You see your mind might be made up,
But your heart has got it’s own plans
There’s no one to blame for false pride, tellin’ lies,
tryin’ to hide
From feelin’ the pain, I know you don’t wanna feel it

I sigh in relief hurrying out of the police station with my heels clicking against the pavement. A police officer standing by the door wished me a good night and I didn’t even have the energy to reply back to him. Continuing to walk around the building to my car the only thing that I can think about is going home, diving into my bed and acting like this day did not happen. For hours I have been in that police station pleading with them to drop the charges against Javier and damn near begging Mr. Hernandez to do the same. He took a little more persuading so I threw in the fact that I could have my attorney charge him with a few things of my own and also go to the media about how he handles business. He took the bait. 

 Noticing my car I hit the unlock button and hop in. My mind is all over the place. I keep repeatedly asking myself how did this happen? More like why did this happen? What possessed Javier to do something as wild as this. Oddly enough I was more concerned about him than I was the image of my business. I can easily get my publicist on recovering any damage. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was Javier losing his mind and risking his freedom. 

The silence sinking deep in my car as I continue to think myself into over drive. The midnight blue cascades across the sky and the streets well and alive. Bars and clubs occupied with partygoers that just never seem to sleep. I drive pass them all not looking back even though undoubtedly I can go for a drink or six. However, I remember briefly how me stopping for a drink went last time and decide against it. Cruising down the street for about fifteen more minutes I finally pull down the street of my house and into the drive way. 

Just the sight of my house I breathe a sigh of relief. Carefully getting out of the car, I close the door behind me once all of my things are securely in my hand. Sauntering to the front door, I unlock it, but stopped mid-stride once I stepped inside and the sound of the tv invaded my ears. Immediately I begin to panic because out of routine my tv is always off. Leaving the front door open in case of needing to escape, I quietly drop my things to the floor, but make sure to grab the small pocket knife that I keep in my purse for emergencies. Just as quietly I tiptoe around the corner to peek into the living room. The sound of the tv grows louder the closer that I approach it. Before I could get any closer his baritone voice speaks up igniting my rage. 

“No need to tiptoe in your own house,” he chuckles. “I heard the door unlock.” 

Stepping from behind the wall, I stare at him in amazement. 

How the hell does he get in here?

I continue to watch him as he doesn’t even acknowledge me further. My eyes then darted to the channel that his eyes were glued to and my mouth goes dry as my face pops up on the screen. 


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