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going on a late night drive with Andre and it ends it steamy sex in his car

it would all start with him calling you in the middle of the night and go like “hey y/n i can’t sleep wanna go for a ride?” and you’d roll your eyes and you rolled out of bed before lazily telling him sure pick me up and hang up and it wouldn’t take long at all for him to pull up on your driveway as you stood out there in nothing but your shorts and t-shirt, freezing your fucking ass off as you quickly jumped into the car. there wouldn’t be much talking, only a few words would be exchanged and he’d have one of his hands on your thigh. it wouldn’t take long until the sexual tension would start to build up because dAmn he looked so fucking good in the moon light coming through the windows and you’d notice every single feature on him, making you crave him even more. after awhile you wound’t be able to handle ti anymore so you’d just reach forwards and leave small kisses on his neck and jaw as you placed one of your hands on his chest and he would immediately clench his jaw and grab your thigh harder making you even more turned on. before you’d know it he had pulled over and quickly pressed his lips against yours and boy!!! he’d literally throw you into the backseat, no joke and quickly hover himself over you only to kiss you one more time before pulling down your shorts, making you beg him to touch you. and he’d leave small trails of kisses on your neck while playing with you before pushing in two finger inside of you, making you groan in pleasure. he’d be sucking on your collarbones as he pumped his finger in and out of you before quickly pulling down his own pants and homeboy wouldn’t wait a second before thrusting into you and mHHmM gIIRL!!! the car would get so hot and steamy like oh boy andre can take me out on a late night drive any day ;) !!!

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I love your Andre kreigman imagines!!! could u please do a blurb on having a love hate relationship with him

u r an angel thank u bb

Having a love/hate relationship with Andre would include

  • So much fucking angst omfg
  • him calling you nicknames you hate like ‘kiddo’
  • him winking at you after he says something mean 
  • them few moments where you think he could actually be a nice person but then he says something mean and snarky with his shit eating grin
  • ‘’bite me Andre’’
  • ‘’you’d like that too much y/n’’
  • him pretending to be annoyed that you’re there when he hangs out with cal but he’s secretly happy
  • punching him on the arm a lot 
  • ‘’you should probably kiss that better y/n’’
  • you guys would secretly love each other to pieces and you wouldn’t want to change anything

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if youre still taking requests, have you ever watched zero day? i think andre kreigman would look great in your style :o !

sorry, i haven’t watched that film! but i was planning to :D

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Andre Kreigman blurb on fucking him in public

holy fuck Andre would find the idea of fucking in public so hot,like he’d get turned on by the fact that someone could walk around the corner and catch you guys at any second. Honestly you guys wouldn’t do it that much but when you did you’d like to do it at night. Idk I feel like Andre would be so into you riding him that he’d probably make you ride him like on the sidewalk beside his car. Honestly he wouldn’t last long. the thrill of someone driving by would just be too much for him.