1dcuteguys: Tbh, I can’t remember where it was from but for sure it’s one of The X/Xtra Factor videos. x

feedyouraddiction: I didn’t really put much effect on it lol. I just changed the lighting and coloring of it. If you don’t know how to make it, you can just download some PSDS from the internet and experiment with it. :)

krazzylife: Umm…idk. My family? God? 1D?

katerina94: For “Gotta Be You” 12 AM PST, 2 AM CST, 3 AM EST and you can listen >> here

harryswagup: Thank you so much for telling me! Everyone’s sick and tired of reposts. When will people eve learn?

the1dgraphics: You don’t really have to…but thank you so, so much! Means a lot :’D x