Notes on Talonok Society

Talonok lineage is matrilineal. There are usually no family names, although descriptive monikers can sometimes be earned through battle or other notoriety. (For example, Freen Peaceweaver, a Corven in the Blacktalon tribe, was given her name after completing a tapestry celebrating the alliance between the Blacktalon and another Talonok tribe. Before the advent of the Beastclan alliance, tribal conflicts were frequent. For more on the importance of textiles in Talonok society, see here.)

Leadership of Talonok tribes tends to be female, but there have been a few important male chieftains, and dual chiefs aren’t unheard of. Corven do not typically become chief, (the chief of the tribe is typically the most skilled warrior, and Corven rarely if ever participate in fighting) but Corven are often advisers and can join the council of elders. The chief discusses all important matters with the council, and typically doesn’t act without their approval. The shaman, the leader of spiritual practice, is a position always held by a Corven (magic does not come easily to Raptorik), and it is a position that garners almost equal respect as the chief. Raptorik are very superstitious and rely heavily on their Corven brethren for counsel in spiritual and magical matters, for practical trades, and for pursuits like writing and math. Neither species tends to begrudge the other for their skills. Corven respect Raptorik bravery and cunning, and Raptorik respect Corven intelligence and spirituality. They have, over time, become two halves of one whole. (Individual deviation from the norm, like a scholarly Raptorik or violent Corven, happens, but is not the cultural expectation.) There are typically twice as many Raptorik as Corven in any given tribe, but can be less or more than that. 

(holy shit this got long. disclaimer: all headcanon. I used every fact in the Talonok encyclopedia article, but expanded on it and threw in some other random anthropological filler, lol)

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This Castle’s Gonna Need Some Maintenance

(the title is a work in progress I just feel like it needed a title) Okay guys, so this here story is a Voltron Fanfiction mainly centered around two of my BoM OCs, Kuuik (pronounced coo-eek) and Akrit (pronounced Ah-kreet). 

Enjoy chapter one, fam.

Ten thousand years was a long time, and Allura knew that better than most. Altean tech was advanced way back then, but now… well, it was quite a bit out of date. It worked well enough, but after ten thousand years? Quite a few things needed maintenance and updates. Too many things for just Coran, Hunk, and Pidge to fix, if they wanted to defeat the Galran Empire as soon as possible.

“You know, Princess,” Kolivan said one day as they were discussing their plans for battles ahead, “we have a very skilled technician with us in the Blade of Marmora, if you wish for assistance.”

“That would be…” Allura paused for a moment. She was still getting used to the idea of working with Galra, let alone having one working in her ship. But… she knew now that she could trust Kolivan, so she sighed, and turned back to the Galra with a grateful smile. “That would be wonderful, Kolivan. We need all the help we can get.”

“I’ll have him stop by tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” She nodded, and they continued their meeting.

That evening at dinner, Allura informed the paladins of tomorrow’s guest.

“Kolivan said he was one of the most intelligent Galra he had ever met, so I hope he will be able to assist us with the castle’s maintenance.” She stated, bringing another spoonful of green goo to her mouth. They had yet to restock on fresh foods, so it was back to the food goo for all of them. “He will be arriving in the morning.”

“Cool!” Pidge smiled. “We could definitely get more work done with some help. If he’s as good as Kolivan says, then I can’t wait to meet him. “


Kuuik was both nervous and excited at the same time. Getting to finally leave the Blade of Marmora’s (or as he liked to call it, Bom) base? Yes please. Getting to go with his most favorite friend? Double yes. Getting to officially meet and hang out with Voltron’s paladins? You might as well call the funeral parlor, ‘cuz he was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven.

The morning he was supposed to meet with them, he woke up extremely early, pulled on his best clothes (which admittedly weren’t that great) groomed himself carefully (It was the ears that made it so difficult, for the most part, they were just so fluffy), and made his way toward Akrit’s dorm.

Akrit had been his best friend for a long time. Well, more like his mom friend, with the way she got after him. She was much bigger than him (almost eight feet tall) and much stronger, too. Her whole body was covered in thick muscles, and it often amazed Kuuik that despite her size, attitude, and overall BAMF-ness, she was a very caring and kind Galra (If you weren’t one of her enemies, of course.

It was still early, but Kuuik was much too excited.

“Akriiiiiit, wake uuuuuup!” He said loudly, shaking her arm.

The larger Galra groaned unhappily, shaking him off and snuggling back into her nest. “It’s too early, Kuuik. Go to sleep.”

“But- Voltron!”

“Voltron will not be awake either, Kuuik.”

“But I’m too nervous!”

With a huff, Akrit pulled her small friend into her nest, cuddling him into her arms. Kuuik was always too nervous or excited to do anything, but she could easily fix it.

“Sleep.” She mumbled. Soon after, she could hear the boy’s soft breathing and deep purr, and smiled as she fell asleep herself.

It wasn’t even two Vargas later that he shot up from where they were laying, calling out ‘we’re late!’ before hurrying out of his friend’s arms.

“I never get any rest with you around.” Akrit muttered, pushing herself up from her bed to get dressed.

Oh mah Lordy the fluff with these two got out of hand. i just can’t write angst to save my life, ugh. Stay tuned for the next chapter! I mean, If you like it…

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