Let me start off by saying check with your doctor before you take this, most beauty measures are not worth risking your life!

Review #7 - Hair, Skin, & Nail Care - Biotin 10,000-5000 mcg

You can buy these almost anywhere they have vitamins Walgreens, Whole Foods, Target, GNC, Walmart, CVS, etc. 

Cost - For the 90/10,000 mcg you pay $15 and for 110/5,000 mcg you pay $7 but it also depends on where you shop and what strength you want.

Overall - 3 out of 5 ★★★

Review - This is a super quick add on to your daily life but it’s totally worth it to make your nails longer and stronger, hair lush and shiny, and skin smooth and supple. Every night around dinner time take one of these Biotin pills with a glass of water and thank me in a few weeks.

Every girl wants to have the mermaid effect when she climbs out of the pool this summer so start growing your lush locks now <3 If your nails get brittle and bendy this will make them feel like a shellac mani pedi 24/7 and if you want pretty soft hands skin for the summer this is your life saver.

The reason it got 5 stars is because I like fast results and this takes a little while for you to see it’s working….

Barbie Buy? For beginners, I think you should start 5000 mcg every other day and work your way up to the 10,000s but

  • this is how I have thick lashes and brows,
  • this is why my nails are so long even when they’re not fake,
  • this is why my skin stays and looks so healthy
  • this is why i don’t break out and I don’t scar easily

It’s like $10, for half a twenty you can’t go wrong

Before and After 

External image

[WIN: Who Is Next?] Why should Team A take the name of « WINNER » ?

As we getting near the end of the show with just two episodes to come, 1OFA-K’s Rose and Farath split their hearts and root for their favorite team. Last to go is Farath !

  • Mino was a known underground rapper and SeungHoon had some talents for writing. They both give some sort of unique charisma. But being in YG gave them the guts to overdo themselves. I think they can pull off strong and slow beats. Plus i can’t get enough of YG duo rappers (Jinusean, GD&TOP, Tablo&Mithra, B.I&Bobby…).
  • Nam Taehyun/Kim Jinwoo/Kang Seung Yoon trio can pull off some good harmonies. I think they still need to be confident on stage but in the future they will be known as strong vocalists. Always keep an eye on the challenger: Kim Jinwoo will surprise us. Seungri’s style !
  • If you look back to episode 1, Team A showed off diverse genres. To R&B to Pop to Hip Hop. The only thing that made them lose was their lack of unity and confidence compared to Team B. But never have i heard that they sang off key or that their rendition was bad. I think they understand how to mix all the genres they like. 
  • Team B may be adorkable and cute as isht (pedo-noona behaviour all the way) but Team A is hilarious. Mino and Taehyun are stupidly funny, KSY makes me wondering if there are two or three people in him. I’m waiting for Kim Jinwoo to show his true self and Lee Seunghoon is just hiding behind his charisma. I know where you come from boy!.
  • Some people claimed that Team A has advantages because they’ve got members that already got a taste of fame and stage performances but i think it’s only a good point if they debut. From what i got debuting isn’t simple and carefree. Having Mino, KSY and LSH will be a great support for Jinwoo and Taehyun. 
  • When i look at Team A i just want to watch them working and living as a band. I love them as a team. They’re so devoted to their passion and are willing to do everything they can to show you how awesome they are. 

Fighting to Team A (and Team B). Even if this show is giving us headache, i’ll always be grateful to Papa YG to introduce these eleven handsome and talented boys to us. I’m confused about if i want this to end but i’ll support till the final bang. Team A or Team B : may the better wins !

Randomly found and started watching 9 End 2 Outs and it’s giving me the logical, solid, grown, and cute ~long time best friends realize they’re in love~ plot that The Time I’ve Loved You didn’t fully realize.

A fave, Soo Ae, is the likeable female lead with an equally charismatic male counterpart. They have awesome natural chemistry. I love watching their shared scenes, but they also get a life of their own, including love interests, without the love interests being unnecessarily disruptive and persistent/borderline obsessive. 

So far, so good.

[WIN: Who is Next ?] Why Team B should win and become the next YG Band?

As we getting near the end of the show with just two episodes to come, 1OFA-K’s Rose and Farath split their hearts and root for their favorite teams. 

1st to go is Rose !! 

  • Simply because they already are a group. They perform as 1 and their team spirit (not team work, their TEAM SPIRIT) is off the hook.

  •  They are talented and pretty accomplish for their age. They are very flexible and can do anything from dubstep, pop, and trap music to classic hip hop and R&B songs.

  • They are ADORKABLE.

  • Bobby and Hanbin (B.I) are just killing it in the rap department. They really are inhaling and exhaling rap not just saying random rhymes here and there.

  • Jinhwan, Yoonhyung, Junhoe and DongHyuk are true showmen/performers and are really enjoying themselves, so naturally they deliver to us (viewers) their joy and feeling.

  • Yes their vocals aren’t as good as Seungyoon’s but name 1 rookie band that was perfect at their debut. They always get better with time. I believe Team B’s vocals will improve very fast and they only will get better with time.

  • Letting them debut in 1 or 2 years, will not only break my heart but also it may kill their dynamic as changes of member might occur. I doubt it, but we can’t be sure with YG papa. And let’s be serious 1 year w/o seeing their cute little faces will be the death of me.

Fighting team B (and Team A) sorry guys you had to go through this very stressful “duel”.  Even if it sounds ridiculous now, I hope YG papa will think about it and form 1 big band of 11 members. Just like SM did with EXO (and SuperJunior) and like JYP did with 2AM/PM.

PS : we are all fans, so let’s not harm each other (and the boys) with spiteful comments guys. People are voting because they appreciate team A or B not because of X and Y member’s popularity, or because they pity X team, or because of their TV image. Vote w/ your heart, stop the thinking!

K Project Anime Review

Ok…so…how should I start this ~ahaha… I think this is the first time for me to make such a long note /review (?) about anime/manga. I don’t usually do something like this if I’m not really interested. Actually there are many anime/manga that I want to discuss in my blog, but sometimes I don’t have much time to do that and end up forgetting about what I wanted to say lol T_T /badhabit/

I started to watch K Project several months ago… (so I can say this is a super late review haha.) Actually I have known K Project some time back then when one of my friends (who is an otaku haha) watched the anime but I was not really curious ‘bout it. Then when finally I found this anime (again) from one of my students, that was a whole different story…lol. I always ask about the story, the characters and even try to watch some scenes before I copy an anime/manga. When I watched some scenes of the first episode, my eyes automatically were captivated by the appearance of a red-haired man with fierce gaze. (I don’t know why but I always have tendency to be interested in such strong character). The bad thing was that my students suddenly said that the redhead was going to die //sobs// /mooddestroyer/ Although I felt a little disappointed, I decided to copy all episodes at once. 

….After I watched all the episodes…honestly.. I didn’t really understand about the whole story hahaha… I was confused about the plot… present..past..present…. there were also many terms and characters that I didn’t understand /slap/ Sometimes I have this complicated state of mind when I watch/read about a fictional story. I think about questions like ‘how did the character gain such a power?’ ‘why did he/she do that?’ , etc.. I know it’s fiction..but still I have some questions like that in my mind..-_- The point is that I always want to know the reason behind certain action/plot. 

“King? What is King?” “ How did he become a King?” “Why they have such a power?” “What is HOMRA?” “What is SCEPTER4?” “Why this cute cat can turn into a human?” -____-… yeah those questions filled my mind while I was watching K Project… I hadn’t read the manga at that time..that’s why I didn’t understand the story at all. But still, for me, who hadn’t read the manga, I thought this anime was still interesting. The characters are great, and although the plot is somehow “confusing” I could say I liked it. The ‘confusing’ plot is actually one of the most interesting parts. It gives the anime a mysterious touch, and only certain people can really understand it. (it is challenging, isn’t it? Haha)  

After I finished watching all episodes, I can say… I love this anime. This anime is one of my favs now. The story, the characters, and the concept are unique, which are good because not all anime have that uniqueness. Different colored Kings, the power, Strain, the sword of Damocles—the Blues and Red clan—–those elements are actually perfect, and I had hoped this anime would be longer than 12 episodes….. :( :( :(

My favorite characters are Mikoto Suoh and Totsuka Tatara. Although I didn’t know much about them, especially Totsuka, I like their characters. I feel that their personalities match each other. The strong, tough, and frightening aura of Suoh, and the ‘fragile’, calm, and carefree personality of Totsuka Tatara —— they are meant for each other, aren’t they? lol. Don’t get me wrong….I didn’t ship them back then, I didn’t even realize that all the things Mikoto Suoh did was getting revenge on Totsuka’s murderer. I actually felt flustered and even a bit disappointed toward Mikoto’s action. He ‘killed’ himself for unclear reason, something that in fact, could be avoided. That fight with Munakata Reisi—–I didn’t think It’s necessary but he did it anyway. T.T The most HEART BREAKING part was of course Mikoto died. Died. He died in a tragic way.. I cried silently when I watched the scene…(who didn’t?) It’s not exaggerating I think…when the major character die, especially when he/she is your favorite character…You know that feeling right ../cries/. 

The other interesting thing about this anime is it involves the feelings and the emotions of the characters. We can feel their emotions and even somehow we can understand them. This anime can also make us think about the link between the characters’ personalities and the possible actions they would take in certain situation. Yeah I can say that this anime is full of FEELS T___T

In conclusion, these are some points that I had in my mind after watching the anime:

  • The characters are great, especially the main characters.
  • The plot is interesting, and yet confusing /haha
  • The idea of different colored Kings in this anime is very interesting.
  • There were many things I didn’t understand about this anime like Kagutsu crater, The Kings, their power and also the Sword of Damocles.
  • I thought Totsuka Tatara was a minor character
  • At first, It was hard for me to differentiate between Totsuka and Yashiro
  • Anna is such a lovely character. *hug*
  • I found the scene in which Neko walking around naked rather disturbing //TwT//sorry
  • I love the soundtrack, especially the instrumental songs. They fit the anime perfectly.
  • I think my feeling for Mikoto Suoh is a love at the first sight. lol /slap/

Huah~ this review is longer than expected haha…. ^^ Anyway, I just found short novel of K several days ago 0_______0 omg I didnt even know about it… /crieshappily/  all I know was the anime and manga. Ok I’m going to finish reading the novel~ See u next time ~^^

ps. I also post this on my blog ….^^ feel free to ask / give comment

EXO | Love Me Right (Chinese & Korean) Reactions

1. Freaking love the song both in chinese and in korean

2. The MV is a mess for me. It’s beautifully shot but i don’t really get their point. Although i see some “symbolism” behind certain scenes.

3. I don’t know if the song was written for EXO but i imagined SHINee singing it. I would love to see SHINee’s version. 

4. Chen looks like Kim Feel… and it’s a compliment. Kim Feel is FINE af and an AMAZING singer.

5. Please more of Lay rapping (even if i’m marching for rappers who write their own parts…). 

6. I need a clip of Kai & Lay dancing to this song.

7.  Sehun & Xiumin got some lines ! Congrats ! Especially to Sehun who got fooled more than once since his debut.


Overall great comeback. I might like it better than Call Me Baby…
What yall thinking about EXO’s comeback ?

#NowPlaying 2PM x ‘No 5′ album

I’m currently listening to it and so far i’m liking it…which it’s quite surprising for me. I’ve never listened to one of their albums. I love “A.D.T.O.Y” (!!!!) and i can enjoy “Again and again” & “10 points out of 10″ from time to time. 

I always felt kind strange about their concepts and characters.
Until recently,  i couldn’t listen to Jun.K’s voice and now i think he’s super underrated as a vocalist (”No Love” is pure R.Kelly gold). What’s going on ?

Anyway, great album !!

1ofa-K review : B.A.P Comeback « Badman »

You can’t always get what you want…

B.A.P finally came back after teasing us with «Coffee Shop» and «Hurricane». Although we both are fans of the groups, our opinions about this comeback and B.A.P’s last songs clashes. Here’s a brief resume. While i appreciate how B.A.P is experimenting various genres (to the exception of cutie fluffy stuffs), Rose has yet been impressed since « Warrior ». Although she definitely acknowledges their talents and is a fan, she’s waiting for this adrenaline/bombastic/in your face feeling that their debut song gave her.


> Farath<

B.A.P Leader Bang Yong Guk said that this song followed the essence of trend music called “Trap”. Born in the Southern United States, it’s a variant of Southern Hip Hop mixed with modern electro that a lot of US rappers like Kanye West or Drake are using. The beat and the flow of the lyrics need to be effective, quite strong and meaningful. B.A.P did their homework…Nevertheless, this genre is hard to get into for people who don’t go to this extent of Hip Hop. But i’m afraid the mainstream audience will not get into it. It’s a genre that Kpop have not embraced yet. Maybe B.A.P will introduce it. As for me, i like it. Not to the extent of listening to it 24/7 but still.

> Rose<

I feel like the song lacks energy, feelings or something…. The only interesting part was Zelo’s rap and it only lasted 5 seconds T_T. If it’s supposed to be “Trap” oriented (kind like ASAP Rocky and Skrillex collaboration) this is a fail. It goes all over the place…. they should have just stuck to the electro beat behind Zelo’s rap or Bangyuk crazy moment (I can’t believe I’m saying this cause I don’t really like electro), the song would have been 10x better than this. In conclusion, overall the song is just blah, weak and I’m disappointed (once again)… that’s it!

If we can agree on one thing, it’s that the music video is more interesting than the song. This is the type of MV you need to watch at least 5 times. A lot of meaning scenes and sets. Mind to say that it has a Jay-Z & Kanye West “No Church In a Wild” and “Run This Town” influences. I (Farath) wished the video was longer. They could have done something special with it. Like they did for “One Shot”. But Detroit was perfect for their concept.


Their live performance allowed us to clearly visualize the dance. Maybe because the concept is very darkthe dance is quite complex. « One Shot » was manly and military. « Badman » is more twisted. Since the song contains different rhythms, the steps are more complicated and tense. Although the main step is their « I don’t give a fuck » move during the electro beat, i think the two « Badman » moves were cooler.

That’s our divided view on this but we really want to hear the honest and objective opinions of Babys and non Babys. What did you think ?

Movie Review: Bunshinsaba

Sooo…. I apologize for being inactive for a couple of days. I had work and was a little tired so I postponed this review a little.

You can expect a new introduction today but first things first: ladies and gentlemen, here you have a brilliant South Korean horror movie that is as spine-chilling as it is saddening.

This is not a spoiler free post so I will write the review under a read more cut.

I hope you enjoy :3 Here we go~

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I finished Cunning Single Lady after a good two month break in between marathoning it. Maybe it was the time away from the characters but I fell out of love with it towards the end.

I absolutely loved Na Ae Ra’s vulnerability and take no guff attitude, as demonstrated by my other faves: Kim Sam Soon and Yoo Gun Hee.
But when is the courageous and determined heroine going to have two lead males that don’t disrespect her personal space and refuse to take no as the definitive answer?? Seung Hyun was so adorable in the beginning, but towards the end he became insufferable and creepy and I wanted him gone. He Nice-Guyed Ae Ra to death with them hugs, (AND WOULDN’T LET GO), and that manipulative birthday stunt. (I hope to see Seo Kang Joon in something else more tolerable soon because he’s cute and engaging on-screen.)

And Cha Jung Woo! The character was well played by Sang Wook and developed well enough to let some things slip as awkward or whatnot. However, when he grabbed Ae Ra’s hand in the elevator, behind the supervisor’s back, I was largely grossed out. It was supposed to be romantic, but the persistence and jeopardizing of Ae Ra’s independent accomplishments didn’t sit well with me. Not to mention that Cha Jung Woo treated Ae Ra pretty terrible, in the beginning, for what she had to deal with and the plot didn’t wrap it up much beyond them both weeping.

Besides my enjoying the soundtrack, many individual moments, and side characters, I felt that the ending was too rushed for me to be satisfied. I love Jung Woo and Ae Ra as characters and as a couple but not within this drama; the story failed them.