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I know you've been following the Rangers for a while as well but how was it like under Torts?

He was, is and will forever be a complete asshole. He may have the most wins of any American NHL coach, but that doesn’t make him any less of a complete disaster. 

Just like the Caps, the Rangers are pretty consistently a good team, but they just can’t get to the SCF. I think that second round loss to the Bruins in 2013 was the nail in the coffin for Torts. Rangers players just didn’t respond well to being completely berated by Torts. He’s crazy unprofessional for a lot of reasons, but he pissed off players because he liked to call out individual players while talking to the press. It was widely reported that players like Hagelin and Krieder weren’t being developed properly. 

Hank didn’t like him either and was hesitant to sign a contract extension with him as head coach. NYR’s powerplay was also an issue under Torts. It took a while for it to improve, but it has improved under AV.
Krieder on Bradbury

This pretty much nails it. Couldn’t agree more on this part:

Mr. Bradbury didn’t just extrapolate the evolution of gadgetry; he foresaw how it would stunt and deform our psyches. “It’s easy to say the wrong thing on telephones; the telephone changes your meaning on you,” says the protagonist of the prophetic short story “The Murderer.” “First thing you know, you’ve made an enemy.”

Anyone who’s had his intended tone flattened out or irony deleted by e-mail and had to explain himself knows what he means. The character complains that he’s relentlessly pestered with calls from friends and employers, salesmen and pollsters, people calling simply because they can. Mr. Bradbury’s vision of “tired commuters with their wrist radios, talking to their wives, saying, ‘Now I’m at Forty-third, now I’m at Forty-fourth, here I am at Forty-ninth, now turning at Sixty-first” has gone from science-fiction satire to dreary realism.

Mr. Krieder also has a new book out, We Learn Nothing, I started it last night and it is pretty goddamn good. It is more essay than cartoon, and smaller, but highly enjoyable.

Before this game begins, a word to Rangers fans: I mean everything I say about the Rangers, about Rangers fans, my distaste for them, for the team, for the supposed tradition the team represents. The only real Rangers “tradition” is being mediocre and overhyped because they play in Manhattan. Their fans are haughty and unbearable. Their team is deep as a kiddie pool down center. Their defense is mediocre, their goaltender is only getting so much shine this year because Price is hurt, and he’s not even as hot as they say. The Rangers are a thoroughly unlikeable team, with a combination of Manhattan Money, Long Island Trash, and Bridge-And-Tunnel Jersey Assholes who won’t recognize that the Devils are far more accomplished in far less time than the Rangers are. They are almost certainly the least-accomplished of the Original Six, a rather stunning feat considering the Leafs. Fuck the Rangers, fuck Zuccarello, fuck Lundqvist, fuck Krieder The Goalie Killer, and fuck all you. Go Islanders.