One Direction's voices
  • Louis:Beauitful chocolate-like sensation with a high pitch and extraordinary voice cracks
  • Niall:Irish wonderland that takes you to a whole much newer land than Aladdin
  • Zayn:Lusciously dramatic and high notes with glass-breaking capacity
  • Harry:Pure seduction caused by deep and slow singing
  • Niall:Crystal clear extravaganza that makes you feel as if you're running through a meadow with Bambi and other beautiful forest creatures
Here's a little story for you all.

My cousin’s boyfriend is a photographer and he was taking pictures of the boys on the ‘Up All Night’ Tour. So he was given the opportunity to interview them and he said no because for some strange reason he didn’t want to. So he asked my cousin, Ashley if her sister (my other cousin) would like to interview them and Ashley said no for her without even asking if she would like to. UM EXCUSE ME WHAT. THATS NOT EVEN FAIR. JILL LOVES ONE DIRECTION OK AND I WAS AT THAT CONCERT SO SHE COULD OF HOOKED US UP AND OMG WHAT IS LIFE.

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