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hi my name's morven i'm 17 & there isn't really a meaning behind my url its kind of just a made-up word ha but i live in england & I am very single & probs alone forever ha i like pop punk & poetry & pressing flowers & 90s movies & our blogs are nothing similar but I follow u because u used to message me a while back & u are just the loveliest girl in the world ur an absolute princess & a lil fact is that u remind me loads of my friend irl becky because u like all the same things hah xxx

i remember u! oooooh *u* pretty soya look alike! i’m glad you still follow me tbh i’d cry if i lost you! what bands do you like? maybe we can bond over that haha and you’re lovelier ah ahsjdahs so gorgeous *_* 

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any ocs who play tons of phone games? (candy crush, neko atsume etc) most likely to cry over seeing a kitten ? does anyone handle being drunk VERY poorly? who would sell dumb kids fake drugs for laughs?

okay well i know for a FACT quite a few of my ocs play neko atsume (ruse is gonna fucking adore it, ghast totally does - except kreep’s used technomancy to mod it into a hellspawn collecting game so i think he plays that version xD - mika does, pearl does, barty probably does honestly) and im p sure both barty and mika are the types of people who just occasionally look through the app store and end up downloading a TON of free games, to play them for a few weeks before forgetting about them xD (all like the dragon/fantasy creature breeding games and stuff) ghast plays puzzle games sometimes when he gets bored (which is often) and probably likes candy crush honestly, without shame 

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Who wants this peace of (f)art ??

Yes this is me. I swear to god its the last time i ask a guy to draw me a picture then date him for three months then break up with him, because no good art comes out of it.

P.s. Yes this happened before the break up so i really dont know why all the blood splatters and darkness kreeping on on my legs… Wait… this explains a alot . Ok


I’m a big fan of horror survival games, and even though I still have exams, I’m technically on vacations, so, I always squeeze a little of gaming time here and there. I’ve been hooked on RDR, but I recently bought its DLC, “Undead Nightmare”. Today, I finished it, and was not only an awesome ending, it also had an awesome music to accompany it. This was it, and it couldn’t be more perfect for a zombie game ending. This is not a very well known band, but honestly, i still haven’t found a reason for that, because I’ve heard some of the songs, and I’m yet to find one that I don’t like.


Whoa!! #Repost @assaultskateboards
Here is proof that Curb Kreep rails are the best skateboard rails made. @rogerkaneko boardslide down the hill. 📷@heavymetalchuck
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