krillin with hair

[My brother, talking about how Krillin is always exactly one step behind all the crazy powerful main players in the show:]

D: Imagine a version of DBZ where Krillin was like… a year and a half older.

D: It wouldn’t be a show about this OP alien race who kept unlocking new “ultimate” power levels.

D: It would just be a show about this little bald dude who was inexplicably always more powerful than every bad guy around.

D: I would watch that show.


Have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST SIBLING EVER?! ❤️

I love Krillin, and the only one thing I like about DBS is Krillin’s adorable spiky hair, so look what @greentrickster used their badass mod skills to do!  I’m so HAPPY!  And his new hair is so sooooooooooooooft!

(Now I just need to find the perfect 18 plush to keep him company because K18 makes my world go ‘round.)

The day Bra is born is the day Vegeta gets the old gang back together to become TEAM THREE STAR DADS.

“HEY BALDY check out how cute my kid is! She already broke out of her playpen three times this week! Nothing can stop her!”

“Haha that’s great man!”

“YEAH. And Gohan, listen, start training with Pan soon, these two need to start sparring!! Let’s see what a quarter saiyan can do!!”

“Uh okay Vegeta…she’s still pretty little..”


“Vegeta -”


I’m in love with the idea of these three being dads with their daughters. Having to talk about girl stuff, showing up to train one day with their nails painted with glitter, carrying sweet handbags around for them, making panicked eye contact when it’s clear none of them know whats going on, BUT ALSO being so proud watching them learn how to fight, seeing a new generation of saiyans growing up in front of them, watching them being friends together, . I’m such a softie for it.

And I want to see Vegeta being overly proud all the time.

@puppyvegeta can you imagine Vegeta dragging Grandpa Goku out to train with him teasing him forever? I CAN.

anonymous asked:

Hear me out on this one, I just got hit with this and It will not leave me alone so you'll suffer with me! But imagine it...Krillin growing his hair just enough so he can sport a man-bun...

 I’m not even INTO  this trend TBQFH,  but geesh…I just had to doodle it to see how it would look and……

Damn you Anon!!!