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Kreator - Ripping Corpse

Kreative Evolution (Part I)

I recently purchased the ‘Violent Evolution’ book online. Curious, I thought this book was going to be all about the stories behind each record, but it’s more about the ‘evolution’ of the band. Cool. Made me bust out all the vinyl, I have on Kreator and play the records as I read along.

Hard to believe the guys were just teens when ‘Flag of Hate’ was released.

Every song on ‘Pleasure’ LP is about different ways to die.

The ‘Behind the Mirror’ EP is a rare one.

I was lucky to meet the band in April 1993 and they signed my copy!

In high school, I drew the ‘Terrible Certainty’ LP cover on A3. By then, the band was my whole world. No idea what happened to that drawing!

Part 2 - later..

Kreator - No Reason To Exist

Legendary bay area thrash metal giants Testament have announced the title and release date of their highly anticipated upcoming 12th album.

‘The Brotherhood Of The Snake’ will be released on October 28th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

The album was recorded under the watchful eye of producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Heathen, Machine Head), guitarist Eric Peterson and singer Chuck Billy - and is currently being mixed and mastered by well-known metal producer Andy Sneap (Accept, Arch Enemy, Cradle Of Filth, Kreator, Machine Head, Megadeth).

Eric Peterson commented in an interview with Metal Maniac:
“It’s very diverse, but it’s very epic. There’s nothing on there that breeds commercial. And I think for thirty years of recording music and trying different formulas and stuff, we’ve found a formula that is very metal. I think for the metal fan that is looking for something, for the nook and crannies… not just your normal, ‘Oh, it’s got a thrash beat and a riff.’ There’s a lot going on here.”

The songwriter also told Metal Forces in another interview:
“It’s different. This one is more thrash. I mean, this has got some of the fastest stuff that we have ever played. Usually, we have one or two thrash songs, and then we have some mid-tempo, and then we have a slow, heavy one, and then up-tempo kind of stuff. Half of the new record is thrash, which we’ve never done before.”

He continued:
“It’s kind of like ‘Demonic’ and ‘The Gathering’, but a little bit wiser, I think. Chuck’s not singing so death. I mean, he does some death stuff but he’s singing more like he did on the last record and then with the craziness of ‘The Gathering’ or even heavy stuff like ‘Demonic’.”

Testament are planning to celebrate the release of ‘The Brotherhood Of The Snake’ on their upcoming UK/Ireland tour with Amon Amarth and Grand Magus this autumn.

Tour dates are as follows:
(w. Amon Amarth & Grand Magus)
31st October @ Manchester, Academy
1st November @ Glasgow, O2 ABC
2nd November – Dublin, Vicar Street
4th November – London, Roundhouse
5th November – Birmingham, O2 Academy
Berbagi Mati
Alasan apa lagi yang membuat seseorang ingin mati selain sudah tidak menginginkan hidupnya?
By Hani Taqiyya

Catatan Redaksi Inspirasi:

Yang luar biasa dari tulisan ini adalah kecakapan Hani, si kreator, dalam menuangkan alur emosi yang datar lalu meluap hingga mereda dengan sendirinya dengan sangat baik. Teknis penulisan yang ia pilih berhasil membuat tulisan terasa sangat privat, membuat siapa pun yang membaca bisa memposisikan diri mereka masing-masing ke dalam tulisan. Walau singkat, tulisan ini menghadirkan begitu banyak perasaan sang tokoh; bingung, putus asa, sedih, sekaligus rindu. Poin menarik adalah akhir yang bisa multitafsir. Di satu sisi, solusi sang tokoh yang akan menghubungi orang yang dulu pernah jadi bagian penting dari dirinya adalah sesuatu yang anti klimaks dari segala pergulatan batin tentang mimpi tentangnya. Tetapi di sisi lain, akhir tulisan menjadi justru kocak, semacam langkah sederhana penawar rindu atau menjadi jawaban atas segala pertanyaan tentang mimpi tentangnya. Apa pun itu, karya ini sangat keren, Hani!

Mantap terus bermunculan penulis-penulis dan kreator keren di

Mungkin berikutnya giliranmu. :)

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R: Raise the Dead - Bathory

A: And the Consequence Macabre - Carach Angren

M: Murderer - Helloween

S: Spellbound - Siouxsie and the Banshees

A: A Succubus in Rapture - Dimmu Borgir

Y: Your Heaven, my Hell - Kreator

C: Closer - Nine Inch Nails

A: A Fine Day to Die - Bathory

N: Never Let me Down Again - Depeche Mode 

F: Five Magics - Megadeth

L: Lord Abortion - Cradle of Filth

A: A Strange Day - The Cure

Y: You are in Me - Iwan Rheon

M: My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend - Type O Negative 

E: Edge of Night - Dark Fortress

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anonymous asked:

Do people here actually like Tankard? I never see anything related to them on the dash.

There are a few, but they really don’t get much attention on here. Nobody ever posts them. Tankard is awesome though. Of the big 4 of German thrash, Tankard is probably my second favorite to Kreator.

Why Doro Remains The Undisputed Metal Queen

Doro looks back on 30 years of metal magic…and exclusively previews her new DVD.

From the moment she first came to everyone’s attention on the debut Warlock album Burning The Witches in 1984, Doro Pesch has carved out a reputation as one of metal’s most distinctive and powerful vocalists. As she releases her new DVD, Strong And Proud – 30 Years Of Rock And Metal, which we’re exclusively previewing below, we take a look back at the Metal Queen’s storied career.

Looking back, what impact do you think Warlock had on metal?

“We were the link between the traditional German metal bands like the Scorpions and Accept, and the younger, thrash bands such as Kreator. I think the fact we got international attention helped to get the German scene noticed. We also attracted a very young audience, much younger than Scorpions or Accept. So, this helped to establish metal in Germany.”

Do you believe you outgrew that band?

“Oh no. That was never what happened. In fact, I never wanted to be solo. What happened was that, while we were making the Force Majeure album in 1989, we found out that our manager at the time had stolen the band name. We just couldn’t use it anywhere. And it was felt that calling ourselves Doro was sensible, because it might mean something to the fans. That was the only reason. I didn’t ever think about a career away from Warlock.”

How much of a problem was it to suddenly be a solo performer as compared to being in a band?

“I was used to pressure. As a female singer, I had always gotten a lot of attention from the media. So that didn’t alter. I suppose now I had to make decisions. But I have always followed my heart. Yes, I have made mistakes, but they’ve been done for what I thought were the right reasons.”

Why did you decide to work with Gene Simmons as producer on your Doro album in 1990?

“I grew up as a huge Kiss fan. When they played at the Monsters Of Rock festival in Germany (1988), I was asked if I’d like to introduce them. That was such a thrill. Beforehand, I met the band backstage, and they were marvellous. I even heard Gene Simmons singing All We Are, which he told me he liked a lot. A little while later I met him at a hotel in New York, and that’s when Gene said he’d like to work with me. He was amazing, and I learnt so much from him. The only problem was that he’s such a hero for me that I found it tough to sing in front of him in the studio. Eventually, he had to leave the room; I was so intimidated!”

Full interview in here.