EXO Reaction when you say he’s not a good kisser

Oh lord, my Ex kissed like a water fall..Definitely not sexy.

I hope you like it and it is close to what you looked for! <3

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Chanyeol: *Plays hurt and bites his lips* “ You don’t want to kiss me again?..”

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Chen: “I know you love it! Don’t talk nonsense..”

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Suho: “Am I really ‘that’ bad?” *hurt*

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Tao: “So, these Lips aren’t good?*touches them* “But they’re soft! Well..I’d kiss me..”

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Lay: “Who needs lips when I can thrust like that..”

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Luhan: *ERROR*

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Sehun: “You’re not good either, just so you know..”

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Baekhyun: “Whaaaat? Everyone loves my rectangle!” *heart attack*

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Kai: “I though you love my kisses..” *really sad*

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Kyungsoo: *mental breakdown*

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Kris: *shows you how a hot kiss should be like*

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Xiumin: *”kills you” with a toy* “I’m good!! Don’t you dare to say that again!*laughs*

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Watch where your hand is Luhan

EXO react to their baby kicking in their wife’s belly.

Okay so this is totally cheating because I told you to request this but idgaf because it’s like one of the first requests I’ve actually had the motivation and inspiration to do in a while.


He had been wanting to feel the baby kick for a while now but had always seemed to miss it. You were sitting on the couch with him one day when you felt it begin to kick. You told him to hurry and give you his hand so that you could put it on the spot it was kicking. 

“Jagi I feel it!” He exclaimed. He couldn’t contain the smile that broke out on his face.


“Baek come here the baby is kicking!” He walked over to you and let you lead his hand on your stomach. As soon he felt the kick he pulled his hand away.

“That’s kind of weird.”


He had been laying his head on your stomach for a while not really expecting much, only to be closer to you and the baby. Suddenly his head shot up as the baby kicked him. He looked at you with a happy smile.

“That’s so cute.”


“D-did it just kick?” He asked a silly look on his face. You nodded and he continued to make silly faces at your tummy talking to it.

“Hey there little thing I’m appa.”


Chanyeol couldn’t really express his feelings when he felt his baby kick. It surprised you as he was normally very vocal and expressive about his feelings. However he just sat there head in his hands.



He had been complaining that he didn’t want to feel it when you grabbed his hand and forced him to. He jerked his hand away when it kicked and began to slap his own face.

“I’m too young for this.”


He gave a smile and looked up at you from his position in front of your tummy.

“Can you believe we made that?”


He was happy to feel the baby kick it brought a large cat-like smile to his face. He gave a little laugh and stuck his tongue out.

“I bet you the baby will say Appa first”


“Kick for me please.” He said as he placed his hand on your stomach trying to coax the baby to do so. When the baby finally did he excitedly began to baby talk at it. 


“Oh baobei he kicked so hard!” He said his hand still on your enlarged stomach.

“How do you know it’s going to be a boy?” you asked giggling at him. He just scoffed.

“Trust me.”


It seemed as if the baby was messing with him. Every time he placed his hand on your stomach the baby would stop. He pretended to walk away dejected. 

When he finally got to feel it he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face. 



Just kidding

He began to give excited little shout when the baby almost kicked his hand off of your tummy.

“He or she is a little warrior!”

Enjoy everyone I know I did!!!

EXO reaction when they’re finding out you’re pregnant with triplets.

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*proud* Byun Baekhyun you were really effective that night.

But you said it’ll be only one.

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*so excited*  My Babies.

Triplets? Really? I’m so happy.

And this is just the beginning, Jagi.

Fuck yeah… I told you that my galaxy power is working.

* emotional Yixing* Everybody heard that?!! I’m going to be a father of three beautiful babies!

Triplets? It’s so amazing.

W-Wut? Three…little.. people?

*proud daddy* Don’t worry Honey. Come here.  I told you that I want a lot of babies.

Sooo… I need to buy a lot of Gucci stuff for them.

THREE?! And they’re all mine?!



I should be doing homework right now… damn


the two towers being dorks

EXO reacts to; you thinking they deserve someone better.


Look away, Y/N… Just look away, stop torturing yourself… Your eyes burn, stuck staring at your reflection with repulsion and distain as your lip begins to tremble. A hollow pulling tugs at your chest as a sob threatens to break through your controlled silence. Just look away, don’t cry, don’t let him hear. You can’t avert your gaze- as much as you try- as though having a mind of their own, they drag down your mirrored frame, over the crudely healed tears in your skin, the imperfections, the welts in your thighs…

Your fingers drag across the mirror, reaching out to cover hide them from view, as much as you wished it- it wasn’t like the magic tricks you’d seen when you were a child, when you covered the object with your palm, it wouldn’t be gone when it was taken away; nothing was that easy.

A pained choke leaves you breathless- you try to capture the noise in your palms to no avail. You grimace as you collapse with a thump, your prints marking the mirror as you fall and you rest your forehead against it. You ignore the rushed footsteps and calls, knowing you had no time to make up excuses for how you looked right now. You fucked up. He was going to realise what a ridiculous excuse for a human being you were- let alone a girlfriend- and leave.

Xiumin bursts through the door and rushes to your side, instantly dropping to his knees and pulling you into his chest- you scrunch up your eyes and bawl into his shirt, gripping at the fabric for dear life as he rubs your back.

“Jagiya? What’s wrong? What happened?” His voice sounds distraught as he ducks his head down and cups your chin- his eyes frantically searching your own for answers. You turn your head away.

“No! Don’t look at me! I’m disgusting! Don’t-” Your voice cracks off as you hide your face in your hands.

Hard sobs wrack through your body making you shake harshly. Xiumins face contorts with confusion as he pulls you back to him, holding you tightly when you try to fight away from him.

“Don’t. Don’t, baby. Don’t say that, you could never be disgusting to me. I love you, so much- it hurts me to hear you say such things.”

A devastating whine brings tears to his eyes as he strokes your arms soothingly, rocking you gently back and forth. A few minutes pass with him hushing you quietly as you begin to settle down. A heavy sigh catches his attention as he looks down at you- your once pained expression now peaceful with sleep. He lifts you with care and carries you to the bed, laying down himself and holding you to himself. He kisses your forehead and runs his hands through your hair. Maybe one day you’d be able to see how perfect you were, just as he saw you.


For months now it’d been bothering you. The looks you’d been getting from passersby, their accusing looks and disgusted glares. You couldn’t take it anymore, it chipped away more and more of your self confidence with each trip out. It was getting to the point where you couldn’t leave the house anymore- not that you would tell him, it wasn’t his fault after all; it was yours. It was your fault, if you weren’t so plain, so ordinary… maybe peoples gazes wouldn’t burn so much?

You sat sulking on your bed, your knees pulled up under your chin, arms folded around your legs as you stare out at the darkening sky. You faintly hear Luhan jogging up the stairs and face away from the door. The door opens and the steps halt, he frowns slightly as he regains composure and sits on the edge of the bed, taking one of your hands in his and rests them in the space on the bed between you.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” You bite your lip and turn you head to look at him, his sharp intake of breath reminds you that you’d forgotten you’d been crying. You should have washed your face or something before he came home. Stupid. You force a smile on your face which makes Luhan scowl. “You don’t have to fake it for me, Jagi.” You sigh and let your expression falter.

“Why are you with me, Luhan?” His head moves back slightly as he frowns, confusion at your question clear as the answer should be obvious to you, yet he obliges.

“Because I love you.” You close your eyes with a sigh.

“But, why? There are so many more interesting women out there, dying to catch your attention- why are you with someone as plain and boring as me?” His expression softens slightly as he realises you’ve been getting yourself down again. He shakes his head.

“You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met. Your smile brightens rooms, your laugh is contagious, your personality and morals are so complex in the most beautiful ways, you make me happy and I love you. I just hope I can make you feel the same way.” He lifts your joined hands to his lips and closes his eyes, pressing the lightest of kisses to your fingers. “You’re the most beautiful, intelligent and perfect women I’ve ever met, please… never doubt that.”


“Come on, baby… let me in?”

He leans his head back against the bathroom door in defeat. You’d locked yourself in there crying after you finally told him why you were so upset. He laughed in your face- obviously thinking you were joking, but also obviously not understanding how the female brain worked. Kris- darling- baby- you don’t laugh in your girlfriends face when she says she doesn’t think she’d good enough for you. Just no.

“No! You clearly think the same as everyone else does! Why don’t you just break up with me now and get it over with!?” You sit on the bath ledge staring down at your hands. How could he laugh at you? Kris groans and stares up at the ceiling.

“I don’t think that, Jagi… I was just caught off guard! You’re my world, baby girl! How could you even think that you weren’t good enough? If anything, I’m not good enough for you!” He frowns as he hears you get up and sit in front of the door, yelling at where you think he’s sat.

“Because I’m just me! I’m not an idol, I’m not an actress, I’m not even pretty! I’m just an unpublished author from a tiny village on the outskirts of nowhere! I’m no one, you’re better off without me, so just go!” He shakes his head in frustration again.

“You’re gorgeous, sweetheart. Don’t ever think otherwise. I love that you’re an author, who else can write stories out of thin air? And so what if you’re not from the city? When was that ever a bad thing?” You sigh and sit down facing the door.

“How about when you got a tick on your butt? I’d say that was a pretty bad thing…” Kris scoffs, wiping away his tears and leaning off the door, turning on his side and waiting for you to open the door.

“See? Even when you’re sad you still make everyone laugh, who else can do that?” He smiles crookedly as you unlock the door and peep around the edge. He reaches out and runs his thumb over the corner of your lip. “I love you, baby. Please don’t scare me with the "break-up” word again…“ You hold his hand and nuzzle your face into it.

"I’m sorry…” He smiles and shakes his head, shuffling closer to you.

“Nothing to be sorry for, Jagi… apart from mentioning that tick… I had memory pains.”

TAO - 

Sometimes, all you needed was reassurance, and Zitao was always willing to give it. On days where you felt gross and disgusting, or sometimes just plain useless, he’d know. He wouldn’t care if you felt like just throwing on a pair your sweats and one of his jumpers and just cuddling up on the coach- he wanted you to know that no matter what, whatever you looked like, even if you felt like rubbish- you were still loved by him. After the night you’d had, you needed to be held by him more than anything. You’d cried all night over the looks you’d gotten from girls on the street when you’d been walking hand in hand with him- it didn’t help when you got home and tried on old clothes and found they hadn’t fit. He’d told you that he didn’t care about you gaining a few pounds, he just wanted you to be happy, and not to care what other girls thought. You had him.

You let your eyes close as he rest your head on his chest, indulging in the feeling of him threading his long slim fingers through your hair, holding you tightly to him by your waist with his free hand, pressing soft kisses to the top of your head. You trace the softest of touches on his hand, the long awaited sense of ease slowly setting in as you listen to the steady beating of his heart. You sigh deeply as you feel his lips curve in your hair.

“I love you, you know that right?” You lean up to look at him, a smile on your lips. 

“I know.” He leans down and presses a kiss on your lips, bringing his hands up to cup your face. A few seconds into the kiss, he mumbles onto your lips before shifting you under him.

“Good.” He cages you with his body and continues to make you feel loved.

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i feel like i need all those gifs you say you have of them dancing weirdly, yes i look at your tags now give me them gifs girl

GIIIIIIIIRRRRLLL~ firstly, get outta ma taaags >.> xD! Secondly, you get what you wish for. SO HERE WE GO

(baekanator in the houuusee)

(and then a little rapbyun)

(you can’t have an exo dancing weirdly spam without the famous “switch light dance”)

(chanyeol, xiumin and baek ↑)

(I don’t care what you say, that IS dancing! …. well…)

(focus on kyungsoo)

(not that weird I guess butttt heheheheh)

(damn sehunnie)

(now focus on suho)