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白菊 | Truth

In “Hanakotoba” white chrysanthemum represents truth. 

I draw so much Kris that I often neglect the other Gavin. 

*Pets Klavier* I’m sorry…….I’ll try to draw you more in the future _(:з」∠)_ 


Imagine going on a date with Kris

I would die. (of poisoning lol)

Attempt 3 of VeeGetBetterAtSceneryBecauseYouNeedToFaceYourFear project

Less scenery this time but I think lighting and dating Kristoph is just as important :) :) :) :) 

I NEED to draw more pony tail Kris. He’s hot with the drill but pony tail is LETHAL. 

Earlier this week husbando’s D4 charm came! After months of waiting he’s finally home! I made a short comic about this experience here


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Klapollo 41 with a smidge of angst :)

41. “You did all of this for me?”


Klavier couldn’t help but feel just the tiniest bit neglected. 

Apollo just up and left for Khura’in without so much as a courtesy call and whenever Klavier tried to speak with him recently, he said that he was busy and had to go between five and ten minutes after answering the phone.  Deep down, Klavier knew he had little right to be so angry; he and Apollo weren’t a couple, despite how much he adored his Herr Forehead.  He had believed that there was some mutual pining, but all of this just shouted to him that he had misread their little dance as something more than what it apparently was. 

His go-to person to hang out with was now Simon, but the man was currently on a very high-profile and thus busy case, leaving him with little to no time to spend with Klavier.  And when Klavier was alone, he found himself looking at old family photos, his eyes and thoughts lingering on Kristoph. 

He even tried going down to the prison to visit his brother when he was at his loneliest, but after waiting for about a half hour, a guard came in to tell him that Kristoph refused to leave his cell after asking who wanted to see him.  Apparently, after the guard said “Prosecutor Gavin,” Kristoph laughed and mumbled about his “traitorous little brother” over and over again while going back to the book that he had been reading. 

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Dedicated to those like me who can’t choose between KristON or KristOPH

I got perfect on my anatomy quiz this week so I treated myself to some quality fun time…by doing more studies!!!! ART STUDIES! 

You know you’ve reached that level of love and dedication for art when “studies” are FUN. 

School is busy right now but I’m scheduling time for art whenever I can~ I want time to paint everyday but I must maintain quality in both art and science! VEE FIGHTING! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

Kris as Your Boyfriend

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  • First thing he said to you was “you’re not my style.” 
  • But surprise you’re still not his style after six years of being together. He reminds you about that fact all the time, but you’ve given up on trying to be his style after the first year. 
  • Still gets child support letters from Suho but ignores them cause “child support isn’t my style.” But after you yell at him he (reluctantly) pays for it.
    “When’s Sehun’s birthday?”

  • tried drawing you a picture of you but it looked like he did an abstract portrait of a horse. He was very proud of it for some reason. Even framed it over your bed. 

  • When he tries to be cool you always poke him in the side and watch him jump forty feet in the air screaming.  Keeps things interesting. Especially since his scream sounds like a goddamn car horn. 

  • Always matches his hair with Kai for some reason. You try not to question his ways of parenting, although they are quite strange. Especially when Kai came home on his designated visiting weekend with dreadlocks and then not even two hours later, Kris shows up with dreadlocks.  He thinks he’s being a cool dad by doing that, but in reality he looks like he’s trying too hard. 

  • You eventually told (begged) Suho he can keep Chanyeol at his house after hearing one too many impromptu Two Moons duets.

  • The galaxy trend? You best believe he jumped on that bandwagon. He once walked out in the streets in head to toe galaxy and got stopped by a scientist who worked for NASA to see what kind of supernova was on his hoodie. 

  • “It’s the Yifan Galaxy.” 
    “I’m actually going to kill you.” 

  • At the beginning of the relationship he said he wanted to have a do-over at being a parent. He wanted to make sure his next kid was loved and didn’t judge him. He was dead set on the idea too, making sure you two bought a house with an extra room for potential children and even decorating the room to be a nursery. He even bought a stroller for the baby so that he could never leave Kris’s sight for a minute. You found the whole thing super cute and loved how much he cared about being a family man. 

  • However you didn’t expect your new “child” to be a stuffed white alpaca named Ace. 

  • Neither did Suho when he first met “the little guy”.  Conversation sort of went like this:
    Suho: “Awww what’s the babies name?”
    Kris: “Ace!”
    Suho: “lemme see the little gu- oh.”
    Kris: “Isn’t he cute?!”
    Suho: “Adorable….” 

  • After that Kris tried to negotiate with Suho on taking Ace for some weekends cause “it’s important for Ace to know his brothers.” Suho kinda looked at you for help at the same time you also looked at Suho for help and you both had this moment of “oh shit he’s serious.”

  • You just kinda roll with whatever at this point. Nothing really phases you anymore. Kris at this point could break up with you and re-marry Suho and take Ace with him and you’d probably just laugh in his face and continue to make him (and Ace) breakfast.