Exclusive! Wu Yifan wrote a letter to a 14 year old girl from Fuzhou who is Diagnosed with Cancer

Haidu News 18th Anniversary Plan: Borrow a year of my life to wait for my father to come home

The cancer patient said: “Before my hair falls out, I want to see my father.” The Fujian Provincial Bureau of Prison approves Xiao Jie’s request and releases her father to visit relatives. The girl who’s diagnosed with the terminal stages of cancer met her father in the hospital room.

Wu Yifan is born in 1990, joining SM Entertainment and debuting under the band, EXO. In May of 2014, he left the group and returned to China, later releasing music singles and acting in movies, being called “little fresh meat” by many people.

Fourteen year old Xiao Jie is a fan of Wu Yifan. She expresses that she likes Wu Yifan the most. Today, the reporters and Wu Yifan studio will help her make her dream come true. 

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Exo reaction when you ask them/ go to buy pads

Sehun:*sees someone he knows* Shit shit, I need to get rid of the evidence! where should I put it?. *throws the pack of pads somewhere on a shelf* 

Kai:*stutters with his answer after you told him* You…. you…want me to buy you….pad…pads?

Tao: Don’t worry princess Taozi got this. You can count on me.

 Kyungsoo: Y/N:Why are you blushing? are you embarrassed?

A little bit, I…I mean they are pads and I’m a guy and I’m a little bit embarrassed, I mean, a little…just…

Chanyeol: Lady from the store: So your girlfriend needs them?no action for you in the next couple of days?

Why are you so mean with me? stop it before I will start to cry.

Chen:*picks one box and heads for the cash register* Why the fuck not, she made me buy worst things than this.

Baekhyun:*the guy from the cash register is starting at him* They are for my girl, she is in pain so…….can you stop staring at me? it’s uncomfortable since I’m the one who’s buying pads.

Lay:*can’t find them so he asks a worker* Do you know where I can find the pads? I’m new to this so…

Suho: There is no other option than me going right? I was just checking.

Kris: Y/N:Do you mind going to the store to buy me some pads cause I’ve run out and I’m to lazy to go. Thanks sweety.*leaves the room*

*has to other option that to go*

Luhan:*as he listen to your story of why you can’t go yourself at the store* Yeah, right! sorry sweety but I’m to manly to be seen buying pads. 

Xiumin:*as he looks at the so many types of pads* Omg why there are so many types? aren’t all the pads doing the same thing?

Kyungsoo + Angry Bird

Kris and Chen were playing with the Angry Bird toy

kyungsoo seemed to be very interested in it

He went to pick up the toy and tried to function it

trying to figure out how to function the toy

still trying..

sehun & yixing joined to be his audience

can’t stand him anymore and decided to help him


/fascinated that the bird is ‘flying’/


Lemme work it (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

EXO react to finding a pregnancy test

Xiumin: Looking in consternation at the test, he’d debate what to do before you get home. “If she has it, why hasn’t she used it yet? Unless she has it for the future and doesn’t think she’s pregnant now. But that means she wants kids soon…?”

Luhan: Seeing the test, he thinks of the future. “It’s not how I hoped it would go… Sometime in the future, with the cute little kids running around playing soccer. Just not now.” He’d wait for you to come back and tell him calmly.

Kris: He’d sit down with you, the test box in his hands. “You didn’t tell me that you were worried about this? If I’d known, maybe I couldn’t have done anything, but at least I’d be here to share in the nervousness.” He’d squeeze your hand.

Suho: He’d silently set the test down in front of you, sitting down and staring down at it, waiting for you to tell him what you want to before saying anything. He’d listen to everything before carefully picking his words.

Lay: Finding the test while he was looking for dental floss, he’d come out of the bathroom looking completely stunned and holding it in his hand. “Baobei…?” His voice would crack as he speaks. “Could you tell me about this?”

Baekhyun: He’d nervously tap his foot, thinking of the worst case scenario, trying to decide what he should do without even knowing the outcome. Startled when you come in, he’d fidget with the box. “You’re here! Um… We need to talk.”

Chen: You’d find him sitting with the box in front of him when you get back home and he’d look back up at you. “Could you go take the test now? If you’re not busy?” He’d cross his arms, trying not to let the emotions show in his voice.

Chanyeol: He’d leave the test where it is, tiptoeing around you and watching you carefully to check for other pregnancy signs. “D-do you need me to carry that for you?” He’d try to do things for you without making it too suspicious.

D.O: He’d hesitantly place the test in your hand, still holding onto you tightly. “No matter the outcome, I’m right here. You can tell me anything.” He’d kiss your cheek and look down at your hands together. “Deep calm breaths. It’ll be okay.”

Tao: He’d throw it down next to you on the couch, so frustrated. “Weren’t we always careful?! What, did you poke holes in the condom?!” He’s irrationally angry. Given some time, he’ll calm down and apologize, letting you explain.

Kai: “When were you planning on telling me that you thought you were pregnant?” The fact that you didn’t trust him with the feelings hurts him deeply, though his hands are trembling, holding onto the test with the nerves.

Sehun: He’d shove it in your face when he finds it, face hard. “You bought this for a reason. Why haven’t you used it? Go check now.” He’d sit back, impatiently and nervously waiting for the outcome, unsure of what to do.

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Sina Exclusive: Wu Yifan’s Response to his “杀马特” Look

In the most recent event of Paris Fashion Week, there are China’s popular little fresh meat:  Wu Yifan, Li Yifeng, Jing Boran, and Ma Tianyu; a group of Chinese stars that attracted many people’s attention, with their numerous handsome fashion looks that spoil their fans’ eyes. And for Wu Yifan, although it’s his first time attending Fashion Week, there’s a heated debate among people in the fashion world and netizens because his airport look is too eye-catching.

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EXO’s reaction to being dragged to the nail salon and get their nails done

rachelllo said: I tried to think of a funny request since you asked for some. Could you do an EXO reaction to you (the gf) dragging them to the nail salon with you to get your nails done and them getting their nails done too? Hope you don’t stay too bored today!

Wow, thank you so much for the sweet message :) It really made me very happy! I will try my best c:


Baekhyun: If you made HIM come and get his nails done, the rest of the EXO boys had to too for sure, cause if not, they would make fun of him. “Come on! It’s gonna be fun! Hurry!” he would tell them without knowing what they’re in for.

Chanyeol: *freezes completely* …..

Him: “get my nails done?” 

You: “Yes, you can look real pretty!”

Him: …… “Fine.” *smirk*

Chen: *deep breath* okay, okay you can do it chen. It’s just a nail salon.

“okay I’m ready.”

D.O: He agreed to go with you and also get his nails done.

Him: “What is that?” *gives death stare to the dotting tool*

You: “It’s just a dotting thingy Oppa, you don’t have to worry!”

….. *starts laughing because he’s uncomfortable*

Kai: *haven’t said a thing since you entered the salon*

You: “Kai are you okay?”

Him: *no answer, just keeps eating the free candy from the bowl*

Kris: Has also agreed to go with you, but hides when it’s his turn.

“Hushhh, I’m not here.” he says to a random lady walking past him and his hiding spot.

Lay: “Oh look at my pretty nails!” *is actually excited*

Luhan: *When you beg for him to come with you*

*eyes widen*

“ooohh, haha you- okay- uuhhhhhhh” ……..

Sehun: “It better be a good salon then, I’m not gonna pay for a saggy grandma to paint my nails, clear?” *SassyBrat mode ON*

Suho: When being asked: *GIF*

In the car: *GIF*

Getting his nails painted: *GIF*

On the way home: *GIF*


The salon lady: “Done!”

*bitch I’m fabulous*

Xiumin: *after the nails are done*

Him: “Is it just me or did it get really hot in here suddenly?” *awkward chuckle*

-secretly loves it-