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Words: 1,5 k


Can you do a Elijah imagine where the reader are together but she isn’t as strong and she likes to keep to herself most of the time and he admires her when she was Practicing fighting and then she breaks down Bc she feels like she is wasting their time and he goes and comforts her? Love your work!!!!

Changed it a little I hope you don’t mind

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I was turned only 100 years ago. That might sound like a lot for some people but the people I live with are 1000 years old. Since I moved in with the original family I have felt small and weak. I was in good hands with the family and they took great care of me but I couldn’t shake the feeling of failure. I loved these people and they loved me but the more I got to know them the more I felt like I didn’t fit in.

“Okay let’s work out. Everybody in the backyard 10 minutes” I heard Klaus call from downstairs. I was in the room they had given me when I moved in. I didn’t want to change the room because I still didn’t feel like I owned it. Rebekah disagreed with me and then took me shopping. I wanted all the cheapest furniture since the Mikaelsons were buying it but she wanted me to get whatever I thought would fit and whatever I liked. I ended up with a lot of black and red stuff since those were my favorite colors. I’m really happy she made me do it because since then I’ve been feeling like this was my home.

“Y/N come on” I heard and it was first then I realized that I had been staring at the wall for a good 5 minutes. I decided there was no way out of this work out so I got myself up. I tried to think of any good excuse to get out of it but I couldn’t think of anything that I hadn’t used before. I didn’t feel like my body and my mind were connected for the first 4 steps until I almost fell and got back to reality.

“Okay so let’s do Klaus and Hayley Kol and I and Rebekah and Y/N,” Elijah said. A big part of me hoped I would end up with Hayley since I was closer in strength with her than Rebekah.

“Could I be paired up with Haley instead,” I said hopefully. They all turned around to look at me with confused expressions on their faces.  “I just think we have to work on the same stuff,” I said more quietly this time. I really felt like I had a million eyes on me. In that moment I felt like a little girl who was lost at the mall. Like I was 2 inches tall and could be stepped on every second of every day.

“No Klaus and Hayley are both hybrids and it would be good for them to train with each other. Plus I think they have some bottled up anger towards each other.” Elijah said and got ready to fight Kol. I got myself to get in fighting position across Rebekah who gave me a sweet smile. I tried smiling back but I’m sure it looked weird and forced and not like I was actually enjoying myself at all. Rebekah leaped at me and hit me straight in the stomach. I fell to the ground without having even taken a hit at her. I groaned loudly and clutched my stomach trying to sooth the pain. Rebekah reached her hand to me and pulled me up.

“Here if you block her by turning the opposite way her punch will make her vulnerable instead of you. You then hit her arm to the ground and push on her back so she goes tumbling down” Elijah explain when he noticed that I hadn’t gotten very far in my attempt to fight Rebekah. Before I knew it they were all watching Rebekah and I. My heart started beating really fast and I’m sure they heard it. Rebekah tried the same move and just like before I wasn’t fast enough and got hit. Elijah put his hand out for me to take but I didn’t take it. I got up and looked down embarrassed.

“You know what. I feel like I have fallen enough for today. I’ll just go” I said before running away from them. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I couldn’t be in that house. I ended up at this coffeeshop I once went to with Hayley when she was pregnant. She always craved their burgers so we would come here almost every single day. I sat down at the booth furthest away from the doors or the windows. I wasn’t really hungry or thirsty but I knew they would throw me out if I didn’t eat so I order an Ice tea and some French fries. The food came but I couldn’t care less. I didn’t even eat anything and I only had about 2 sips of the drink. Why couldn’t I be strong like Hayley or Rebekah?. Or brave like Kol, Elijah, and Klaus. I was always the one hanging in the back. There were rumors going around about how I was powerless and The original family only took me in because they pitied me.

“You gonna eat that” I heard from behind me. I didn’t need to turn around though I already knew who it was. Elijah freaking Mikaelson.  

“Always the hero I see,” I said sarcastically. “What are you doing here, how did you find me,” I asked before lifting my head up to look at him. Elijah moved to sit across me in the not so comfortable seat.

“Hayley told me. Look I know being around us is hard. We aren’t the most easy going people but you aren’t either. I don’t see what the problem is”  Elijah said. A waitress came over to see if he needed anything but before she could open her mouth I opened mine.

“Go away,” I said to her. She looked a little scared and a little- pissed off but left anyway. “The problem Elijah. I don’t get it. You took me in with no reason. You take care of me for no reason. You help me with all my problems for no reason. I don’t get why you do it. Rebekah, Kol, and Klaus are like siblings to me. Hayley is my best friend. And I just don’t understand why I’m with you guys. I’m not as strong as any of you I’m weak. I don’t have any power.” I complained a single tear ran down my cheek.

“Why would you say that. You’re the strongest one of us. Maybe not physically but emotionally Y/N you can handle anything. When we took you in you were a lost little girl looking for somewhere to stay. You were falling apart but we helped you get yourself back and since then you have been the strongest.” Elijah said with

“I don’t see it like that,” I said letting out a little sob. Elijah got up and moved to sit next to me. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. I leaned my head on his shoulder and relaxed a little more. I had always had a soft spot for Elijah. He was so caring and loving and a part of me always wanted to kiss him. Wait did I like Elijah. No, I couldn’t. Did I.

“Before you said that you felt like Hayley was your best friend and that Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah felt like your siblings.” He said. I looked up and nodded at him. His hands went to lift me from him. I let out a little whine not wanting to lose the touch. I felt so happy in Elijah’s arms. “What am I to you,” He asked. My heart started beating a little faster. A part of me wanted to confess that I liked him and another part wanted to play it cool.

“You’re my friend,” I said trying to calm myself down a little. His eyes were filled with disappointment and he looked like he expected something his different. “Okay no. I don’t see you as a friend at all.” I said and the disappointment became more evident. “I like you” I whispered. Even though I knew he could hear me but I wished he didn’t.

“I like you too,” He said. My heart stopped beating for a second. At first, I thought it was a joke but when I looked up I saw the sincerity in his eyes.

“You do. But I’m so damaged” I said without thinking. He placed his hand on my cheek and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft and the kiss was gentle. It only lasted for a few seconds but it was the best seconds of my life.

“Not to me,” He said when we pulled away. A small smile spread across my lips and I leaned in to kiss him again. “You’re perfect. Nothing about you isn’t perfect to me” He said when I pulled away from him.

“What about the others”

“What do you mean,” he asked confused as to what I was referring to. I laughed a little at his confusion.

“Do you think they will be okay with us,” I said quietly.

“I don’t care”

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Okay what if harry is eating her out and fionn comes by (bc harry planned it that way) and he asks him to stay and tells her to maintain eye contact with fionn the whole time. And once she cums he let's fionn fuck her.

okay tbh this ask made me W E A K

request more fics here!!!

Despite everything, Y/N still feels her orgasm arriving abruptly. Harry flicks his tongue faster, suddenly has three fingers inside of her like he’s stretching her out for something (which makes her a little worried because Fionn is here now). When Y/N’s close enough she tells Harry as much, says, “M’gonna come soon,” all the while maintaining eye contact with Fionn. Y/N glances down briefly and can see that he’s hard in his jeans.

“Love, I’m only going to let you come now if you let Fionn have a go at you.”

“W-What?” Y/N turns her head to look at Harry, who’s staring up at her, watching the confusion set in on her face.

“Don’t be selfish, sweetheart, just gonna have him fuck you for a bit.”

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Dance - Woojin Au

- Admin Xion

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genre: fluff
member: park woojin
word count: 1084
requested: yes

requested by: anon

HI can i request a Woojin scenario where in you were a contestant in lets say produce 101 season 3 and he was one of the guests or something like that? I hope it doesn’t sound too complicated..ㅠㅠ Thank you! 


- LIKE IVE ALWAYS IMAGINED MNET CREATING A MIXED GENDER KPOP GROUP LIKE KARD but then end produce 101 cause continuing shit for too long gets boring at one point-
- anyWAYS
- getting straight to the point, you and woojin were secretly dating
- and so far, you guys have been shipped since it was released that you two were ‘best friends’
- lets keep in mind this news came out when you were already a contestant on produce 101
- and yes- wannaone still exist during this time bUT LETS NOT GET TO THE FEELS
- ever since you were a contestant on produce 101, it’s been a bit more difficult to communicate to woojin
- especially since you both dont wanna blow each others cover about the relationship
- and yes, in this produce 101 season 2, mnet is trying to create a 2 gender kpop group so there’s a lot of quote on quote “couple” dances and shit but y'all are all like friends so nothing really hits
- gets a bit jealous
- but you dont know that cause you’re working your ass off
- one of your missions was to create choreo for the song “i need it” by johnny balik and it’s a good ass song
- there were 6 people on your team
- you and this guy (lets call him yeojeon) were the team leaders
- you were extremely proud of the choero you guys had down so far because it matched the jazzies of the song
- there were a lot of moves where it depended on a lot of trust but you all managed to do them just by practicing a lot
- and the fact that you guys let the lower ranks have a bit more center time warmed your heart a bit
- btw you’re current rank is 4
- exhausted as always, as you were practicing with your team, suddenly the door opens as all of your heads turn
- a familiar silhouette walks through the door with a childish gummy smile across his face because he was lowkey but highkey excited to see you
- just seeing you itself brings him so much joy and happiness
- and same for you
- everyone began dying in a good way¿
- some of the girls on your team (as in the 2 girls) stood up as their legs tREMbled and greeted him
- who wouldnt die to park woojin walking through a door tbfh
- and you were shocked as heck
- you wanted to run to that door and just hUg HIM cause he havent seen him in such a long time
- but you couldnt
- so you just did the same and greeted him warmly
- you were on the verge of just doing it
- just running up to his and wrapping your arms around his neck as he would usually burden you with a thousand kisses all over
- but you slightly clenched your fist and held back
- “annyeonghaseyo, all i wanna do woojin’s wannaone-immida!” he announced as he did the hand motion to go along with it
- “i’ll be helping your team go with the choero,” he announces as your team dies again bUT WHO WOULDNT
- “y/n, don’t you know woojin already?” one of your teammates asked as you softly nodded and laughed a bit
- “y/n and i have been friends for 3 years now,” woojin says all giddy as your team oOooS and ur like dyING on the inside
- “wITH THAT ASIDE, lets see this choero,” woojin spoke as he grabbed a chair and sat at the front
- wanting to laugh so hard, you got into formation as you quickly died out your smile
- dance dance dance
- cheoro woosh wowww
- and you can tell woojin was getting a tINY BIT JEALOUS HAH
- by tiny i mean a lot
- after you guys finished the choero woojin clapped happily as he seemed to be impress with all your efforts
- “wAHHH I COULD’VE NEVER PULLED THAT OFF-” woojin exclaimed
- you team softly clapped and thanked him
- “there are some spots that i noticed that could be better but it was overall extremely good !” woojin adds on as you guys hAD TO THANK HIM again
- looking at you, you rose an eyebrow
- “yeojeon, right? you were doing really good but i did notice your tiny slip up with the fingers up the stomach motion,” (lol that sounds kinky but okay) woojin spoke
- yeojeon chuckled slightly as he nodded
- woojin then approached you as he turned you around to face him
- “it’s supposed to be like this-” he spoke as his index and middle finger on both hands crawled up your stomach as you could feel your cheeks burning
- the girls were yelling in the back by the way
- woojin snuck a wink as you were able to catch that and rolled your eyes because you knew he was teasing you for having such close contact to another boy that wasnt him
- softly laughing woojin then proceeded to help out with other moves as you all followed trying to improve to the best of your ability
- woojin then had to leave which made you a bit sad but you could tell woojin was even more sad that he couldnt hug you and kiss you again
- your team then practiced for a bit more then was heading back to the dorms when suddenly in the corner, someone grabs your wrist
- looking at who it was, in which was woojin ofc
- woojin then hugs you warmly and tightly as he kisses your head
- you snake your arms around his waist and hug him tightly as well
- “i-it’s just a dance right?” woojin asks
- you laughed warmly as you nodded
- “of course it is, i’ll still love you more,” you claimed
- “he’s attractive so dONT TRY to caTch fEELinGS,” he says as he tightens his hug even more to the point where you cant breath
- you laugh and pouted as you kiss him on the lips and holding that kiss for a good minute or so
- “dontgo,” you mumbled as you then proceed to place your head on his chest
- “i dont wanna go either,” he says
- “then just say here and live in the pool for 3 more months,” you jokingly spoke as woojin laughed
- “it’s only 3 months. before you know it, you’ll be in (insert group name here) and back at my place too,” he speaks confidently
- you nod as woojin deeply sighs releasing from the hug and gives you a forehead kiss before going off

So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

Originally posted by sf9

He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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requested : you texting suga his childhood photos as you visited his mom without telling him ,thanks <3

alright ,here you are ..have fun ><     -Admin K

requests : open


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It’s Mark’s 18th birthday and you have just the right gift for him. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Mark Lee x reader

Word Count: 1.4 K

Requested: Everyone loving and supporting Mark for the cutie he is (AND HE IS A CUTIE OML LOOK AT HIM).

Mark Lee was the sweetest person you knew. When you first met him, it was a gloomy, rainy, school night and you were umbrella-less in the pouring rain. He offered his to you, putting it into your hands, insisting that you take it, then without another word, ran under the umbrella of his friend, (who you now know as Jeno). You thought he was crazy for doing so, but his simple gesture made you smile the entire walk home. 

He also had this aura around him. When you looked at him, his eyes held a strength to them, never seeming to lose focus. His hands never rested, feet never stood still and mind never ran out of words to say. He had this innate ability to make others put their trust into him, and no one so far has regretted that decision. 

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Pinky Promise || Mark

Group/Member: Nct Mark

Genre: angst fluff??

Word Count: 2 K

Request: Could you write a mark angst fluff ? :) about him kind of leaving a childhood friend to pursue his dreams and then reconnecting later on in life but her being salty at him bc she RLLY liked him but a happy ending !

A/n: sorry if this is crap I wanted to update so bad for everyone!! And also I flipping love Mark 

Originally posted by nakamotens

“Hey Y/n this company is coming to our area and I’ve been thinking” he trailing off his eyes meeting yours “might try out apply,” Mark said. You raised an eyebrow putting your food down “A company what kind” you asked. Mark sighed smiling “an entertainment company in Korea,” he said.

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Knock, Knock. It’s Pizza

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Author: locke-writes

Title: Knock, Knock. It’s Pizza

Rating: K

Request: would you be okay to write a one-shot based off this imagine from thefandomimagine? thefandomimagine /post/146805493688/submitted-by-anonymous thank you :)  For: @haloshornsglitter Imagine From: @thefandomimagine

Word Count: 369

AN: The no pants pizza delivery actually happened to a friend of mine.

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2/5/1 Pretty pleeeeeaasssse

Pinkie Promise

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Thanks for requesting! I hope you like it xo K

Request Here


Prompt List

2. Michael Clifford | 5. “Stop running from this. I know I’m not the only one who feels it.” | 1. Best Friends


“Fuck you, Michael,” I cursed, throwing the controller to the floor. He chuckled, running his fingers through his recently dyed hair, and tossed his controller to the other side of the couch.

“You owe me ice cream! You pinkie promised! It’s not my fault that I’m such a boss,” He exclaimed, the smirk on his face making me internally melt. 

“You’re an asshole, you know,” I muttered, mindlessly scrolling through instagram on my phone. 

“I’m your asshole,” He sang. I rolled my eyes. Michael and I had known each other since we were kids, and his flirtatious comments were nothing new. “You know you love me,” He continued, his lips nearing my ear. I felt his breath against my skin, my heart almost beating out of my chest.

“I gotta go,” I spluttered, pulling away from him and heading towards the door. Just as I reached the doorknob, a hand appeared above my head, holding the door shut. I turned around to face him, not making eye contact. 

“I’m not letting you leave until you talk to me, Y/N,” He said firmly. I sighed,

“What do you want to talk about?” He leaned down so we were eye level. His hand still rested above my head, knowing that if he let go I would be gone in an instant.

“I want to talk about you,” His face inched closer to mine and I took a step rearward, my back hitting the door. “And me,” His lips hovered over mine. It took everything in me not to kiss him then and there. 

“T-there’s nothing to talk about,” I stuttered, trying to keep my composure. Michael moved his head down, his lips brushing against my neck. I pursed my lips together to hold in the moan that wanted to release.

“Princess,” He murmured, “I think you know that there’s something to talk about.” His lips suddenly were on mine and our mouths moved in sync. His free hand moved to my hip and he pulled me closer. He pulled away as we both were breathing heavily. Pink, now swollen lips were back on my neck again,

“Stop running from this. I know I’m not the only one who feels it.” I let out a small moan before coming to my senses.

“Michael I can’t,” I whispered, my voice cracking and tears filling my eyes. He looked in my eyes and took my face in his hands.

“I know you’re scared to get your heart broken,” He said, “But I promise you that I’ll never break your heart.” I sniffled and his thumbs wiped away my tears. “Just give us a shot, please,” He begged. I looked into his eyes,

“You pinkie promise?” Michael held up his hand and our pinkies interlocked.

“I pinkie promise, baby girl,” He confirmed, bringing you in for another kiss.

Crush || Hongseok

Group: Pentagon

Member: Hongseok

Genre: angst

Word count: 1.7 K

Request:Can I request Pentagon’s Hongseok as your brother’s best friend and the reader being infatuated with him? I prefer it to be angsty and the ending is up to you!

A/n: This was a wild ride anon. Sorry for being late I wrote my heart out though even though I’m not the best at angst. -admin Tae

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Play my heart || Hongseok


Member: Hongseok

Genre: school/ playboy!Au

Word count: 1.4 K

Requested: Could I request a Hongseok fluff angst scenarios in which reader likes him a lot but tries not to because hongseok is the popular sought after playboy of the school and she doesn’t want to get hurt because 1. What are the odds of him liking her back and 2. Heartbreak as he is a player :3 thank you sorry it’s so detailed

A/n: wow this was awesome to write since you gave so much detail but weren’t to limiting that was great. Hongseok is in the middle of my bias list also. admin-Tae

Originally posted by j-miki

You side eyed the boy who sat next to you. He was laying his head on the desk sleeping softly. Brown hair messy, puffy lips parted, sleepy smile in his lips. His work was half done, you knew he probably didn’t care about it.

Hongesok. Or what you like to call him ‘dog’ because of how he treats women in the school. Playing with there heart strings until they confess they love him, till he shoots them down or uses them longer.

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Soothe The Heart || Jinho

Group: Pentagon

Member: Jinho

Genre: Smutttyyy af

Word count: 1.2 K

Request: can you please do a smut scenario of pentagon’s jinho wherein his ex is tryna get back with him and he tries to reassure his s/o that he’ll never leave them for anyone else? thank you! I rlly love your work :)

A/n: Here you go!! I loved this request it was so good and open but detailed. 

Originally posted by pentamomma

“Why does she keep blowing up your kakao, email, line and texting you,” you said pointing your finger at Jinho. You were steamed wait no more than steamed you were on fire right now. You could feel your face hot and your blood pressure rising.

Jinho sighed giving you a caring look “I haven’t responded to her she’s been doing this for weeks” he told you. You sighed looking away from him and walking to your room just wanting to get away from the situation.

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“The way you talk and your smile always made me smile. I didn’t hate it. 

Look at my eyes, do you mean it? 

Sometimes, without even knowing, it’s strange how my heart races.

I didn’t know because you were always frustrated with me.

For me, it was good 

How we used to care for each other

For me, it’ll be painful

Even when the seasons endlessly change

But it’s alright, but it’s alright..”

xiuhan gfx for merine