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Hii, I just wanted to let you know that you're so precious omg i had so much fun with all those asks you're such a nice person



1999 Formula SCP11 Platz

Drift private car

Black head for engine ··· 180SX SR20DET

S15 Spec R genuine 480cc injector

S14 genuine turbine

S15 genuine airflow

KRF current car CPU

Evo 8 genuine intercooler

Yashio pink radiator

SF5 genuine electric fan

TRUST Purofekku (1k)

K11 genuine fuel tank

Blitz fuel pump

Drive system and braking system … 5-speed transmission for the SR20

Unknown strengthening clutch

RPS13 Perak shaft (2 axis 35mm short)

Nismo LSD (4.1)

HCR32 Dorasha

Fr C35 5 hole hub

Rr HCR32 5 hole hub

HCR32 brake

Underbody ··· RPS13Fr strut graft

RPS13Rr multi-link transplant

For TEIN HE harmonic drive 180SX

S14 steering rack

C35Fr knuckle

C35Fr lower arm

Unknown Pirro tension rod

Rr suspension tower production

S13 steering column ASSY

Interior and exterior ··· HCR32 floor tunnel transplant

Brid zeta

DUCE R32 front bumper breaks

Tundra R32 side step breaks

Mark 2 Brit genuine rear under spoiler

RPS13 genuine meter

Four additional meter (boost, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure)

Tundra pink all painting

Pink film full

Tire wheel ··· Fr Circular (8J-17, + 35)

Rr disk Monde (8J-17, + 8)

Fr ATR Sport (205-40R17)

Rr ATR Sport (205-45R17)


This past weekend, Draugar Vinlands attended the King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA. We had a wonderful time showing off our skill sets and armor, as well as perusing the various shops and forged that were set up. After being asked several different times, we decided to enter the costume contest and ended up winning the group category, and afterwards took pictures with some of the other contestants, including a Valkyrie (how exactly does one refuse a request from one of Odin’s warrior messengers?). We had a very enjoyable weekend all together, full of fun, friendship, fighting, and feasting, enough to make all the gods proud. When you next see us, it will be at our regularly scheduled practices and sparring.

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kRF: hi gamer~ *teleports but trips* ahh!~

(when you end up coming into the room you did not realize that gamer wasn’t there but instead there was Cassie)

Cassie: oh shoot Riverfrost are you OK!!! *Reaches her hand out to pick him up*