Kremzeek, and the life cycle therof (for my project- @tfmatrix)

1. Largely harmless, this sparklet of a Kremzeek is tiny and delicate and can be easily disrupted.

2. The Kremzeek, exposed to an energy source, grows larger and develops all three sensory organs (that’s…not a mouth, it’s more like an additional eye) typical to Kremzeek. It now can maintain a physical form and avoid being disrupted by touch or water.

3. The Kremzeek now has enough power to form small hard-light limbs, allowing for it to travel across otherwise impassable surfaces, as well as to jump into the air.

4. Kremzeek, now multiplying after exposure to enough energy, begin swarming, often seeking out targets such as larger power sources or living mechanisms.

5. While one or two Kremzeek hardly pose a threat to a bot beyond mild symptoms (disorientation, mood swings, fatigue and/or hyperactivity, unusual behavior, a tendency to shriek KREMZEEK) when more and more Kremzeek infest or reproduce inside a bot they can quickly take over the bot’s body, causing a catastrophic power failure.

6. If enough Kremzeek in an enclosed power source reach a critical point (usually fatal to a living host) they may merge into one larger energy being- a Greater Kremzeek.

7. This greater Kremzeek will continue self-supplying power by sending out smaller Kremzeek to gather energy and return to the main mass, as well as generating additional Kremzeek. These seldom form, being sedentary and very obvious as well as highly dangerous, and should be dispelled through electricity-interrupting weaponry or application of stifling foam and/or water hastily.