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Send me a fandom!

THE OTP: Kent/Krei. Krent. Love them.
M/F OTP: Now admittedly I’m a lukewarm with my affection for it (sorry Spatzi bae), but Kreibigail.
M/M OTP: See the statement for OTP. I just like my M/M ships the most it seems.
F/F OTP: Gogolemon.
Fav Female: Gogo!
Least Fav Female: Aunt… Cass…? In the sense that she’s just not my favorite like Gogo.
Least Fav Male: Fred? Not that there’s anything wrong with him, he’s just not my favorite.
Why I joined the fandom: The fandom that formed before the movie came out was really nice! I’ve been bad about keeping up with you guys, I know, but you’re all awesome!

The Fitzroy

By Various

Published by Dead Canary Comics 2014

The Fitzroy is an anthology of 6 tales fictionalizing a destroyed, poisoned gassed, Britain after WWII. Each short story is full of classic dark British comedy which seems so common to the British for some reason or other. Most of the tales are written by C.S. Baker and Andrew Harmer, but feature a rotating cast of artists like, Krent Able, Will Kirkby, Patrick Lindberg and others. Each tale is top notch stuff with clever little twists. My faves being, “Jonesin” about a ludicrous neighbor “Trying to Keep up with the Jonesis!” in a post apocalyptic Brittain and “Blatherington Manor” about an old git kept purposefully unaware of the true extent the war took on surrounding Britain outside the walls of the old man’s estate walls.

Why is it the British seem to effortlessly create successful comic anthologies, again and again, yet we Americans, nowadays, struggle so much? Is it that the readership is trained (for lack of a better word) to read anthologies in Britain, with titles like “Beano”, “Dandy” and “2000 A.D?” In America we have literally one ongoing long form anthology, Mad Magazine, which has known it’s share of publishing struggles throughout the years. Could it also be the comic creators in Britain have refined their skills to do short stories, whereas American creators are being conditioned to do stories in a “de-compressed” style, fitting one story into a 5 issue “arc?” Thus making it almost impossible for there to be a successful American comic book anthology?

Whatever the case, I will always gladly read a British comic anthology, because gems are certainly to be found amongst it’s pages, quite like this one, The Fitzroy.

Apparently there’s also a movie of the same name, possibly available only in Brittain, but if it’s half as good as this comic, it should be something worth watching.

Get your copy of this comic here.

Mag ik heel even?
geef me even dit moment, voordat ik weer wegren als een verwend krent.
ik ken mijzelf wel, mag ik heel even?
ik roep en zoek, hallo mag ik heel even?
ik word gehoord maar ze horen het niet, verblind door wat ze ziet.
je ziet me maar hoor je me ook, mag ik heel even?
ik raak zelfstandig, of blokkeer ik alles om mij heen.
Mag ik heel even? Oh wacht, Ik ren al weg. ‘laat maar’