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This is The First Interactive Dating Video in Indonesia! (seems so).

Formerly 31.000 views. The video was uploaded again because yesterday there is a slight problem with the song. So sad that we have to delete the old one. But we uploaded again so it doesn’t match copyright content. Click SUBSCRIBE to let you know if there is a new video from us again later! In this 2012, we are going to produce many other video! Just be patient and wait :D

How to play :

1. This is a video that you can choose your own plot

2. Watch it on Youtube! Better you watch this in 480p/720p HD. Click the 360p button on player if its not 480p/720p

3. Watch the video, if there is a choice, just click the story you want. Rather, you have to guess which answer is correct. Enjoy the video :)

Created by KriboCrews (Benakribo + Crews)
Copyright 2011

Special Thanks to

@KuntoAjiW - Aji
@nanathnadia - Nanath

KriboCrews Are…. :


Souly Butter Kitchen

Phone: +6221-719-9985

JL. Kemang Raya No.15

Kemang, South Jakarta


Music by :
Tifa’s Theme
iMovie Soundtracks

NOTE: For those who don’t speak Indonesian, We’re sorry. This video is in Indonesian language. But don’t worry, we put the transcript, too (it’s in English). Just click on the “Interactive Transcript” button when watching the video. Use it as your subtitle.

Once again, please enjoy the video, put your comments and Subscribe. Thankyou! ;D