tell them straight but otherwise he’d tell you to ignore them as they were being utter bitches who don’t know how to mind their own businesses*


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Devoid of Color

This one shot is heavily based on Colors by Halsey. I haven’t written a one shot in years and this is my first one about any Kpop star. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading! 

Pairing: Kris Wu/Reader

Plot: You and Kris have been in a relationship for years, but his departure from Exo leads him to some dangerous habits. As you try to help him, the truth comes out.

Warnings: Drug Use

!!The gif used is not mine. All credit to it’s rightful owner!!

“I just can’t do this anymore,” he sighed as he popped another little blue pill in his mouth. “Nothing feels good anymore. 

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Headhunt (1/?)

more hazard, now with kris. 


It’s best to just do what you’re told and stay quiet.

It’s not every day you get fired.

It’s also not every day you get hired at one of the top corporations in the country. Granted, you’re a secretary again, but it pays far better than your last job. Your previous company went bankrupt, leaving you jobless, but within the week there was an opening that you qualified for. You didn’t even have to go in for an interview, just sent them your resume and within 24 hours they called to tell you that you got the job.

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Kris lights a blunt and takes a drag. She holds the smoke as she offers it to 'Fraidy Hat. @conflictofinterestsrpblog

“Wh-what i-is that…?”

Exo Reactions To Them Trying To Tell You That They Want To Have Kids With You

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Baekhyun: *babysitting Candy, purposely stuffing the dog in your face & smiling* “Look how cute. You know what else is cute? Babies.”

Chanyeol: *smiles mischievously at you when you find a baby onsie in your sock drawer* “Oh, how did that get in there?”

Chen: *starts singing children’s songs randomly anytime you’re around him, then looks at you pointedly*

D.O.: *you catch him staring at you* “You’re so beautiful. I hope our children will take after you.”

Kai: “We should have kids. What do you think?” *blunt*

Kris: “I think I’m at that point where I’d be a good dad… Don’t you agree?” *not so subtle hint*

Lay: *nervously stammers about the subject of kids but barely manages to get a whole sentence out about it*

Luhan: *holding a friend’s baby, looks up at you & smiles* “I want one.”

Sehun: “What does this remind you of?” *hits you, trying to be childish but it just comes off as him being a brat so you end up not getting the hint*

Suho: “I think we’re going to be great parents… you know, someday.” *big smile trying to hide the fact that he’s being painfully obvious*

Tao: *just gives you little smiles because he doesn’t know how to actually say what he’s thinking*

Xiumin: *when you two are just chatting one day & you bring up kids during a  conversation, he gets all cute & squishy* “I want babies. Can we have babies? Please?”