Krink Markers to a lamborghini! More details below:

This is a sneak-preview of what Superchief filmed at Miami Art Basel 2012. We saw our Miami fam in their hometown for once and it was amazing. We met Metro Zu early 2012 and fell in love, we gave them their first art show in NYC and we’re doing wayyy more in 2013.

Superchief is an art collective based in NYC that focuses on making our own fun, we have a history of opening DIY Art and Music Spaces in Brooklyn, supporting and working with musical and visual artists that we believe in since 2006.

The Superchief Gallery shows exciting, visually arresting and attention grabbing contemporary art for people who have evolved a strong case of A.D.D. and a good eye for something raw, something authentic, honest, and interesting. The gallery is located at 9 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side of NYC and is possible through a partnership with CultureFix, a Lower East Side institution.