krazy in love

My name is Amy Mebberson and I make comics. Former Disney inbetweener, Artist on My Little Pony and many Disney, Pixar & Muppet comics.

I grew up with the funny pages: Peanuts, & Krazy Kat were my first loves. I have drawn comics since I was 9 and nothing has stopped me since.

Love your comics, no matter what.



Krazy is a gender fluid cat who loves Ignatz, a mouse.  Ignatz loves throwing bricks at Krazy.  Offisa Bull Pupp is a dog who loves Krazy and tries to protect them from Ignatz’s bricks…This would be pretty advanced stuff today, but Krazy debuted in 1913!

George Herriman’s brilliant Krazy & Ignatz and other Fantagraphics funnybooks are on sale now!