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Muffin: Any predictions about where Maks is? He was playing golf at the Alfalit tournament in Miami that got rained out during Sway in Dec. The tour should be in West Palm beach today during their day off -- performing at Kravit Center tomorrow. WPB is only 1.5 hours from Miami. The tour also has a couple of days off until 2/4 show in Austin, TX. Predict another Paks meet-up/photos since Maks has nothing going on professionally to keep him from following the tour.

I don’t keep close track of where Maks goes anymore unless he’s on twitter being an asshole about flight cancellations.  His routine is so boring….Golf, engagement-whoring, hustling for free stuff, product endorsements, hanging around DWTS like the high-school quarterback who can’t move on after graduation, and occasionally a video of him “working”.

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Hello can you please help me with a fc that could be Hera and Helena from greek mythology? (18-25 age)

Sure! This is such an interesting one, love it. 

Hera is supposed to extremely beautiful in appearance, and someone who look confident and powerful. On top of that, she’s a goddess who gets easily angered and jealous. The faceclaims I can see pulling her off are Claire Holt, Demi Lovato (Weird one but it might work), Holland Roden, Leighton Meester, Lily Collins, Sasha Pieterse. I’d love to throw in some POC FC’s as well: Naya Rivera, Nicki Minaj, Priyanka Chopra, or Zoe Kravits. 

Helena was a demi-god who was supposedly the most beautiful woman in all of Greece with an exterior of being soft and delicate and interior of a warrior. Try Adelaide Kane, Troian Bellisario, Emma Watson, Candice Accola, Olivia Holt. POCS: Shay Mitchell, Zendaya, Vanessa Hudgens, Bianca Lawson, Keke Palmer.

Understandably I went overboard with some ages, but they can all pass for 25, in my opinion. Good luck.

i’m glad i din’t grow up in New York, or any other orthodox Bohemia, where it would’ve been to easy, if there’s one thing i hate is orthodox bohemianism, especially as a person of color, if i can explain what i mean, a few years back i was in this local record store by my house they were gonna have this catch all art gallery type thing where people were gonna perform poetry show their art shit like that, so i show the lady my poetry and she’s blown away of course, but asks me if i could put more into it when i read, i ask her what she meant, and she described this bullshit slam poet who read his stuff all proactive and manic,  and that’s when i realized how far ahead i am in terms of understanding myself and being a total individual, i call it this lenny kravits culture, where you have this seemingly bohemian culture or people, that are all the same doing the same things, and none are actually radical bohemian intellectual and what have you, i remember Lindsey she used to go up to Portland to do these modelling gigs, and she’d come back all enthusiastic and shit saying this is where we belong its so bohemian blah blah blah, when in truth we don’t belong there, we don’t belong in these groups, because we’re the real deal, because we grew up outside these orthodox bohemian zones, we had time to really become unique individuals,