[WIN: Who Is Next?] Why should Team A take the name of « WINNER » ?

As we getting near the end of the show with just two episodes to come, 1OFA-K’s Rose and Farath split their hearts and root for their favorite team. Last to go is Farath !

  • Mino was a known underground rapper and SeungHoon had some talents for writing. They both give some sort of unique charisma. But being in YG gave them the guts to overdo themselves. I think they can pull off strong and slow beats. Plus i can’t get enough of YG duo rappers (Jinusean, GD&TOP, Tablo&Mithra, B.I&Bobby…).
  • Nam Taehyun/Kim Jinwoo/Kang Seung Yoon trio can pull off some good harmonies. I think they still need to be confident on stage but in the future they will be known as strong vocalists. Always keep an eye on the challenger: Kim Jinwoo will surprise us. Seungri’s style !
  • If you look back to episode 1, Team A showed off diverse genres. To R&B to Pop to Hip Hop. The only thing that made them lose was their lack of unity and confidence compared to Team B. But never have i heard that they sang off key or that their rendition was bad. I think they understand how to mix all the genres they like. 
  • Team B may be adorkable and cute as isht (pedo-noona behaviour all the way) but Team A is hilarious. Mino and Taehyun are stupidly funny, KSY makes me wondering if there are two or three people in him. I’m waiting for Kim Jinwoo to show his true self and Lee Seunghoon is just hiding behind his charisma. I know where you come from boy!.
  • Some people claimed that Team A has advantages because they’ve got members that already got a taste of fame and stage performances but i think it’s only a good point if they debut. From what i got debuting isn’t simple and carefree. Having Mino, KSY and LSH will be a great support for Jinwoo and Taehyun. 
  • When i look at Team A i just want to watch them working and living as a band. I love them as a team. They’re so devoted to their passion and are willing to do everything they can to show you how awesome they are. 

Fighting to Team A (and Team B). Even if this show is giving us headache, i’ll always be grateful to Papa YG to introduce these eleven handsome and talented boys to us. I’m confused about if i want this to end but i’ll support till the final bang. Team A or Team B : may the better wins !

[WIN: Who is Next ?] Why Team B should win and become the next YG Band?

As we getting near the end of the show with just two episodes to come, 1OFA-K’s Rose and Farath split their hearts and root for their favorite teams. 

1st to go is Rose !! 

  • Simply because they already are a group. They perform as 1 and their team spirit (not team work, their TEAM SPIRIT) is off the hook.

  •  They are talented and pretty accomplish for their age. They are very flexible and can do anything from dubstep, pop, and trap music to classic hip hop and R&B songs.

  • They are ADORKABLE.

  • Bobby and Hanbin (B.I) are just killing it in the rap department. They really are inhaling and exhaling rap not just saying random rhymes here and there.

  • Jinhwan, Yoonhyung, Junhoe and DongHyuk are true showmen/performers and are really enjoying themselves, so naturally they deliver to us (viewers) their joy and feeling.

  • Yes their vocals aren’t as good as Seungyoon’s but name 1 rookie band that was perfect at their debut. They always get better with time. I believe Team B’s vocals will improve very fast and they only will get better with time.

  • Letting them debut in 1 or 2 years, will not only break my heart but also it may kill their dynamic as changes of member might occur. I doubt it, but we can’t be sure with YG papa. And let’s be serious 1 year w/o seeing their cute little faces will be the death of me.

Fighting team B (and Team A) sorry guys you had to go through this very stressful “duel”.  Even if it sounds ridiculous now, I hope YG papa will think about it and form 1 big band of 11 members. Just like SM did with EXO (and SuperJunior) and like JYP did with 2AM/PM.

PS : we are all fans, so let’s not harm each other (and the boys) with spiteful comments guys. People are voting because they appreciate team A or B not because of X and Y member’s popularity, or because they pity X team, or because of their TV image. Vote w/ your heart, stop the thinking!