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hi my name's morven i'm 17 & there isn't really a meaning behind my url its kind of just a made-up word ha but i live in england & I am very single & probs alone forever ha i like pop punk & poetry & pressing flowers & 90s movies & our blogs are nothing similar but I follow u because u used to message me a while back & u are just the loveliest girl in the world ur an absolute princess & a lil fact is that u remind me loads of my friend irl becky because u like all the same things hah xxx

i remember u! oooooh *u* pretty soya look alike! i’m glad you still follow me tbh i’d cry if i lost you! what bands do you like? maybe we can bond over that haha and you’re lovelier ah ahsjdahs so gorgeous *_* 


(via Check out the new music video for Kreep it Real by $EP! It was a collaboration between Ben Grayzel and I. Watch it, share it, show it to your friends. Enjoy!

I hate how girls think you are hitting on them when you are genuinely trying to be nice and make friends this seemed to work so much better calling girls ugly and fat that way when they see me in real life they try real hard to get my attention. It feels a lot better then coming off feeling like a kreep…. How ironic is this I guess you have to take a step backwards in order to take one forwards

By: @oldtownvapormill - Try to wrap your eye holes ‘round what’s happening here. Is it Matched? ?Mirrored????? Transparent? ??? “Blinded by Bling I Tellz Ya!!”
This @AVLYFE #ABLEMOD ain’t no joke kreeps. Stoopid performance in an Elegant facade!! We can Dig It!!!!!
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@gmd_llc and @creepjames bring you the first single from the #CKTDocumentary “Modus Oprandi (M.O.) mixed by @1080___p at 1080 Studios. We bringing the trillest towns on the #Eastside of #ATL together for this one. #CKT & #SCD Standup!! #Clarkston #Scottdale Video directed by @thestreetmayor #comingsoon #31120

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Sexuality Headcanon: well he’s canon’d bi, so I’m not gonna change nothin there

Gender Headcanon: male

A ship I have with said character: Hawke/Fenris

A BROTP I have with said character: isabela/Fenris and even Hawke/Fenris again for suuuure

A NOTP I have with said character: the TOP FENRIS PAIRING that makes me CRINGE AND GAG and gag and cringe, is any involving that King of Kreeps, The Marquis of Make-Me-Wanna-Puke, the Knight of ‘Nope’, the Viscount of Villains, Danarius

A random headcanon: alright,, ok, so before Fenris learns to read and write and what not, he expressed himself through drawings. Little doodles in the dust, tracing invisible sketches over wood, I don’t think he’d have any access to a paper and pen or have time y'know. So once he gets his hands on some, everybody is really surprised because wow, he’s such a good artist? And once he learns to read and write it’s still his preferred way to express himself.

General Opinion over said character: he’s pretty swell. I think he’s pretty dandy yes, yes Indeed. he also has his faults (as do all characters) but he seems pretty cool