To My Dearest,

I know we’ve been through a lot. I know this relationship came to the point where we almost gave up on everything. Every single thing that happened between us. We broke each other’s heart. They were shattered into pieces. But, we stood strong. We fought the hardest battles ever. At first we thought that we will not get through this but in the end, we won. We won each other’s heart again and continued what made the both of us happy, being together.. And never leaving each other’s side. I would like to say thank you so much for not giving up on me. I know I am hard to understand.. And I know I am also stubborn and careless. I have lots of flaws but you accepted me wholeheartedly for who and what I am. And that’s one of a hundred reasons why I have fallen deeply inlove with you.

I am not an expressive girl. I have different ways to say ‘I love you’. I say it by punching, pinching and slapping you. I know it hurts, a lot maybe? You know I love you very much, that’s why I hurt you. A lot, physically.

You know I am very happy when I am with you. I am happier than the happiest girl in this world when you’re around me. I feel special whenever I am around you. When you sing me a song, it feels like my heart is going to explode. You make me smile even in the simplest ways. Even hearing your name gives me butterflies. You are the guy every girl in this world dreamt of. Smart, handsome, has a good sense of humor, gentleman, talented. What more could a lady like me ask for? You are one of kind, my angel. I love you very much. And I know this love will last forever.. Because you’re the only person I want to spend ‘forever’ with. The only person I want to father my future children. The person I want to grow old with. We will make it. I know we can. I love you. jea

[KRGC] - Projeto Ressurreição // project Resurrection