I’ve been meaning to do this prompt with Krillinx18 for quite awhile after seeing teamfourstar’s DBZ Abridged Episode 51 were 18 says, “If we get out of this, I’m going to rock his four foot world.”
Well, after the Cell Games, she did get out of it so there ya go! Krillin get his world thoroughly rocked. Though to 18′s world also gets rocked by the four foot man. So….win-win?
Anyways, I got this prompt from @imagineyourotp​ you should go check them out!
Also, tagging @chestnutisland​ and @kaiserneko​ for reasons :P Enjoy!

sakura-rami-a  asked:

Could you please recommend me fan-fictions of dbz?

but of course, friend! lemme share  ;o

(I’m going to assume you are over 18 here tho, most of it is smut and stuff)

If you want vegebul, I recomend anything by Niteryde! my favorites are:

You’ll be the death of me , Change of heart , To live again (those are a trilogy!)

*In the shadows 

also, the Dragon ball stories by Darke Angelus , specially 

*From bad to worse and the two sequels

*Tell me by MajinNeda

*Five conversations between a pervert and a prude by Dr. breifs cat

If you want gochi:

*Answer in food by  ChronicallyinFlaming. (They have some pretty good Krillinx18 stories too)

*Blast from the past, Collision and Given Time by Arlia’ Devi

*Anything by DramaticFleur

I mostly just read shipping, I hope you enjoy them! ♥