Poetry Tag Statistics May 2015

Hello, everyone. I’m late again it seems. Sorry for that.

So as usual, what happened to me last month? Well, I was flying around on business trips and was quite busy (you don’t say) and wrote that nice sonnet on the plane once that turned from dreamy landscape to zombie apocalypse in no time: Dying Light.

The lovely people that made the video game with the same name even read it and complimented me. The game itself is just amazing, the best I played this year and also stole a huge chunk of my time. Parkour and zombies. Instant win.

The next thing on my schedule is Collectormania Milton Keynes on Saturday, where I’ll be meeting with some dear old friends and also cosplaying a character I have dreamed about since I was a little child.

I have to get back to sewing the last details so I’ll leave you with the stats now. So long and thanks for reading.

Total number of featured posts: 301

  • The top 10 contributed 25.6% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 41.9% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 58.5% of all posts.
  • 174 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 1.73 times on average.
  • 51 contributors have been featured multiple times, 123 only once.

1. uutpoetry, 30
2. lzlabs, 8
3. unknowmenclature, 6
3. mikefrawley, 6
3. the-rex-ybanez, 6
6. wordswritteninsilence, 5
7. monarchalchemist, 4
7. kdecember, 4
7. inkeddiaries, 4
7. nectar-traps, 4
7. ladymycroftmansfield, 4
7. buttonpoetry, 4
7. shamanfox, 4
7. aubriestar, 4
15. archonofdarkness, 3
15. chucklingpecan, 3
15. thissometimepoet, 3
15. theboredpoet, 3
15. blankslate, 3
15. myshoesuntied, 3
15. murooned, 3
15. esn13, 3
15. wednesdayshambles, 3
15. mikeyj529, 3
15. dhritspoetry, 3

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              {in collaboration with kripigrey}

You tell me
I just wanted to reassure
That every day that you cave in
Like myself
You make inventions
Of the tiny hidden alters
In your crazy enamoured
‘o’ of your soul
Remember to remember them

i tell you
every day i go in caves
to vent out all my intentions
to desecrate the altar-natives
exposed on the sanity in my armored
entry of an ‘o’ tunneled out into the world
to forget not to forget myself in irrepressible

let me tell you
tell you let me
crave stark raving
calm calamity in 'r’ amity
braving the brave textured
tenderness in your reach
gracious breech

I tell you
Blood soaked bones,
‘r’ for remorse?
daylight sacrificed
For my earthward bound
Cascading dark force


a trio of third grey eyes peer in close like warm leaning from the mind of a woman poet beyond my imagination i am invited to collaborate with the gracious ms. kripigrey and i am moved, i hope, to words half as beautiful as hers. ever awkward<3 jillc

Poetry Tag Statistics April 2015

Another month went by! And wow, I’ve had this blog for two years now. And to fit the occasion, I also reached 1000 followers. That’s quite a lot, considering how little I post. Thank you everyone, I love you.

Except for that, I’m going through hell again, but that is ok. The Smiling Goddess is bracing hell with me as a friend and there’s little that could defeat her influence on my good mood.

Oh, definitely read The Last Spark. It’s very likely the last entry in the Smiling Goddess series and totally worth reading. Complete with redemption, katharsis and whatever you could wish for.

And now I present to you: STATS! (Also, let me take this moment to congratulate everyone for the blue tags and their splendid poetry. I heard you don’t get properly notified about blue tags anymore so take this day to celebrate the achievements of the past months. You’re all awesome!)

Total number of featured posts: 352

  • The top 10 contributed 15.3% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 28.4% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 42.6% of all posts.
  • 234 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 1.50 times on average.
  • 68 contributors have been featured multiple times, 166 only once.

1. uutpoetry, 15
2. murooned, 5
2. bobschofield, 5
2. lzlabs, 5
5. metaphorformetaphor, 4
5. mikefrawley, 4
5. raisethecurve, 4
5. the-rex-ybanez, 4
5. aubriestar, 4
5. pharmhaus, 4
5. wednesdayshambles, 4
12. labellenocturnebete, 3
12. tashtoo, 3
12. rootsandwings, 3
12. memoryslandscape, 3
12. unknowmenclature, 3
12. lookingforwisdom, 3
12. sanddollarpoems, 3
12. ofsoliloquies, 3
12. wordswritteninsilence, 3
12. ladymycroftmansfield, 3
12. ghostsista, 3
12. the-ravens-song, 3
12. trixclibrarian, 3
12. kalliope-amorphous, 3

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Amorous: Waves against damp ancient stone

in collaboration with kripigrey

I dive blindfolded
Into your torment
It is not that I don’t fear
But pain is my instinct

A torrent you are
In water strong of me
Within our body an island
Where I befriend fear
Plenty of roomy laps here
Wide enough for yours in mine

Feed a cove of solitude in this
Joining such curious bravery

From endless depth
Blue explosions
Infinite divine openings
Heaven promised
Welcome to the
Endless circle
That opens
Vortex impossibility
Succumb me
Through to
Turbulent flow
Viscous friction
Like curled toes

Her coarse
Surrendering fire
My sire
I address
Your rank
With defiant eyes
Daring stares
Thrust Authority
Against us

she is a whirlpool. she draws me in.