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Can you make more gifs of Hugh from Paley fest 2016 - The Path panel at the moment when the host and Aaron complimented the "head pieces" fannibals were wearing so Hugh smiled and looked so damn proud? Thank you so much your works're precious.

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Can you show me some Hannibal's and Hannigram's tumblr? I just created Tumblr

Hello! Welcome to the fandom, Love! I hope you enjoy it here– this is the best fandom ever. I would be more than happy to recommend some blogs for you to follow! This will be a fairly long list, so just bear with me. :)

@graham-muffin @blind-inviting-alleys @chronicopheliac @begintoblur @a-freak-brainstorm @vampireinvitations @nephila-main-blog @avegetariancannibal @the-winnowing-wind @cannibalcuisine @cannibalharpsichord @fannibalgrowingcircle @ri0tangel @oftempestsandteacups @not-a-bit-good @hannahbelle–lecter @murdersymphony @thisismydesignhannibal @feyestwords @granpappy-winchester @existingcharactersdiehorribly @hannibalsbattlebot @destinyawakened @electrarhodes @emeraldpoison @super-queer-hannibal-obsession @azuresky2011 @h4nnibalism @tygerandthelamb @raven-feathered-nightmare-stag @hanfangrahamk @littlethingwithfeathers @hannabellegraham @funkyracoon @ofdvorakanddastardlyschemes @social-antisocial @tiersein @mxpopsiclestix @hotmolasses @purplesocrates @ink-in-murder @wolftraptobaltimore @hannibalsimago @avidreadr2004 @cannibalhouse @miasmatik @he-s-dead-jim @serenitynerd @pragnificent @willgrahvm @hildezart @cinnamaldeide @le-wendigogo @crazyquilt @diea-kierlyn @krey-9-jorce @amarriageoftrueminds @aglassroseneverfades @hannibalina @hannigrahamable @cannibalistic-joker @fannibaling @spicywillgraham @evertonem @emungere @lovecrimemp3 @v-e-l-v-e-t-g-o-l-d-m-i-n-e @vulcanplomeeksoup @gayswampcannibal @willgrahamsdogs @that-within @bonearenaofmyskull @bonearenas @vergerbabbyblues @shesallrightnow @fragile-teacup @mongoosesandshatteredteacups @samui-sakura88 @daughterofthemurderhusbands @cannibal-crackers @nihilistlover @neverbeglamour @kellucydar @whatacunningboy @fannibalgallery @hannibal-appropriation @carrioncrowned @felidfannibal @sofancydancy @fataldrum @messy-scandinoodle @amatesura @demonicsexuality @missdisfortune @the-un-brokenteacup @insanereddragon @ishipthemsogoddamnhard @yggdrastiles  @victorineb @hannibalstills @hannibalartblog @hannigram-a-b-o-library @hannibalficwriters @camilleflyingrotten @fannibalmonica

Y’all, please add some more blogs! I know I’ve missed some! <3

The followers giveaway has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated. Congratulations to @krey-9-jorce for winning the canvas print.

As promised, here is the high resolution picture of the map. Please go to this google link for the file. It is in JPEG format at around 5000 pixels. 

There are some changes to the map from the original fannibalodyssey map. I have hannibalised all the buildings (see if you recognise them all). I have also added a fannibal growing circle for @fannibalgrowingcircle complete with mushroom ring. 

I encourage anyone who wants to make prints to personalise it. Don’t see your rarepair island? Claim an empty one and name it. Mark where you live or trace your journey into the Fannibal lands. Have a murder husband/wife/bestie? Mark where you both live on the island.   

Have fun and do share with us if you make a print!
Unique and Nightmarish Charge of Demonic Sexuality
[Warning: Blog is 18+, dark in theme, frequently NSFW, potentially triggering. Please heed the...

Hello, everyone! The “dark and forbidden” Fannibal blog has been created! 

The blog is currently empty, but not for long- I am actively searching for and adding content right now, so any recommendations for fics, art, gifs, videos, etc that match the theme are very welcome, including self-recs! The design is simple, but may change as the blog grows. Please read the blog description for more info. Everything will be tagged. Any ideas for blog construction or ease of navigation, please let me know! 

@tiersein @hattukissa @the-cookie-of-doom @carpenoctiis @social-antisocial @begintoblur @lovecrimemp3 @miasmatik @cannibalcuisine @le-wendigogo @a-freak-brainstorm @hetaliafangirlchan @khaaaaaaaaaan @movieexpert1978 @mightyzimstoleasonicscrewdriver @samui-sakura88 @funkyracoon @hannabellegraham @sapphicnebulas @akumaalu @theplains-bitterdancer @raven-feathered-nightmare-stag @haydensgore @hildezart @llamas-for-president @crimsondragonflies @gay-ship-ruin-my-life @sinnersandsapphics @tired-eyes49 @ri0tangel @krey-9-jorce @blind-inviting-alleys @phantomhivetitan @raimasemanticline @accio-sodium @daughter-of-the-nonexistent @wolftraptobaltimore @pokemonsnapchat @kikyo0chan @whreflections @mewsifer @blackkingsdream @galrasoldier-x7 @cinnamaldeide @fhimechan @brief-interface @hanfangrahamk @the-winnowing-wind @felidfannibal @cannedtalent @matildaparacosm @graham-muffin @mxpopsiclestix @dine-on-the-rude @waywardstarkid @libranstore @vulcanplomeeksoup @thezannyx @viovivio @purplesocrates @super-queer-hannibal-obsession @nephila-main-blog @feyestwords @vampireinvitations 

FMF: August 2017 Roundup Post

Hello dear Fannibals, and welcome to Fresh Meat Friday’s Roundup for August 2017 (an exciting month)! This roundup post gathers all the rec’s posted on Tumblr under the #Fresh Meat Friday tag this month in one easy to find place.


@haein214 rec’d by @krey-9-jorce for being ‘an amazing artist’. ‘Her bright and fluffy sticker style will surely bring a smile to everyone’s lips.’

@just-another-dark-account rec’d by @he-s-dead-jim for their ‘Will Graham’s therapy sessions’ and ‘Never apologize for coming to me’ series. ‘Funny and beautiful art.’

@mxpopsiclestix rec’d by @matildaparacosm for their art. ‘The composition,texture and colors, awwwwwwww the colors!!’


@crisisoninfintefandoms rec’d by @wiith-my-hands for ‘Dormire et Excitare’. ‘While it may not be for everyone (read the tags), it hits two of my big kinks, bottom!Hannibal and Will talking filthy in bed.’

@red-earth-rising rec’d by @pragnificent for ‘#EatTheRich’. ‘It’s perilous to assume that either of these boys are on our side, but drawing on both Will and Hannibal’s histories, Red gives us an entirely plausible account of what might inspire them towards a very specific flavor of murder.’

 @bonearenaofmyskull rec’d by @pka42 for ‘Holes in the Floor of the Mind’. ‘If you want something truly greatly crafted, with not a single wasted word and lots of super smart details, this is your fic.’

@zig-zag-wanderer rec’d by @victorineb for ‘Love is a journey, not a destination’. ‘It’s lyrical, raw and vivid, not to mention that it has staggeringly good character work (the author’s voice for Will, in particular, is one of the best interpretations of the character I’ve ever read).’

@devereauxsdisease rec’d by @littlethingwithfeathers for ‘Feathers’. ‘Curl up with a fuzzy blanket, some snacks, and your warm drink of choice. You’re in for a cozily sinful good time.’

@rawviridianink rec’d by @fragile-teacup for ‘Sinful’. ‘It’s a fascinating setup in which Will is a priest and Hannibal is the mysterious, attractive new congregant who comes one day to the confessional…’

@joanielspeak rec’d by @tentoriumcerebelli for ‘Unhitched’. ‘It’s a 70′s trucker Hannigram AU which may sound strange but I’ve loved reading it and I’m thrilled whenever a new chapter is added.’

@zacharybosch rec’d by @matildaparacosm for ‘Small Things’. ‘Carved wood, rustic but pleasing in its simplicity, and a collection of crumpled pillows. A real bed.’

@hermajestieship rec’d by @cinnamaldeide for ‘A Light on the Prow’, their ‘fantastic pre-series Hannigraham fanfiction, where Will and Hannibal know each other before their meeting in Jack’s office. After all this time, this story still manages to amaze me.’

@zig-zag-wanderer rec’d by @diea-kierlyn for ‘The Rhymes of Goodbye’. ‘This is a post-fall Hannigram fic that is unlike any other that I have read. All of the imagery is so clear and visceral. I can feel the world this author has created.’

@katamaran10 rec’d by @plotfool for ‘The Archipelago’. ‘It’s truly amazing and deserves more love and i adore it!!’

@cannibalthehannibal rec’d by @cantinazorayda for ‘Roman Colours’. ‘Will is about to finish medical school and is assigned to Johns-Hopkins for his residency. Dr. Lecter is the accomplished, reliable surgeon for the ER who always gets what he wants, including who his resident is.’

Congratulations everyone and thanks for sending your Rec’s!

@krey-9-jorce mentioned you on a post “Oh boy, he sure makes you smile a lot.”

@pragnificent yesss. Will values “the truth”, he doesn’t really judge anything is good or bad. He won’t simply report Hanni to Jack, Hanni should’ve known better


replied to your photoset

“krey-9-jorce: dinochens: Oh boy, he sure makes you smile a…”

@pragnificent​ It really was the betrayal that Will complained about, so much more than the mass murder.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean and I agree completely. 

It wasn’t even the lying, really - Will understood that Hannibal couldn’t tell the truth about himself. It was the lying to Will about Will (hiding the encephalitis, trying to convince him that he’d done things he hadn’t done, in general violating his headspace) + hurting/leading him to believe that he had hurt people who Will cared about. 

Will would still have been angry about the murder hobby, and he still would have struggled with it and what it said about himself that he both hadn’t realized sooner and still wanted to be friends with Hannibal, but he wouldn’t have taken everything as PERSONALLY as he did. 

It would have been complicated and Will still would have felt hurt, but he wouldn’t have fixated on the need for a reckoning. 

Day 2 on inktober.
here’s my writing:
I woke up, having no idea where I was. However, that didn’t seem to matter anymore when my frail memories rushed to my head, I know that we’re both alive, I’m alive and Hannibal’s alive. This knowledge made happiness curled inside me as if there was a hot blaze burning every cell of my body. I hardly open my eyes. I saw him, lying beside me. It didn’t take me more than two seconds to recollect the feeling of things surrounding me. He’s holding me tight, pressing so close, the closeness we hadn’t had before. I could feel his warm breath brushing against my face. His warmth, his radiating heat, intimately filled me up. We barely touched, but at least I knew that Hannibal’s alive and so am I.
We’re both naked. I could feel his furry chest brushing against my heart, our heat sparked fire to the blank darkness of my soul. All my wounds had been treated well, the pain didn’t hurt me so much, maybe Hannibal had used anesthesia on me, but beneath my skin it ached. It had been, inside my bones, in every movements. I cupped his face with my hands. He was beautiful with his eyes closing soundly. I could imagine the brilliant gaze of amber fixing at me.
I whispered his name, with hope to make him open his eyes. I tried to call his name but the paining cut on my cheek came against my attempt.
. I hopelessly looked at him. I then fell asleep again.
When I woke up the second time, I found Hannibal had already did. I looked at my fully-dressed self, noticing he was gazing at me and perhaps he had been drawing me. I don’t know.
“Hello, Hannibal.”
“Hello, Will.”
He looked at me, I couldn’t analyze that look.
“I thought that we were no longer on a first name basis.”
“I’m now comfortable with the personal level we are.”
“That’s good.”
Hannibal curled his lips into a thin smile while I was sitting up. The pain was less aching than it first was, Hannibal probably had took some medicine on me. He came to me, caressed my face with his left hand. I felt myself hurting a bit. I tried my best to say something to him.
“Do I look bad? I haven’t seen my reflection in the mirror.”
“No you’re beautiful as always. You are beautiful now as you were then. Always.”
Tell me if I have any mistakes I’ll fix XD
Thank you @krey-9-jorce for helping me.

Hannigram + date night!

another prompt from @krey-9-jorce! they drew the sweetest fanart of my hannigram + vacationing fic oml i’ve had to look at it several times just to make sure it’s real!! many thanks for the prompt and the art!

Note: this fic is a bit darker than my last two - will is definitely dark!will so he and hannibal are murder husbands, well, murdering their way through europe. i doubt anyone in this fandom minds that but if you do, this is your warning to read carefully! also they’re using their regular names (even though i doubt they canonically would, being on the run and all) because i’m lazy lolol. there’s one reasonably defined OC as well but she’s basically irrelevant.

“This is the young man I was telling you about, Dr. Lecter,” Ina Hoffmann called. Her heavily accented English carried much louder on the waves of champagne she’d been downing all night. As she made her way through the crowds, her bouncing brown curls and spangled dress caught the attention of every gentleman (and quite a few ladies) on the dance floor.

Those same eyes turned almost immediately afterwards to the man she was dragging - by the wrist, no less - across the room. They looked him up and down, eyed his fine Italian tuxedo and dark curls not quite masking azure eyes, and turned to one another with curiosity and dismay.

Is he the new one? Has she already moved on so quickly from that wealthy lawyer? Ah, her parents must be absolutely fed up, were just a few of the whispers shared in Luxembourgian behind manicured fingers.

The man Ina had called turned at the sound of his name, a thin smile alighting upon even thinner lips at the sight of the young debutante. He nodded away the guests he’d been entertaining and gave her a slight bow as she approached.

“I’m afraid I don’t remember any singular young man, Ina - you have so many, you know. Please, introduce us?” he asked. The remnants of his native language hugged every word that spilled from his lips, and gave a wholly pleasant chill down the spine of every woman near enough to hear.

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