Taste of the season at Mann

Photo by Craig Cramer

Study break options at Mann have gotten a bit healthier thanks to a new addition to the library lobby: an apple machine. Once housed in the Plant Sciences Building, the unique vending machine has been recently relocated to provide crunchy munchies in a more highly trafficked area. As reported in the Horticulture blog, the machine is managed by members of the Society of Horticulture for Graduate Students (SoHo) (including Ph.D. students Jeremie Blum and Annika Kreye, pictured above), who pick the apples at Cornell Orchards and use the proceeds to fund guest speakers, purchase academic supplies, and support education, outreach and other activities.

Speaking of apples, the Orchards store opens for the season today! Hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can read up on which varieties to expect, when, and their best uses, in this handy guide.

“When I was young, a teacher had forbidden me to say "more perfect” because she said if a thing is perfect it can’t be more so. But by now I had seen enough of life to have regained my confidence in it.“ - Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It
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T-Vice Nòt Près (Kanaval 2016, Tvice pa ladann)
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Nòt Près T-Vice ta renmen remèsye Komite Nasyonal Kanaval la ki te reyitere envitasyon li bay ekip la pou li te patisipe nan Kanaval 2016 la. Gwoup la te travay san souf pandan yon mwa pou yo kreye yon mizik kanaval ki se petèt youn nan pi bon nan lis djaz la. Gwoup la te vinn Ayiti nan preparasyon pou twa jou gra yo ak repete san rete pou satisfè tout fanatik li yo. (more…)

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John 1:13 translations


– children not born by human parents or by human desire or a husband’s decision, but by God.

en to ur:

– بچوں کی انسانی والدین کی طرف سے یا انسان کی خواہش یا ایک شوہر کے فیصلے کی طرف سے خدا کی طرف سے پیدا ہوئے، لیکن نہیں ۔

ur to zh-CHS:

— — 孩子们的人类父母或由人类的欲望或丈夫的决定,但上帝创造的由不。

zh-CHS to fi:

–Lapset ihmisten vanhemmat tai ihmisen halu tai miehen päätös, mutta jonka Jumala on luonut ei ole.

fi to ar:

–أطفال الآباء الشعبية أو رغبة البشرية أو قرار الرجل، بل أن الله قد خلق غير موجود.

ar to de:

-Kinder von Eltern oder menschlichen Wünsche oder Entscheidung des Menschen, sondern Gott schuf nicht vorhanden.

de to ja:

親や人間の欲望の子供たちや人々 が、神は作成の決定が存在しません。

ja to ht:

Paran ak moun move lanvi nan pitit, osinon moun Bondye pa egziste kreye desizyon.

ht to mww:

Cov niam txiv thiab neeg saib xyuas uas siab nyiam rau cov me nyuam los yog cov neeg uas tus tswv yuav tsis nyob ua ib ke sau cov kev txiav txim siab.

mww to en:

Parents and guardians who desire for their children or persons who cannot exist by filling in the decision.