Happy Birthday, brother. :) 

I miss you and I hope you’re holding it down in Heaven until I get my turn. It hasn’t even been a year since you’ve been gone. This is the first birthday without you being here; it’s still so fresh. I’ll visit you soon though, bro. I promise. I still have your program/ picture in my car - it goes everywhere with me so I know a piece of you travels with me. I love you and I hope you’re still watching over me. Definitely sending prayers up to you each and everyday. 

Staying hopeful below the clouds; Rest In Peace, Krayon. <3 

Hung “Krayon” “Anh Bi” Pham

I miss you. A lot. Everyday. I’m living my life the way you’d want me to, everyday to the fullest. Mom and Pops still really miss you. Everyone does. Of course everyone does, you were the greatest guy I’d ever known. Sometimes I wish you’d come barging into my room and take me to hang out with you, away from all the stress and hardships, like old times. Whenever I’d be down, somehow you’d know and you’d take me out for a drive or to buy a new video game for me. Kim and Uyen used to yell at you all the time for that. They miss you a lot too. I was cleaning my cabinet and I found my Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days DS game that you bought me. I remember you used to beat all the hard guys for me when I was stuck. I still haven’t completed the game, but whose going to help me beat the hard guys now? I remember when you bought all the seasons to Avatar: The Last Airbender, our favorite show of all time, and we watched every single episode with An. He still misses you a lot too. Maybe the most. I remember when you took me to watch the movie version of Avatar: The Last Airbender and we both got really angry at whoever made that movie cause they didn’t make it as awesome as the series. I still remember the sixty dollars you owe me. I’m still waiting. Sometimes when Khoa misses you he’ll go visit you and take me along. We made friends with a man named Mr. Gilden Blatt who gives you flowers from time to time. We give him flowers from time to time too. His grave lies next to a pond far away from yours, but we don’t mind taking a little walk to give him some daisies. Lately, I’ve been missing you a lot more than usual. The other day I was snooping through your old room, which Khoa has turned into a pigsty, and I found one of your high school report cards. Thirties in every class except Art?! I can only imagine how bad you were spanked! Well, I expect nothing less from “Krayon”. Art was your strongest point and your only A! You were exceptional at it! The mural you painted in my room is showing up under the paint that Uyen made me paint it over with. I can make out your signature on my wall! Sometimes I like to rub the wall with my hands in hopes that it’ll make the mural you made more noticeable. Nancy, Tracy, Angela, Jimmy, and all the other cousins still miss you a lot too! Jimmy is still the biggest, craziest Cowboys fan ever!(besides you of course!) Everyone misses you. How could we not?! You brought smiles to everyone’s faces and always brightened up a cloudy day. I miss that. But don’t worry about me because I’m doing great. As long as I have you watching over me, I’m doing great. I love you and these memories will always live within me.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Hung “Krayon”“Anh Bi” Pham.