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“Alright Goten! Yeah! Woohoo!”
“Wow, he looks like a miniature you, Goku”
“Aw, what a little guy huh? And handsome too”

Happy Father's Day!!! 🙌🎉🎉🎉💕✨

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 Just something quick I wanted to spit out. Can I just say that I am living for the overall interactions between the Krillin family? 17 had been wondering about Krillin since his return episode in DBS so this is the first formal family get-together they had where they got to meet. Krillin was a bit nervous about meeting 17, who he last saw was a homicidal maniac that was rampaging and causing a mess of everything. Krillin being the cowardly guy he is was on edge about this whole interaction, it’s awkward everyone sans Marron is aware of it. 18 tells Krillin to not force a conversation even though he’s trying hard to be sociable and inviting. 17 even introduces himself to Marron, getting her name wrong at that. 

18 being overly dramatic says she’ll kill him if he gets her child’s name wrong again, but 17 takes this completely normally as sibling banter and Marron is unfazed and Krillin continues to be awkward about it all. Krillin was doing everything in his power to lighten the mood and make it more chill. It really just goes back to what Gohan had said before about no matter what happened in the past their teamwork had to be on point, Krillin acknowledges that despite how 17 was before that that isn’t him anymore and he’s a different person. Same with Piccolo. They’re both giving him a chance and a new lease on life when it comes to their interactions.

Their team is full of a bunch of people who are so different and started off on negative terms with one another and now they’re working together to prevent the erasure of the universe they all live in. Krillin formally getting the chance to add his 17 to his family was sweet because by the time the awkward phase has passed they’re having honest and sincere interactions and seem to come off as both humble and wanting to get along and work together. I just love that dynamic and family growth between them all. Krillin isn’t judging 17 for the person he used to be but now sees him as a member of the team and his family, Marron’s uncle, 18′s brother and his brother-in-law.