kris bday


吴亦凡quotes; 如果可以,请允许我在可能的,有限的时间里,一直带给你幸福和快乐; if possible, please allow me to try my best, in the little time we have, to continue to bring you happiness and joy

Kris out here playin b-ball on Drake’s team and got Vin Diesel comin to show support and got everybody wonderin “Who this Asian boi w that immaculate fade that got all these fans in here??” liiiike… even exo-l’s that were still callin him a traitor 2.5 seconds ago are now claimin his ass and tryna get exo to ride on his coattails n get attention too like ik Kris is just sittin here like


#HappySuhoDay ♥ 준면아~ I don’t think any words could ever express how much you mean to all of us. Please be healthy and happy and continue to watch over the rest of Exo as the beautiful guardian angel we love. We’ll always send you strength to overcome whatever hardships lie ahead, though I’m sure you’d be able to wash them all away with your amazing water powers! Have a wonderful birthday~ We are one! 엑소 사랑하자!


Today is a very special day not only for you, Yifan, but also for all those people who loves and wants to see you reach every dream you ever had dreamed. We’re here for this awesome guy whose heart is beautiful and bigger than everything. We’re here to support you in every decision you make and every step you want to take. This year wasn’t easy for any of us, but when we see every single smile on your face, we remember that it can’t be always easy, but we will never give up and we will fight together for your happiness, because when we are seeing your smile, we remember how much you’re precious and deserves everything good in this whole world. You’re so strong, and no matter what people says, your fans are here to show to everyone who dares to say bad things of you, how much hard work person you are and how much you put effort in everything you do. We love you so much, Fanfan. Acting, singing, rapping, modeling or just being that silly guy that sometimes hides behind that cold image, we just want you to be happy. We miss you more than everything and we can’t wait to see your movies and listen to your albums. Thanks for being this person that made everyone fall in love at least once. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces when things sometimes are hard and for never forgetting us. Thanks for everything that you’ve done, we’ve learned a lot with you. We’ve learned to never give up and always look up for our dreams, no matter how difficult it is. You really are the most brilliant star in the whole universe. Happy birthday, baby. Your journey it’s only on the beggining. [W]ith [Y]ou [F]orever.