i literally hate my encyclopedic knowledge of viral/geek shit i gathered in my teens instead of getting a life but fhjfjnff remember when ben c and the foo fighters were being interviewed on the same show in 2012 when kreayshawn was a viral hit and one of them referenced “one big room full of bad bitches” from gucci gucci and said the studio was one big room full of cumberbitches and ben c got so angry like “THAT’S SEXIST lets get into gender politixx,” fhjfkf this is why they gotta make johnlock canon i spent too much time and energy on these losers to suddenly just. take their dicks outta my mouth. as if the past few years didn’t happen

the beginning of the 4th episode:

john: *gets shot*
sherlock: *turns to go find john after seeing Miss Me?*
mary: *shows up in 221b with a gun* [kreayshawn voice] hey bitch
[titles roll with go hard playing over them]

Signs and what songs they need to listen to:

Aries: “Go Hard” - Kreayshawn ~~ (x)

Taurus: “Conscious Trap” - Diaspora(x)

Gemini: “Fake I.D. (Feat ~~ Gretchen Wilson)” - Big & Rich (Footloose Soundtrack) ~~ (x)

Cancer: “Nightcall” - London Grammar ~~ (x)

Leo: “Brand New Bitch” - Anjulie ~~ (x)

Virgo: “Fuck This Shit I’m Out” - SickBeats ~~ (x)

Libra: “Dance Me to the End of Love” - Madeleine Peyroux ~~ (x)

Scorpio: “Objection (Tango)” - Shakira ~~ (x)

Sagittarius: “Bright” - Echosmith ~~ (x)

Capricorn: “Landslide” - Fleetwood Mac ~~ (x)

Aquarius: “Lollipop” - Mika ~~ (x)

Pisces - “Fuck You” Lilly Allen ~~ (x)