krieger family


In 2006, I broke my leg 2 days before the NCAA tournament. I was a Junior in College at Penn State. I got surgery two days later, so I would like crutch to go into a different room only like 10 feet away and I was breathing so hard. Something was wrong. I get to the hospital and they put me through all of the tests and said “Okay we need you to come back immediately.” I get back to the hospital bed. I was laying there totally in shock. I had no idea if I would live. With all of the tests, we need to put you on blood thinners. You are having a pulmonary embolism and you have multiple blood clots in your legs and your lungs. You’re experiencing many heart attacks. They said if you would’ve fallen asleep that night you most likely wouldn’t have woken up. Hearing that put a lot into perspective for me. I was 21 years old and I wasn’t sure at the time If I would live and follow through with my dreams of playing at this level or continuing playing soccer at all. Lying in that bed for the week and seeing my parents there, my friends coming in from school, my best friends, my team at Penn State. That in itself was an uplifting experience because I knew how many people cared about me.
My brother at the time was in a bit of a different place. He was struggling with addiction. During that period, he actually didn’t realize that was happening. It was actually right after that he made the decision to become sober. He’s like my mentor, he’s a huge inspiration to me. He builds me up and makes sure I realize how great of an experience this is and how great these moments are. He keeps me grounded in that and makes me realize that not everyone gets this opportunity, so I need to take it. I need to make sure I give it my all.

she gave everything for this, she left the disappointment of the olympics as soon as possible and went straight back to the spirit to carry on battling for the championship, missing out at the last hurdle is fucking heartbreaking.


SO here’s the story. I got there and went over to another parking lot to chill with the Spirit Squadron, which I’m now a member of. You know, the guys with the drums. During the tailgate Joanna Lohman came over and talked to me and I got a selfie! I sat in the Squadron’s section during the game cause I’m a member of it, and the game was pretty great, even if we lost. The Spirit went around the field after the match with a Thank You banner and when they got to where we were in the stands, Mark blew the whistle at us and we laughed, and the team all did a “We love the Squadron chant”* which was so amazing. Afterwards I went with one of my Squadron friends over to the signing are, and four players including Nairn signed my SnapBack. Then ASH WALKED OVER AND SAW MY SIGN. She took my letter that I wrote her and Ali and put it in this bag she had, then she looked at and went “That’s awesome/so cool (pointing at the shark too) and she signed it, then she grabbed the sign from me (Ali was coming down next to her), whispered in Ali’s ear and Ali looked at my sign and they both just like admired it together for a sec and I was like “Hi I made this” and they looked at me and Ali smiles and goes “Can I sign the crown?” And I was like “YEAH!” And I was like “thank you sooo much” and ALI LOOKED UP AT ME INTO MY EYEBALLS AND SMILED THAT ABSOLUTELY PERFECT KRIEGER SMILE and they left and I just can’t believe it. Ash has my letter that’s addressed to both of them so I’m sure they’ll read it. BEST. NIGHT. EVER!!! kickasskriegs kriegs-liebe