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EXO Reaction - Having A Crush On Another Girl While Being With You

Hey thanks for the request @exoticgalaxyfanfan and I hope you like it. And btw, sorry for it being so late, by like a year, oops! <3

(Edit: This was really hard to write as I struggled to think of how they’d react to this situation, so I deeply apologise if it’s not that great at all)


Xiumin - *He’d feel terrible as he’d never wanted to hurt you like this, however he’d test to see how this crush lasts and if it continues and gets worse for him, he’d sit you down and talk to you in a respective manner about it and not lie about anything*

Lay - *He loves you but he couldn’t help liking another girl, but he’d try to lose feelings for her, for you. He wants you more than anything so he’s not going to change that*

Kai - *I feel as though he’d fight with himself constantly, the fact that he’d with you and you’d give him the world, and that he likes someone else. I think he’d actually distance himself a lot until you realise he isn’t right and force it out of him to which you’d talk about it to see what could happen next*

Suho - *He’d be straight up with you, and explain everything before asking what you would want to do afterwards. If needs be, he’ll cut all contact with that crush if it meant making you happy or accept that you can’t be with someone who likes someone else*

Kyungsoo - *He’d hate himself, like it would be so bad that he’d distance himself from EVERYONE, even his members. He wouldn’t know what to do but would eventually bring it up to you, with tears in his eyes*

Tao - *He can be a little bitch on times and would probably struggle with this situation, but at some point, he’d snap out of it and realise that you were everything he wanted and more* 

Chen - *This would affect him so much that he’d snap at any little thing you say or do, which to then you wanted answers why he was like this all of the sudden. He’d break down before explaining and beg that you forgave him because he truly doesn’t want anything bad to happen*

Kris - *I feel as though he’d manage to cope with this situation and would try put the crush to the back of his mind to focus on you, but if it didn’t work, he’d sit you down and talk about his situation, and ask you to be patient with him before any vast decisions would be made*

Chanyeol - *He’d probably have mental break downs at times, the fact that he got with you because he loved you now he likes someone else. He’d know it’s not right on you and would do what he’d think would be beneficial to you in the long run, even if it meant going on a break so he could figure out what he wanted*

Baekhyun - *He’d panic in desperation to find a way to sort out his situation. He wouldn’t have any idea how to deal with it at this point but to pretend as though he never feels anything for that other girl but you. But I feel as though he would slip up that he likes someone else, which would lead into an argument before any further actions have taken place*

Sehun - *He’d be blatantly up-straight about it,he wouldn’t hide if from you, as much as it would hurt him for anything to follow, as he never wanted to lose you, he’d understand that it was not fair on you, but if you’d try making him out to be physically with her all the time, then he would snap, and would leave you be to realise the situation that it was just a crush*

Luhan - *I think he’d try playing it off, and that it was just a temporary, in the moment thing. Well, he would hope it was. But if it continues for longer than he wished, he’d be up-front about it and would explain every little detail, and every word that would come out would destroy him more and more, and the last thing he’d want is to lose you*


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